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2019-01-13 20:27

On Tuesday it was Elina’s birthday! We wanted to do something a little more special for her so we threw her a surprise party at mine and jonte’s place on Friday. As weird as it sounds it was actually good that my birthday presents for her hadn’t arrived yet because then I could make up the reason to invite her to my place without any suspicion. I told her, why don’t you come to ours on Friday and we can give you your presents and drink some wine and maybe go out? Luckily she said yes, would’ve been awkward if she already had plans of some sort!

Julia and Jossan came over early and we got some supplies and set everything up before people arrived!

Before Elina arrived everyone hid behind the curtains we have hiding our bed and I set up my camera to record her reaction when they jumped out! She was so frightened bless her, but it was so funny.

I decided to wear a new jumper I got recently from Zara which was neon yellow! A bit of a bold statement but I think it’s really cool, and love the trend that is neon colours.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend xoxo

Christmas came early❄️

2018-12-16 16:31

Never been so in the Christmas mood! Ever since November already I’ve been feeling like it’s Christmas every day. The snow definitely is part of that reason, I love it. We’ve also put up decorations early this year and been wrapping presents and doing other seasonal activities too.❄️

Yesterday before going to Julia’s for a julbord me and Jonathan decided to make something to bring for dessert! I looked up Christmas recipes and found one for gingerbread bars with cream cheese frosting which sounded nice. I somehow interpreted it as being a cake so when it was done I was thinking to myself how did the consistency get so messed up?? I warned people before they took some “it’s meant to be a cake but it somehow ended up with a cookie consistency and so now it’s more like a cheesecake!”. Now I have to write to them and tell them the truth so they don’t think I’m terrible at baking haha. But yeah, overall I thought it was really tasty and definitely tastes like Christmas in a mouthful.

Above are just some random pictures of some Christmas decorations and a picture when wrapping presents! Actually have almost everything I need to shop, that’s a first for this early! Hope you’re all feeling as Christmassy as I am.✨❄️

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Julmarknad på Vallby🎄

2018-12-04 14:55

On Saturday me and Jonathan walked to Vallby (friluftsmuseum) where they were having a two day Christmas market. It’s always cozy up there but now it was especially mysigt. All the animals were out, there were so many stalls selling Christmas decorations and snacks and their small shops were open.

^^^ look how cuuuute. It wasn’t that cold either, so it was a really nice day! So many families were there wondering around, and they even had a small little bonfire lit

We bought some brända mandlar to munch on whilst walking around and we also got a cute little Father Christmas decoration.

And lastly my favourite picture of the day: this sweet little goaty looking at Jonte!❤️

#jul #julmarknad #djur


2018-11-29 18:56

I have aaaaalways had long hair (and I love long hair, don’t get me wrong) but I was just so bored with it and wanted a change. Literally when I sat down in the hairdresser chair she said “so, I heard you wanted a big change” hahaha. I also changed my colour up a bit. I had warm tones in my hair and I really didn’t want that, I asked them to make it quite grey. First they used a blue toner and then they put on a grey toner. Worked out amazingly She also obviously cut my hair A LOT. When she just cut it straight off it was really thick at the bottom and that is nice but I wanted more of a volume at the top feel, so she added in some layers and stuff!


#hair #hår


2018-10-07 11:45

What an island... I have to say I didn’t know what to expect when visiting this place- I’ve gotten such mixed signals about it. Some people have told me it’s the most beautiful place they’ve been and has some of the best diving spots in the world and then there’s negative stories about it in the newspapers etc about crimes being committed. I personally had a positive experience which I’m very grateful for

Now was the time to finally soak in the sun and swim in the sea!! Such warm and lovely water. We stayed on Sairee Beach which is apparently the beach where everything happens: all the restaurants and nightlife etc. We did however go see other beaches as well, once on a day trip by car to go snorkelling and another time by boat to several beaches and even a different island! Only negative about the sea was that sometimes there’d be small jellyfish that stink practically everyone...

The nightlife on Koh Tao was not a disappointment! This one place which is pictured above had a fire show EVERY night with music, body painting and bucket drinks! Another popular bar was fish bowl which was right on the beach and had a live band playing when we went.

