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DMC 17: Winged Liner

2018-12-12 01:44
Från Trickmetolife

Day 17.

Not your typical winged liner. I decided to smoke it out. Did it turn out exactly how I wanted? No. But I'm still happy enough with it So I can share it here.

Skinfood Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream
Mácely good Afternoon Rose lemon tea BB cream
NYX HD Studio Photogenic concealer
Magical Halo Cover all loose powder 01
NYX High Definition Blush taupe
Isadora Blush & Glow Draping Wheel 55 Peachy Rose pop

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MakeupGeek Eyeshadow Beaches and cream
MakeupGeek Eyeshadow Crème Bruleé
MakeupGeek Eyeshadow Barcelona Beach
MakeupGeek Eyeshadow Mocha
MakeupGeek Eyeshadow Vanilla Bean
MakeupGeek Pigment Sweet Dreams
Too Faced Eyeshadow Triple Fudge
Sugarpill Eyeshadow Tako
Emite Eyeshadow Dams
The Body Shop Smoky Black Eye definer
Max Factor 200 Calorie Mascara
Lashes from eBay + Duo Brush on adhesive

H&M Brow Specialist Ash Blonde
Sigma Beauty expert Brow Design Scarlett
Glam of Sweden Eyebrow Wax

Meow Gen 2 long lasting Lip gloss 08
Orofluido Lip gloss

H&M Brush Cleanser Spray

2018-09-11 18:55
Från Trickmetolife

Look. I'm going to be honest:
I suck at cleaning my makeup brushes. Luckily I'm just using them on myself for the moment. But yeah.. they're nasty sometimes. That's why I like a brush cleanser spray! I've tried a couple of different ones in the past. and well. They do their work.

If you've ever sat besides me when I do makeup you will know I do one thing that sometimes throw people off, and honestly I don't care! I usually sit in my old af broken comfy pants, and when I apply makeup and are switching between colors I swipe it off on my pants, Or a clean towel if I have that. it works great! and it's instead for that sponge wheel everyone is raving about all the time. it just works for me. but sometimes I do get a stubborn color, or just need to freshen up one of the face brushes and then one of these cleanser sprays is perfect to have!
And it's also really great to have if you're a MUA that are doing several models makeup at the same time and don't have enough brushes and need to clean them between them.

And this time it happened to be H&M's that I got. mostly because I was in there looking at he NYX display and saw this one on a shelf nearby and got reminded that I needed one of these. That's basically how I work. I buy things on impulse 99.9% of the time.

It's your usual spray bottle, nothing fancy really. but it works great so why change it, right?
it's a 100 ml (3.4 fl.Oz) a perfect travel size, overall an okay size to be honest. I've had one that was a big spray bottle, and even though the spray itself was good the bottle was awkward for me to hold with my baby hands and it was a pain to bring with me.
it is suitable for both synthetic and real hair brushes. so that's always a nice thing.

and let me tell you; this smells like something from mu childhood! I can't put my finger on WHAT it smells, but it gives me flashbacks to when I was young, And I'm not mad at that at all! I like it. I've seen many say that they love the smell, and it is really nice. not over whelming or anything.

it dries pretty quickly, and if you're anything like me who wipes them off on a towel (or your comfy pants) it will help the brushes to dry in between

Naturallt you can find this on H&, in store or on their website for 49.90 SEK.

DMC Day 16: Go To Makeup Look

2018-06-29 11:59
Från Trickmetolife

Day 16.

This is basically my go to look. a neutral smokey eye with liner and lashes, and if I feel like it; some fun lips.
This isn't my particular go to products. but I wanted to show that I can use basically whatever to get the result I want. and i also felt like playing with the Too Faced Sweet Indulgence palette that I otherwise never touch, at least the eye shadows, the blushes I use quite a lot.

while you're here don't forget to check out the other days of this challenge :)

Glam of Sweden True Matte Foundation no.20
Skinfood Salmon Darkcircle concealer
Glam of Sweden Concealer
Too Faced Exclusive Bronzer
Too Faced blush La vie en Rose
Too faced Candlelight Glow
Beauty UK
Compact Pressed Powder

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Too Faced Eyeshadow In the buff
Too Faced Eyeshadow Peach Fuzz
Too Faced Eyeshadow Teddy Bear
Too Faced Eyeshadow Satin Sheets
Too Faced Eyeshadow Honeymoon
Too Faced Eyeshadow Malted Milk Ball
Isadora inliner kajal Satin White
Miss Rôse Eyeliner
Lashes from Ebay + Duo adhesive
Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara

H&M Brow Specialist brown
Sigma Beauty Expert Brow Design Scarlett
Glam of Sweden Eyebrow Shaping Wax

NYX Soft Matte lip cream Transylvania
Orofluido Lip Gloss

30DPC - 15 Silhouette

2018-06-14 12:00
Från Trickmetolife

Day 15.

Here. Enjoy the Silhouette of my dead chili plant that I have yet to give up on.

