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snapback report

2016-05-23 03:28

The headwear is one important part of the summer style.It is not just one simple problem to keep your head out of the strong sun shine. It is one great item to make you look cool. One good snapback would add score for your daily look. Why we call the hat or the cap as snapback ? It is all because there is a snap on the back side of the hat .


We know that the baseball cap do not have the snap. That require you notice the size carefully. And one hat have almost 5 sizes to choose. That is complex and also hard to make a good choice. So the snap is one great invention for the hat design. You can change the size by your own. And it fits very well.

The fashion is changing as we said. The snapback is also changing. The new designs of the snapback have turned into the basic sports and classical style. The designs have simple English words stitched on the front. Simple is always the best. 

the family

2016-05-21 05:09

After leaving for almost half a year. Finally the family settled down. The time is spent on the job mostly. You would never realize how fast is the time after you lost it. 

After moving the whole family from one city to another, the whole family set down. Then get another situation which the house is going to torn down to another public square. That is a good news for a poor family. But you have many things to worry about such as buying a new house for the family. That require long time to get know about the house. As it may spend you a whole life time living there. So it is so important to choose a good house. After choosing the house you need to move the all items from one house to another. That means you have to pack up all things again. 

The family is important. After all these years, they are the only ones who support me. From today, I would update more news for the blog. 

Thanks my family for supporting me all the time. 

denim jacket trend

2016-01-17 03:37

Denim which is also called jeans is one of the most widely used material in making clothing. Take a look at on the street there always someone wearing the denim. The natrual blue, the deep black with the waterwash, the navy blue with the special light of the denim. All these wonderful colors can be found on the denim clothing design. We can use the denim to pretend one kind natural style which mix the light blue with the white color such like this .


The white and the light blue is the best color match work ever for me. The destroyed sleeves and the extended look of the shirt have created one kind special style which is really popular right now. The extended look is one kind new fashion style. And the sleeve have the hole to place you finger. to create one gloves on your sleeve. This is really a wonderful design for the long sleeve shirt. And it not only keep your hands warm but also one great design to play cool.

Denim jacket also have some kinds of dark color. And we would talk about it next time. 

rock and fashion

2015-10-16 05:11


Rock is not just one kind music also one kind culture created by the people who have the free will to the whole world. People are playing different rcles in our daily life. We need to work for a living but we also need some hobbies for our daily life. And if you love the rock you would try to dress some kinds clothing with the special printing. For the youth, we may be deeply influenced by the rising rap music , R&B music. But when hearing queens' We will Rock you. You would never feel bad for that music. You would love California Hotel from Eagles. The great song from Metelica. Rock music would never end. And if you love the rock. You would try to live their life style in your free time.

Rock clothing do not wish to pretend to be a gentleman with ties and suits. They want to show the public one kind free attitude. They love the skulls, washed designs, the leather would also be great. The designs usually make a man look stronger tougher and make a woman look more sexy. This is their attitude. They live the style whatever they want. They live free.

Maybe it is not normal for our daily wear. But when you are going out for a beer. You can dress this kind unique look to enjoy the rock style of your own life. That is enough. 

deadpool from sideshow

2015-10-06 05:55

Deadpool movie is going to release in 2016. And the Sideshow which is famous in the statues zone have released the deadpool action figure. The design of the deadpool is a little different from the movie. But still good enough for collection. There are large numbers of accessory and the knife and guns are made of metal. It is a great design for the action figure.Let's check out the pictures of Sideshow Deadpool collections.


Deadpool is one of the heros who is special. The heros stand for the justice. But the deadpool do not care much about that. He found fun in punishing the bad people. But he is just enjoying that. He do not care about the other big dreams. So it is more close to we normal people. And this why it is welcomed. He is just trying to make himself enjoy the fun. And he can hardly keep his mouth shut. Talk and talk and talk.

This is one funny hero. Most people would like this hero. 

