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Week 7

2015-02-16 11:11

I think our group meeting went really well. This time were we supposed to pick an exerpt from the book, maybe something that you found really horrible, romantic, amazing or maybe something you can connect with yourself.

Something that you maybe ''reacted'' to, or just have thought about a lot.

I chose the part when Seth and Julia kissed fpr the first time, in Seth's jacuzzi under the stars. It just made me smile. I felt a such a warm feeling inside me. I love romantic stuff, it's the best things in the world.

This is the exerpt that I chose :

''Later, after the cards had collapsed to the floor and the candles had burned down to nothing, we put on our swimsuits and dropped into the pitch-black waters of Seth's jacuzzi.

We couldn't see a thing except the stars. Our legs grazed one another under the surface.

Seth leaned over and kissed me. I kissed him back. I felt happier than I had in a long time. ''

Why I chose this excerpt was because, like I said, I love romantic/cute things like this. Their little ''story'' is just so cute. Julia have been inlove with Seth all from the beginning of the book, even before that does it feels like, and all to the end. She was way to shy to talk with him, until he started to speak with her. She is this girl who's not so popular, she just have 2-3 friends. She's so incribable in love with this guy who is like a emo.

He has black hair witch is falling over his eyes all the time, really dark eyes, he's always alone, always seems sad, always wearing black clothes, always has his skateboard with him, and just feels so ''out of the zone.''

But in some way, he's so cool. Girls thinks he's handsome, I think he seems handsome by the way he act.

I could also connect with an experience in my life. I was madly in love with a guy, and we kissed, it was quickly but it meant so much to me. After that kiss, I couldn't breathe for several seconds. Then I went to down to my bestfriends and cried because I was so happy. It's just the greatest feeling in the world, I could really feel the feeling Julia had the moment Seth kissed her. I think that's why I turned so happy and warm.

They also sat in his jacuzzi under the stars which made the hole scene more romantic.

Week 5

2015-01-30 10:04

This Wednsday my book group had a group meeting about the book and talked and discuessed about what have happend in the book, and what we think is going to happen. It went quite well I think, Anna explaind to me about the clock time in the book that I just couldn't understand, but now I know what they are talking about. Livia didn't understand eather so it was really good that Anna could explain that to us.

Then we discuessed things that have happend, what we think was good and bad. We mentioned the scene when Julia and Seth were lying on this grass hill when this eclipse came, and their hands touched, and I found it really cute and romantic.

We also mentioned Julias dad, that he's cheating on her mum and we talked some about what we think it's leading to.

Philip think that her dad is going to leave the family and run away with Sylvia, and I don't really know what I think actually. Eather I think that he's going to choose Sylvia for some kind off ''change'', he's maybe tired of his life with Helen, that she allways is so worried and negative. Or I think he's going to stop his ''affair'' with Sylvia, he maybe starts to feel really guilty and goes back to his family and be faithful. I don't remember exacly what Anna and Livia said about that, but something in that whay too.

We finished the meeting by talking about what we think is going to happen in the end of the book, and we all agreed about that we think it's going to end good between Julia and Seth. That they are going to be together. Also that we don't think that the earth is going under, since she talks in past tense. We don't think she would do that if the earth actually would go under.

But I think our group meeting went well, it was kind off hard to come up with things to talk about, since we all layed on different pages, but it went well.

week 4

2015-01-21 19:33

I can't get it. How could Hanna just leave me like this, like abandon me. I mean, we have been best friends since 4th grade, but friends like forever. And then she moves to Utah just for a little while, without saying goodbye or anything, just a short phone call, and then she comes home with a new bff that she is with aall the time... Tracey... Ugh I don't even want to mention her name.. She just stole my very best friend! And only friend.. God I hate her! And even more Hanna.. What's with her new attitude? I don't get her. What have I ever done to her?  

The earth is about to go under any time, the slowing just get worse and worse, and I’ve lost my best friend. If there were one thing I could have wished for before the earth goes under, is to die with my best friend. Be next to her and hold her hand. But now I have no one, and she has Tracey now.

And Seth won’t even want to talk with me anymore after I mentioned his mum, he just have said some things when it was necessary, but otherwise he keeps ignoring me. I would just shut up.

My life really sucks right now. It happens too much in such a short time. I don’t have a real answer if dad is cheating on mum with Sylvia or not, but I have my thoughts. I feel so sorry for mum. She is so exhausted, she never sleeps, she just keeps worrying about everything, and I’m wondering if she knows something about dad and Sylvia.. Poor mum.. I can’t stop being mad at dad, I really can’t. Even if I’m not 100% sure if he’s cheating or not, but I really recognized the man who was at Sylvia that night when she had gotten herself a Christmas tree. Wasn’t that dad? 

week 3

2015-01-15 10:24

I'm reading the book The age of miracles. Why I chose this book is because it sounded really interesting and unusual. It sounded so different from other books, so I got interested. And I deffenetley do not regret my choice of book. 

Usually I really don't like to read, I never read. But this book is very retracting and it made me realize that it's quite fun to read actually. And I never thought that my mind about reading would change, because I really don't like to read at all. I have found it very boring, and I have never found a book that made me get caught. But this book is very retracting and interesting, and I want to read more. And that's a miracle for me. 

I got caught just after a few pages, it's a really good book!