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Sick without anxiety

2018-11-26 19:47
Från Caroline

I’m sick again. After having some minor symptoms last week, eye infection and sore throat mainly, it hit me viciously yesterday and I feel so disappointed in a way. It’s only two weeks until our holiday and I don’t want time off work now. I mean financially, but also work wise it’s difficult. It’s not …

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Invisalign expectations vs reality

2018-11-24 11:28
Från Caroline

So I’ve had my Invisaligns for 6 months now and I thought I’d share some thoughts. Thoughts that I had before starting the treatment and how I think about it now. Expectation: It must be much better to be able to take your trays out to eat, compared to having rails in all the time. …

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Rest days & leg days

2018-11-19 20:45
Från Caroline

I’ve been really tired this weekend and had some not so nice symptoms of that. Have you ever experienced that? Vertigo, ringing ears, eye sight loss…? I also had anger issues… I guess it’s the body trying really hard to tell me to calm down. But all I have to trade right now in is …

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What does a programmer look like?

2018-11-15 22:34
Från Caroline

I went for a run on my lunch break today as well, I’ve been on a every other day thing for a couple of weeks now and I didn’t really wanna break it, but to be honest, I think I might have needed another rest day coz my hips are kind of hurting. I’m limping …

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2018-11-14 18:08
Från Caroline

We’re going to Capetown soon, in just a few weeks time actually. I’m starting to get nervous, but also excited of course. Jon and I was there 8 years ago, lots have happened since then and this will be a totally different trip. I look forward to the weather, the scenery, the food and some …

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“So many women”

2018-11-13 20:19
Från Caroline

I have never been to an IT event with so many women. Everybody says it changes the atmosphere of the room for the better. Let‘s do that to the IT business in total. #WebSummit is a good start.— Sandro Schwarz (@SandroDigiHu) November 8, 2018 This above is one of the reasons why I think …

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Tray 18

2018-11-12 19:47
Från Caroline

I can’t believe in already on tray 18 of my Invisalign journey, and almost 6 months into it. I only have 10 more trays, but I might get a few correctional ones after that. It looks like my dentist filed too much on my button row so I’ll need to fix that after all the …

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Bath house non bather

2018-07-29 13:35
Från Caroline

I’m sitting on the bench at the swimming pool (indoors as there’s thunder outside). I’m was unprepared for my female issues when going here resulting in me not being able to swim. Laaame. I asked when I bought a coffee if they have any tampons to buy, but no. The really sweet girl in the …

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Back pain for tooth ache

2018-07-28 22:44
Från Caroline

Tonight I’m swapping back pain for tooth ache. In changing my Invisalign tray again, tray number 8 here we go. I love the feeling of pressing a new tray on and feeling it pushing the teeth a little bit more toward their new positions. My back was a little better after some TENS treatment. When …

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Sunny, back ache update

2018-07-28 16:12
Från Caroline

Hi I’m lying in bed with Evelyn, I got a really sore back. I don’t know what I’ve done. But it might have to do with being with the kids alone all week. And I’ve also been working on removing wallpaper and painting the stairs for the 350th time. It’s super hot in Sweden as …

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