This is the Deadpool from Sideshow

reasons for build up body

2015-09-28 02:52

We have talked with several middle-aged man with the beer stomach. They said they can not find any time to build up the body. But in fact they get used to live on the junk food. It is a pity. So we should let people know 6 reasons why we need to build up the body. And how we benefit from building up the body.

Reason 1, 

A stronger body can make you and your friend safe. The arms that can hold the heavy weight things. The wider shoulder that can rely on. There are many women are dreaming of this kind body that can give them the safe feelings. If you have built up your body. It is a perfect choice for the girls. Sure, it would bring you more close friends or more chances to get to know the girls around you.

Reason 2,

Build up the body can make you become stronger. The muscle is not just for good looking. It is the power source of your body. You have worked more and gian more power from your hard work. And you can carry more heavy things or you can do more work than you used to be. This is a good thing just for ourselves.

Reason 3,

If you have built up your body, the muscle would make your shoulder become winder and the body become stronger. It would bring you a model look that can fit most of the closthing. The clothing on you would look better than the lean weak men. You would gain more confidence from the clothing look. 

Reason 4,

The work out can make a man look sexy. The stronger amrs, and the pumped up chest. It is the most perfect equipment for the beach holiday. So why wouldn't you get your body pumped up and gain a better bdoy status from working out ?

Reason 5,

The workout is not just for your good looking or the relationship with others.

The body we keep training can make us become healthier.We would own a better heart and better breath system in our body. It is the evolution from the inside which you can feel it inside you. And you can run longer and climb higher. That means your body is better than the other people who do not have the good body. And it is the functions of the work out. And it bring you a better experience. 

So, we believe we do not have any excuses to refuse building up the body. Let's start tomorrow!

autumn is coming soon

2015-09-23 08:00


The dark color is the main color for the autumn. But seems the weather in NY is not cold enough for the jacket and the hoodie. But we should make our closet get ready for the look. The hoodie inside the jacket is Represent extended hoodie with the special gloves sleeves. The jogger pants is special with the zipper accessory. The shoes is basic from Nike. This is another new great look for the Fall Winter. 

We have mentioned the bomber jacket look. It is vintage. But the Represent bomber jacket have add the stripes accessory which can make the jacket become one kind backpack. Even though it is not very useful. But the look is perfect. The Stampd also have add the stripes accessory at the bottom of the jacket. The bomber jacket look very similar. But the look with the stripes is amazing. 

The army green is one great color which we have seen Kanye West have rock it out for many times. It is one vintage strong color which make people feel the jungle sense. And the army green color is also one perfect color to match with the black.So this is our new look for the Represent. The hoodie in black and the jacket in green would be great. 

Enjoy the new look from Youthwin. 

try all black

2015-09-22 04:17


A black color look released by us.

The black is one wise color which make man look. But the black sometimes make the color too dim. So we would need the white color to light it up. Then we get this kind cool black look. 

The shoes is Nike Air Max in the black special series. The pants is from ASOS flyer Jogger pants with the mesh design outside and the cotton material. The t-shirts is from G-Star 2015 Summer series. And the hat is rolled strim snapback with the psyco letters on front. 

This look is one normal look. But make you have a energetic look. The black color pants can make your legs look lean and long. The Nike shoes with the white sole make the look have some special color match with the white. 

Jogger pants is the hottest item all the year round. It feels comfort. And also make you have a great sports look. And the special end of the pants make the shoes show up and look better. The psyco snapback is different from the flat snapback. The rolled up brim make the hat have a better shape. 

In next few days we would have more new great looks released from us !

bomber jacket

2015-09-18 07:23

Bomber jacket, which is designed around 80s. The inspiration of the bomber jacket come from the air force jacket. As the cold weather in the high air. So the pilots all need the jacket made of the leather. And the leather jacket with the special 80s oversized look make one kind new fashion. And now the designers have changed the mterial into the polyester. It make the bomber jacket is lighter and more fashion to we normal public. And they can also add some patch designs or the stitch accessory to the bomber jacket to create one kind classical American style look. The letters and the painrtings or many other small things make the bomber jacket become amazing.