Massages on the beach take the whole thing to the NEXT LEVEL. So peaceful and relaxing. Some great cafes and restaurants on the beach!

The day of the long boat trip was by far the best. We went to a few different spots and snorkelled and had lunch. The island ‘Nang yuan’ was breathtaking... such crystal clear water and a beautiful bay. To help preserve the beach you are not allowed to sit on it with a towel or anything that collects sand (they have beach chairs) and you aren’t allowed to take plastic bottles on to the island.

#thailand #kohtao #nouw #semester #holiday

Bye Chiang Mai

2018-07-21 04:21

Chiang Mai is actually such a cool place. There’s over 200 temples just scattered around the town and there’s so many things to do and see. We stayed there for 5 nights and I miss it already. What I really like was that there was a mixture of real Thai food but also western food and some really cool cafes like ‘Fern Forrest’. ‘Cooking Love’ was a small Thai restaurant which people had recommended to us, and they served super tasty and really cheap food!

One of our days there we took a Thai cooking class! This was such a cool experience and I actually learned a lot. We made three meals of our choice (from a list) and then sticky rice with mango! We even got to walk around their garden to pick ingredients and eat some fruit from the trees.

This was one of the my favourite days yet. White water rafting and exploring two waterfalls. This was my first time rafting and I was so scared to start with but then it was just fun! There were water spiders that kept on coming onto the boat which was kinda scary but I guess it’s part of the experience!

On another day we took a long bus ride to the ‘Golden Triangle’ where Thailand meets Laos and Burma. We took a boat trip and spent 30 mins on Laos; cool day trip! Next up- elephant sanctuary in Kanchanaburi!

#thailand #nouw #semester #holiday #food

Bangkok- the beginning

2018-07-14 06:56

First thoughts in Bangkok: what a cultural shock. It’s so completely different from what I’m used to it’s slightly overwhelming. This is what I live for though, exploring different countries and cultures. 4 weeks in Thailand has begun and I’m so excited to see what this month has to bring!

Bangkok is a hectic city to say the least: I’m not much of a city person but it’s always interesting to explore. There is people everywhere, food everywhere and overwhelming smells everywhere. Such beautiful temples to be seen. Went to the Grand Palace one day and the detail that is in there walls and paintings is unbelievable. Another thing I noticed is the juxtaposition in buildings- from torn apart rustic buildings, to modern skyscrapers. A cool thing to see!

On one fully packed day we went to the railway market and the floating market. The railway market is basically locals selling their produce either sides of train tracks with tourists walking along the middle of the tracks. Every hour or so when the train comes everyone has to scatter to the sides and watch as the train passes.

At the floating market you can pay to sit on a wooden boat and go along the canal with people sitting on both sides hooking you in to purchase from them. We also saw a dead floating croc in the river unfortunately

Bangkok you’ve been great, see you in a few weeks at the end of the trip!

#bangkok #thailand #semester #travel #explore #nouw

Göteborg for a day

2018-06-26 16:18

The other day I met Jonathan in Göteborg... it was so warm and it was the most fun I’ve had in ages! When we first got there we were starving so we walked down to the water and ate sushi: standard

After a yummy meal in the sun we went to the National history museum which was nice and cold, and surprisingly very empty! It took a good half an hour to walk there but it was nice to see the city, wouldn’t mind living here one day.

After the museum we walked through Slottsskogen and then enjoyed an ice cream at one of the cafes by the water. Loved this cafe as we were able to sit right by the water in sun chairs and there were little ducklings swimming and walking right next to us!

After the ice cream we wondered around town and looked in a few shops and then got hungry again haha... we sat in a park next to the water again and tried Max’s crispy no chicken burger! It was tasty. Then jonte spontaneously decided to come back with me to Ängelholm...❤️

Spa retreat

2018-06-15 18:24

Falkenberg’s Standbad

So yesterday Maria said to me “I have a surprise for you” and I never thought this is what she had planned... A night at Fälkenberg’s Stranbad hotel and spa. I’ve never been here before and all I can say is WOW. We first arrived pretty late and so didn’t have time to go to the pools or anything so went straight to dinner which was an included three-course meal, of which you could choose what dishes you wanted. It was quite fancy and so not my typical meal, but it’s always fun to try something new!

