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2011-10-23 10:48

Det går bara inte att glömma sådär... Just nu väntar jag på att jag ska komma över dig. Tänker på de bästa stunderna... och de var med dig. När jag såg dig, när du log sådär, när du titta på mig när du inte trodde att jag såg. Vad betyder det?




2011-10-22 12:19

Behind my smile is loss and pain. I smile to hide the pain and grief. A smile means nothing. I only wish I could get away for a day. No treachery in a day be good, but we all know that it will not happen ...  

Var tvungen att läägga uutt den låten,,,, det e så braa!!

a dream...

2011-10-21 19:32

I can not stop crying, I'm crushed, it was just you I wanted, it was just you were in my life. Please love me, I do not want it like this, I would like to be loved. Now you just wait until I get over you. I try to forget you, but i can not. Love for you is too strong. When I see you smile, you get me to smile. I can not just forget you so. I know I do not have a chance. I am not a toy, I'm a girl with a heart. Please smile again, so I know you feel good. I was hoping that I will not hurt you, but you hurt me. I have felt the good, but this problem makes me cry. The dream of the two of us, will never be true. Please say hello anyway just a word, it might get me to start living again .... now I can never call you "my "....



Please believe me....

2011-10-21 18:22

Please believe me, I will do anything just you believe me, I love you, want you by my side when I need love .... I knew you when I saw you .... I thought ... you have a bad side ... please let it not be true, I did not believe you. Please, just smile, I will not ask for more. Please do not hate me, just want an explanation why you hate me.

 I need love ... <3