The bomber jacket is one perfect outwear with the extended look which we would mentioned last article. The high top shoes and the skinny pants with the extended hoodie or t-shirts and the bomber jacket. This is one new hot match work for the urban look.We should also notice one small accessory for the sleeve. The long sleeve design with the special end which have a hole to put your fingers. It can be one nice look for like a pair of gloves. 

We would find more amazing new looks in the fashion edition.Keep following. 

how to dress right

2015-09-10 08:28

Fashion is always a hot topic around this world. When people get enough food to eat. They start to care what they are wearing. We are developing one fashion kingdom since 5000 years ago. And now it is should be the best. But the future would be much better.

As the youth we should know how to dress correct. This is important. This is one free will world. We can choose almost every look we want to dress. But few people are choosing the right clothing. Sometimes it would detroy the whole young time. So first of all, we need to know how to dress correct.

This skill require a long time experience. After working for one fashion website for 3 years. I have get some ideas about the clothing. Imagine if you own a beautiful face. You would be fit for almost every look. But we are not that perfect. So we need some good clothing to add score for ourselves. Hide something you do not want to let others know. And make your best side stand out. This is the fashion. 

Youth stand for the sports and energy. We should choose some looks with the sunshine taste. This require a long time and a lot of topics to make you choose the right clothing. Writer also would give you some suggestions for the looks to make you dress in the fashion style. We are looking forward to see it. 

The Metalgear Raiden from Hottoys

2015-09-09 16:16

Hottoys is one famous toys company based in HongKong. They have create a large series of Ironman. But we will not follow that old topic of Hottoys. During the June , Hottoys have just released their latest design of Metalgear Raiden. The Raiden is from the game called Metal Gear Revengeance.It have a long history during the Metal Gear game series.

And the Revengenance show up the best look of Raiden. The Hottoys have done great job with the head figure of Raiden.Can't wait to take a close look here.


The Hottoys Raiden also have two visions. One for the VIP which have special red knife which is called HF Murasama blade. It is made of plastic in color red. Which would cost $80 more than the normal vision. In fact it worth almost nothing. And the the price of the Raiden is higher than the normal hottoys price as they have used a new tech on the hands of this toy. It is covered by the soft plastic around the arms. It make the hands look much better. But it also cause move problems. The arms can not movie wide. And rumors said that the plastic inside the arms is easy to get broken. So you do need to take care about it. 

Hottoys' service is not good enough. They would not fix it after 14 days on the receipt. 

Any way it is a good figure but need more improvements.


Bumblebee from 3ATOYS

2015-09-09 04:19

The latest release from 3ATOYS. The Transformers edition have been announced to the public about half a year ago. But as the technique problems the release date have been changed several times.And now finally we have received the Bumblebee from 3ATOYS. This is one amazing edition which is very hot in the market. Let's check out the amazing works


This the best figure of Transformers we have ever seen. The color print and the details are almost 100% perfect as the film. The left arm is replaceable. And there are LED lights on the chest, eyes and right hard arms. There used to be some problems on the back side. It need a very good care because the two doors on the back side is easy to be broken. There are two visions which are VIP vision and normal vision. The VIP vision contains one energy source in the Transformer 2 which would cost $80 more than the normal vision. The normal vision would cost about $360. The size is bigger than most figures which is about 38CM(15 inches). 

This is one amazing artwork .

from the writer

2015-09-07 09:58

This blog is all about the cool items world wide. We talk about the fashion clothing for youth, the toys,comics and many things you have never heard would be seen in this blog. 

Being young is one great thing. You own the young power that make you stay up for whole night long. You can jump high and run fast. Your body have the best shape and make you own the perfect life. After you graduate from the college and get into the soceity. You have to learn to grow up. But during this experience you would become older inside your soul. You can not find the fun you used to own. All kinds of stress are coming for us. So I feel regret for how I live my young time. Running this blog would let others know more about the young life. And do not waste your best time in your life. Young power is right inside you. It can bring you the best experience and memory. 

The blog would talk about more and more amazing items. Being young make you have the time to watch all these cool things you would love. 

Youth always win.