Today (Friday) we had breakfast and then went to the spa area. We have been lucky enough to have sunny weather and so we were able to sunbathe outside and enjoy the outdoor pool which was heated and super nice! At 13:00 we both had spa treatments which included the body and a facial which some amazing honey flavoured treatment. Hope to come back here sometime in the future; it’s a lovely, relaxing place.

#spa #havet #semester #pool

Grönalund for the day🎡

2018-06-08 15:35

The other day me, Jonathan and Julia took a day trip to the theme park ‘Grönalund’ in Stockholm. Such a fun day! We took the train from västerås and then the tunnelbarna and then a small ferry from Slussen over to the theme park. The ferry only took a few minutes and was so nice actually; especially on the way home when it was sunset over the city.

That day we happened to be there Gene Simmons from ‘Kiss’ was there performing! Can’t say I was his biggest fan before seeing him but he was a very good performer and I really enjoyed seeing him and actually got really into it! Surprised that there wasn’t more people there to see him then there was...

We of course got “Åkband” and went on as many rides as possible! It was so hot this day and so maybe not the best day to be there; it got unbearably hot sometimes waiting for the rides. I was actually surprised at how small the theme park is compared to Liseberg but it was still amazing being so close the water and everything. Me and Jonathan when on the roaring swings which go really high up in the air; although it was a spectacular view, NEVER AGAIN. However, overall it was a lovely day out and a great start to summer break!

#grönalund #summer #sun #sunset

Finishing 1st year of uni🍾

2018-06-03 16:09

And just like that the first year of uni is over! This has been the fastest school year ever... One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was to come to Sweden for university. Mälardalens Högskola and Västerås are all I could have wished for and more. Love my class and my friendship group so much.

Directly after our last exam we met on Erik’s rooftop and drank till the late hours of the night. The last exam was statistics and it felt like it went really well, so that’s nice to have a clear head for the summer! Hope everyone enjoys their summer break

#summer #sommar #högskola #västerås

Föredetting Helg

2018-05-29 20:00

This weekend was Grennaskolan’s yearly reunion for previously graduated students. I graduated in 2016 so this was my second year going back as a föredetting... It’s always just as nice to go back, it’s like going back in time to actually being a student there again: seeing all your classmates and friends again and doing the same things and going to the same places.

Hands down the best part about Gränna is the sunsets on lake Vättern. It’s always so unimaginably colourful and vibrant... will never get tired of them.

Of course going back was amazing but it was also so weird emotionally; leaving at the end of the weekend felt exactly like leaving after graduation did. Saying bye again to such amazing people who I once got the pleasure to be with everyday. On the bright side I am happy that föredetting at least exists and we have this one weekend a year to rewind time!

Dinner with a view⛰

2018-05-20 20:27

On our last evening in Kos me and Jonathan took a trip up to a mountain called ‘Zia’ and it was the highlight of the holiday. We both agreed that it was the most beautiful view we have ever seen! When we first got dropped off we were in a small village with several small shops and so we walked around and bought some souvenirs (including Ouzo- Greece’s own liquor). We then went to a restaurant, ‘Taverna Oromedon’ which had the amazing view as you can see in the pictures. Me and Jonathan sat in awe whilst enjoying a bottle of Chardonnay and the incredible sunset; reminiscing on our trip which was the perfect escape from uni...

#kos #greece #grekland #semester #holiday #universitet #sol #solnedgång #sunset #mat #food


2018-05-13 17:33

Last weekend was my birthday and I couldn’t have asked for a better day/weekend! My boyfriend and emelie did so much for me and I’m so grateful for them. Emelie came over from England and stayed for the weekend. On Friday we ate at pinchos and then on Saturday it was my birthday; we went to systemet and got a huge amount of alcohol and then decorated my apartment for my party! My party was a pre party for the main “full moon party” at the university’s student union. It was so much fun..❤️

ROAD TRIP: 🇩🇪-🇩🇰-🇸🇪

2017-06-05 20:41

Hi everyone!

