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Add World of Warcraft gold coins stolen in future because the implementation ...

2011-02-04 03:26

"World of Warcraft" from New Year's Day services wow gold provided the recovery of stolen gold, if gold is lost when hacking, will be able to apply for restoration of gold coins. Netease World of Warcraft team has yet to release official announcement, some players have successfully got their stolen gold, but also failed to apply the player, in-game GM said no such service.


It is learned that wow po  a player has been hacking on Christmas Day in 2010, the next day in the NetEase Web applications stolen war recovery, the player on January 1, 2011 received the afternoon of Netease's game World of Warcraft within the e-mail operations team, and comes with G theft losses of 4 million dollars. Tour the first time in a long net to check the official website, Blizzard does offer NetEase gold recovery options, the submission of the bottom of the page recovery of stolen goods, adding the option to recover stolen gold coins.


Upon exposure of this issue in the forum, players heated discussion, but there are players reflect the game by asking GM, the answer is not yet available NetEase gold recovery services. As of press Netease World of Warcraft official website does not have any official announcement on the matter, Blizzard GM in-game options and the reasons for contradictory answer is still unknown.


GM paradox game


All the week, Blizzard players into the game to confirm the "End User Agreement" in the clear that the gold is a Blizzard game property, any units and individuals shall not be outside the game * Easy-profit or nonprofit. Regardless of the "World of Warcraft" in China after the first agent NINETOWNS, or later Netease, have no effective implementation of this Ordinance, gold trading for online and offline.


Gold trading is a hotbed of hacking, individual opportunistic criminals sell gold coins, gold coins to steal the player's account after the sale of access to, and agents on the flow of stolen gold coins do not have any control, leading to rampant piracy increasingly lawless players take gold, the game environment is deteriorating. The "World of Warcraft" in China Taiwan Region proxy service implementation of "Connected ride" system, which flows through the account of stolen gold coins all clear all data and stop the right people, so severe that only really means that the player is hacking will go application to restore gold, if the official deception was the only title the player himself. This high-handed policy to promote players not to buy the game online gold, as it may be "money (ie, stolen gold)" and was "even to sit," World of Warcraft hacking case the service station are more Netease Warcraft less.


NetEase announced the launch of the service if the official, speaking for the players is good news indeed. Gold in the game is the player personal hard-earned, once stolen may not be able to go on the game, and NetEase to provide recovery is also a manifestation of human services. In response to this new policy, the national dress of the environment, we need Netease strengthen efforts to combat hacking, using all technical means to track the flow of stolen goods and gold, cut off sources of illicit gold currency providers, but has a number of major domestic online shopping mall of thousands of shops selling "World of Warcraft" gold, many players have adapted to 5 years in the game outside the purchase of gold coins, the service delivery difficult.


Players have successfully stolen the theft of their gold back


Following is a war within the network application to restore the flow of stolen gold coins:


1: Log on after the bottom of the page select the "Technical Support"


2: select the game category for "World of Warcraft"


3: Quick Links on the left bottom of the page select the "submit question"