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War Storm - Victoria Aveyard

2019-03-18 04:25
Från BooksForYou

I expected more from this book, unfortunately. I absolutely loved Red Queen but that was the strongest book of this series.

This book could easily have been 200 pages shorter and it wouldn't have taken out anything that was really important. The first 250ish pages read really slowly and just dragged, not much interesting happened. It was very predictable at times and I felt like nothing majorly drastic happened, there was no big plot twist.

That being said there were some elements I really did enjoy, and I always love the battle scenes in this series and I love that it wasn't just two sides against each other but we had Maven together with the Lakelanders to begin with, The Scarlet Guard, Cal, The Ridge and Montfort working together as well but the only true alliance that never split up was Montfort and the Scarlet Guard. This aspect was extremely because even if some people have the same general goal more often than not there are different opinions on how to get there and what to do once that's a fact.
One thing that really kept the book going for me was the romance between Cal and Mare, I truly think that they're meant to be, and especially Cal's chapter somewhere in the middle of the book where he was just thinking of her made me really feel like there was a true connection between the two of them and I LOVED that. And while I do respect the ending on this matter I also wished we could have gotten just a little bit more, though I certainly felt the hope between them and am gonna interpret it as them getting together in the future.

This book didn't hold my attention as much as I'd hoped for it too, and unfortunately that's a sign for me that's it's not an amazing book. I also felt that some of the things that happened just worked out too well, the timing of a lot of things, like the battle with the Lakelands in the end where Montfort and The Scarlet Guard just happened to get there at the same time? I could see this as non-coincidental if it had actually been discussed in the book that they were trying to get there at the same time as the Lakelands, but they didn't. There was also not a single death on the "good side" that I recall of a person of at least some significant value and that in itself is extremely unrealistic.

Overall I was by this book, it too predictable, but still enjoyed reading it.

FAT ANGIE by e.E Charlton Trujillo

2019-02-04 19:45
Från BooksForYou

A few weeks ago I went to YANovCon in Millbrae and had the opportunity to meet the author of this book and let me just tell you she's one of the coolest people I've met in a while. BUT before I actually got to meet her I walked up to the stands where they sold the books and held this one and strongly considered buying it, but ended up with another book (trying to not buy too many books). Then I later went to a panel that she was on where she talked about it which made me go back and actually buy the book. When I later got it signed she also told me that if all goes to hell and I don't like the book I can use it as a coaster instead. But enough about me.

This book is about Fat Angie who in her first year of High School publically attempted suicide after her sister (who she was very close to) had gone missing in the Iraq war. Fat Angie is also fat, in case that wasn't obvious. These two things made it very easy for others to pick on her in school, and there's the main bully Tracy Ann who leades the rest of the school. However the big bully in Angie's life is at home. Her mom. But one day a new girl shows up to the school and Angie's life is strongly affected by that and we follow the story from there.

This book had all my emotions going and I felt that it had very strong characters with important roles to the book. A little over midway through the book I was incredibly mad at one of the characters for how they treated Angie that I actually had to put the book down and take a breather to calm myseld donw before I could continue. This books deals with some heavier topics (bullying, suicide etc) and I find that it does it in a very captivating way.


I wanna take a minute to break down the different characters in this book, as I felt they all had very strong personalities.

Angie - Overweight, bullied, loves her sister who now has gone missing and struggles with self image. Her life isn't easy. Her brother has been acting all weird since their sister went missing. Her dad left town. Her mom is so focused on having the "perfect family" even though they really aren't, especially with recent events. Everyone keeps calling her "special". They say "You're a special girl" and this pissed me off so much. They talk to her like she's stupid, and treat her the same way. This is not okay behaviour, especially from adults. In reality Angie is a very determined and loving person who just struggled to keep up with the world at some points. But she proves everyone wrong when she tries out for thevarsity basketball team. She shows them that she can, just like her sister could. That there is more to her than just her body and some of her choices in the past.