About a week ago I got back home to England after having been on a road trip with two of my friends. We drove from Hamburg, Germany to Gränna, Sweden. To do this we had to drive north through Germany and take the ferry from putt-garden to Denmark. We then drove to Sweden, crossing over the bridge from Denmark to Malmö in southern Sweden and driving north to Gränna. The reason why we were going to Gränna was because we all went to school there (that's how we met) and we graduated a year ago and now was the school's reunion "föredetting"! This was such an incredible experience, a road trip with good friends is something you have to do at least once. It was also so nice to go back to our old school and meet all our friends again: it felt like nothing had changed, a year really has flown by! Enjoy the pictures, they are from various points of the road trip. ❤
P.S. I have to say that if you are in Sweden you have to go to Gränna sometime and experience one of their sunsets. Having lived there 3 years and having travelled all over the world I can safely say Gränna has the best sunsets EVER. Ask anyone that's been!

#roadtrip #travel #travelblog #sweden #germany #hamburg #denmark

Italian Food🇮🇹

2017-05-26 14:33

Hey everyone

Here are some food pics from my holiday to Alghero, Sardinia. Italian food is sooo good and I would confidently say it's my favourite type of food. Specifically I'd have to say spaghetti bolognese . Italy is known for its gelato so of course I had some when I was there. Lemon is my favourite: it's so fresh and light but still so tasty. On another pic there is mini pancakes drizzled with Nutella mmmmhh. On the only picture of an actual meal I had ravioli! What's your favourite food?

'Neptune's Grotto'

2017-05-15 11:12

The other day I took a boat trip from Alghero, Sardinia to 'Neptune's Grotto', all I can say is WOW. This was one of the most amazing places I've ever seen. The boat goes into the entrance of the cave where you then jump off and take a guided tour through the cave. On the tour you see amazing stone formations and even areas where there is water from the sea which reflects the entire cave. The cave is lit up with spotlights scattered everywhere and there is a long history to be heard about this grotto. If you ever visit Sardinia, go on this trip!! The duration of the trip is only two and a half hours, worth it

#sardinia #alghero #travel #travelblog #cave #discovertheworld #explore #holiday


2017-05-12 16:49

Hope everyone is having a good Friday, the weekend is finally here!! Today was spent driving around Sardinia and stopping wherever we wanted to and eating Nutella and banana crepesthe weather wasn't so good today but hopefully it gets better tomorrow, have a nice weekend wherever you are❤

Plane ride by sunset

2017-05-03 13:45

Just thought I'd share these sunset pictures I took on one of the most magical plane rides I've ever been on. Because I was flying from Denmark to England the plane was literally chasing the sunset the whole way, so I just sat staring out the window the whole time! Sunsets are my favourite part of everyday✨

#sunset #denmark #england #plane #travel #travelblog


2017-04-27 12:15

Hey everyone!

So this is from my trip to Copenhagen, Denmark this February. I'm in looove with this city. I am half Swedish so Copenhagen almost felt like home because it was so similar to Sweden yet still different. If you visit you have to go to the amusement park 'Tivoli gardens' and to an area of town called 'Christiania' to explore! If you like sushi then definitely visit 'Sticks n sushi' which is on the top floor of a skyscraper with a view overlooking the city and even a balcony with places to sit. The Danish are very welcoming and are good at English so don't be afraid to ask for directions or anything! Also the shopping is very good in Denmark, the only downside is that it is quite expensive there! P.S. don't forget to try proper Danish pastries before you leave!!


#travel #denmark #copenhagen #travelblog #food


2017-04-25 18:30

So this is from my trip to Amsterdam in November! Lovely city, so many fun things to do and amazing things to see. I would recommend going in a warmer month just so there won't be any rain when you're there cause I know that for me it sucked a bit when exploring. If you like beer make sure to go on the Carlsberg tour as it shows all about the history of beer etc and ends with free beers on their rooftop overlooking the city! Really good food all over the city and overall not too expensive. Definitely hire a bike and cycle around!


#amsterdam #travel #travelblog #food #foodlover #foodporn