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Photoshoot for EJDivision

2018-12-22 15:36
Från sarahmagdalena

 I recently got to do a super fun photoshoot for the brand EJ Division and their new beanies that just came out. If you’ve followed me for a while you may know that I’ve shot with them before an…

Starting off the Ski Season in Verbier, Switzerland

2018-12-06 14:13
Från sarahmagdalena

In collaboration with Verbier, I got to experience the excitement of a village getting ready for snow, skiing and winter as well as my first turns of the season in the amazing ski area Les 4 Vallees.…

Exploring the magic of Norwegian fjords and mountains

2018-09-04 20:40
Från sarahmagdalena

Our trip started on Wednesday morning when we packed up the car and headed towards Norway. We made a quick stop at Nordby shopping mall in Strömstad to pick up some last minute supplies and then we c…

I am now a SunGod Pioneer!

2018-01-28 19:05
Från sarahmagdalena

Collaboration with SunGod   I am so excited to tell you that I am now a SunGod Pioneer! I love their goggles so much because they have a super vibrant lens and are so comfortable. Another cool thing …

My favorite Smoothie Recipe

2018-01-20 19:27
Från sarahmagdalena

This is my favorite smoothie recipe. It doesn’t have a lot of passion fruit in it, but the smoothie base makes it taste a lot like passion fruit! And it is so delicious!! If you can’t find a passion …

Cross Country Skiing

2018-01-07 09:47
Från sarahmagdalena

One of my new year’s resolutions this year is to learn how to cross country ski. I’ve done it since I was a kid and I know the basics of course, but for the last couple of years I have talked about w…

2017 - The Best Year in Review

2017-12-31 10:59
Från sarahmagdalena

In January We went to Bad Gastein on a ski trip. It was the first time we’d ever been to the Austrian alps and it was so magical! Our hotel was located in Bad Gastein, but we skied all over the area.…

Magical Skiing in Tandådalen Sweden

2017-12-27 17:50
Från sarahmagdalena

Two weekends ago we took a two day trip to Sälen for some skiing. We started this tradition of skiing the weekend before Christmas a couple of years ago when I was working in retail and my boyfriend …

Christmas Tree Shopping

2017-12-04 22:30
Från sarahmagdalena

On Saturday we went Christmas tree shopping. We usually get our tree at a local flower/garden store in town, but I’ve always wanted to go to an actual Christmas tree farm and pick out our tree where …

First Snow

2017-11-12 18:55
Från sarahmagdalena

There’s always something so magical about the first snow. It makes me feel so happy and joyful. Winter has always been my favorite season and even though the amount of snowflakes that we’ve had so fa…