30DPC - 14 Eyes

2018-06-11 12:00
Från Trickmetolife

Day 14.

Sallies Eyeball

DMC Day 14: MOTD

2018-06-11 10:00
Från Trickmetolife

Day 14!

nothing fancy, just the makeup I wore that day, Just my regular big liner, and some purple and reds on the eyeballs. only thing different is that I 'dragged" down my tear duct and put gold there and on my lash line. and I loved how it turned out! been playing more with the 120 palette again, because why not?

Don't forget to check out the photo challenge as well!

Idun Minerals Norrsken foundation Jorunn
NYX HD studio concealer CW01 Porcelain
Magical halo Cover all loose powder 01
Mother home contouring palette
Isadora Blush & Glow Draping wheel #55 Peachy rose pop

Too Faced shadow insurance
Manly 120 palette ( Dark purple and Red copper)
MakeupGeek Pigment Liquid Gold
MakeupGeek Eyeshadow Bling bling
MakeupGeek Eyeshadow Corrupt
Sugarpill Eyeshadow Poison Plum
Sugarpill Eyeshadow Tako
Inglot AMC gel Liner #77
Maybelline Big eyes Mascara
Lashes from eBay + Duo Brush on adhesive

Lime crime Lipstick Poisonberry
Sugarpill Eyeshadow Poison Plum
Sugarpill Eyeshadow Dollipop


H&M Lip definer Raconteur

OPI Nail Lacquer - I Carol about you

2018-06-09 12:00
Från Trickmetolife

I got this beautiful purple polish at a sale for 19 sek. Apparently I was lucky since it was a part of Gwen Stefanis collection in 2014. So I don't know if it's still available..

This one is so hard to capture on picture, because it's this deep purple with a subtle shimmer to it, and you can only see in when the light hits it perfectly. So when you have it on your nails it looks like it's glowing a bit.
One coat is good enough to cover, but I like putting on two.

Isadora Blush & Glow Draping Wheel - Peachy Rose Pop

2018-06-07 16:51
Från Trickmetolife

I'm pretty sure I'm very behind on this. but you know what?
I don't care!

For you who don't know:
Isadora is a Swedish makeup brand that are fragrance free, cruelty free, clinically tested and kind of affordable. I mean, there is cheaper brands, and there are more expensive brands. In Sweden Isadora is classified as a "drug store" brand that you can find in most bigger stores.
I bought this one at H&M For example!

If you follow my Instagram you might have seen when I shared this the first time, and that I said that I grabbed it because of the highlighter, because it was so similar to Too Faced Champagne truffle that I love to use as a highlighter. I even shared a comparison between the colors and even threw in Sugarpills Wink in the mix.
And even though Champagne truffle is a little more pink, this is not far off, and I really like how it looks on my face.
and I've used it several times on my blog (here & here), and on my Instagram.

Even though I bought this for the highlighter I do really like the blushes The two matte ones are the colors I am drawn too when I do my makeup. and sometimes I do spice it up by putting the pearl ones on top of the mate blushes. That way you get the more natural glow from within, than just *BAM* SPARKLES! if you know what I mean?

the compact is quite big, for me at least, since it's way bigger than the palm of my hand, but then again; I have baby hands. but considering you get 4 blushes and 1 highlighter I'm not complaining. and it's a nice travel compact. I do however wish that they would've put in a contouring powder. but since this palette is all about draping, and not contouring I do understand why they haven't.

Draping, what is that?
Well. it's kinda contouring, but at the same time not. the meaning here is that you will take the darkest blush and "drape" it underneath your cheekbones from the apples up to your sears ans swoop it up to the temples, if I've understood it right, And then you take the lighter blush and drape in onto your cheeks in the same manner. and then you apply your highlighter.
And judging from the picture on the back of the compact (and to the right of this text) it will give that classic 80's look. which can look cool to some looks. I might have to try this one day tbh..


As you can see, the colors are beautiful, and they're really smooth, and pigmented! a little goes a long way with these in my opinion. that's why I like to apply blush with a small kabuki brush, because it blends it out beautifully as you apply it.

I know they've come out with a few new colors on the wheels, But I have only seen pictures of them so far, so I don't know if I will be getting those too. But so far I'm really happy with this.

Now, for pricing? like I said, I bought mine at H&M and I honestly just grabbed it and went to the register and don't even remember what I paid (since I also had some other things) but from a little googling irt seems that the price of these is around 229 sek depending on where you buy it.

And I also noticed that you can buy these from Walgreens if you live in America. But from what I can understand you can only order them online for now. And they cost $25 there.

Don't mind this

2018-06-07 01:29
Från Trickmetolife
influenster-Emily M.

30DPC - 13 Can not live without

2018-06-05 10:30
Från Trickmetolife

Day 13.

My camera. Since it's hard raking photos of the camera you're using I decided to whip out my analog Atlantic Royal to stand in for it. And yes; it's fully functional, I've taken some pictures with it. but I need to learn more about it so I can take some more before I develop the film :)