Tracy Ann - She made life a living hell for Angie. I know that we get a redemption for her, but I don't find that redemption good enough. No matter what you don't treat another person like she did with Angie. Tracy Ann is manipulative and rude and atention seeking. she doesn't care about the people around her, she's the boss and she makes the rules. She made me so so angry, but she wasn't the worst -

Connie, Angie's mom- What a b*tch. The way she talks to her daughter is not acceptable. She demands her to loose weight before she can get any clothes that actually fit. She restricts what Angie can eat (even though Angie actively started thinking about this herself). She forces her to go to a special therapist, one that is supposed to be better, but from the notes we get is actually only making it worse for Angie. All the comments the therapist put down were degrading and actually rude. But back to the mom. She insinuated time upon that Angie was stupid, and even less worthy. That Angie is an embarassment and that it's wrong to be different. This woman is the kind of person who should never have been allowed to have kids. She is, wothout even realising, Angie's biggest bully. She was the reason I had to take a breather part way through the book because of how she spoke to Angie. I really REALLY felt that I wanted to go there and just smack that woman in the face.

KC - The new girl at school who dares to stand up for the girl everyone bullies, with all the consequences that might bring. She stands up for Angie time and time again when Angie is too scared to to it herself or just too used to it by now. KC helps Angie see that there is more to her. That she doesn't have to be Fat Angie, but that she can be just Angie. She can be herself. Thouggh she is not perfect either. Their relationship to each other is very flawed, but at the end of the day they always talk it out.. KC is also not only helping Angie, Angie is also able to help KC.

Wang- First of all, who treats their siblings with such disgust in public? He is extremely nasty to Angie at some points, but Angie actually stands up to him. I think he's the only person she was comfortable standing up to - because she knew him and what his life consisted of. She knew that he had reason to be acting up, even if that doesn't jusstify his behaviour. Though Wang develops a lot throughout the book. After he leaks the picture of Angie and KC he actually feels remorse and understands that he has gone too far. He stands up for Angie to their mother. He supports her trying out for basketball and even though he still has a lot to learn and can get a lot better still, he has started taking the right path most of the time by the end of the book.

Jake - The neighbour from the "perfect" family. A person Angie to begin with dispises because he's so "perfect". She keeps making assumptions about him that are not true and she throws these assumptions in his face. He treats her with kindness and she reacts with being hostile. Likely because she is not used to people being kind to her for no reason, since her sister went missing she hasn't had anyone do that to her and she doesn't know how to react. But even thoguh Angie is being rather rude to him he still keeps coming back to help her, to be there for her. He's tehre for her when no one else is, even when she is being rude o him. He's the kinda friend we all need, the kind of friend we all should be.

Coach Laden - As many characters she seemed to change a lot throughout the book. at first I didn't like her at all. She kept saying that Angie was a "special girl" and didn't really tell Tracy Ann off for her behaviour until KC stood up for Angie, even though Coach Laden knew perfectly well that it wasn't Angie who started anything. But then she gives Angie a chance. She starts supporting Angie in a way she hadn't before. I'm still not sure about her motives or why she did anything, and I'm still on the fence abouth wether or not I like her.

This book was a rollercoaster of emotions, and I don't think I've ever felt as much anger while reading as I did with this book, but that is not a bad thing. It just meant that the characters were really convincing. We went from happiness and pride for Angie after her first game that she got to play in to only a page or two later feeling so incredibly sad for her and how unfair everything is.
I absolutely loved the Forrest Gump esque ending to this book, with them all running all the way around their town, even Tracy Ann - even though she didn't seem to like that she was there. That created a sense of community and belonging. I finally felt that people would accept Angie and no longer bully her.

All in all this was a very good read and I'm incredibly happy I liked it, since I read it after I met e.E Charlton Trujillo and reallly liked her as a person too. She was really nice and energetic, and not ashamed to talk about her rock bottom of life (at one point she had been homeless, and that was when she started writing this book) or how people would compare her to Fat Angie. She has a great sense of humour as well.

Until next time - hopefully a few years sooner than this gap!


2016-07-07 18:38
Från BooksForYou

Hi there!

​So recently I started listening to audiobooks at work and I have never in my life really been that into audiobooks, but I realised that I  could as well walk around with a book playing in my ears than just walking around listening to the silence.

And damn I'm already stuck to this. I have in a few days  listened to the entire Chronicles of Narnia, Amy and Rogers Epic Detour and We were Liars (still got a book hungover from this one tbh) and I LOVE it. I really never thought I would be the one to listen to audiobooks, and sure I might miss parts when my brain wanders, but I also notice things that I would never notice if I actually read the book. Take Amy and Rogers epic detour for example. I've read that book eight times I think, and yet I realised so many things when I listend to it now and some of the things made more sense, and I think this is because I HAVE to listesn to every single word. When I read my eyes easily wander a bit ahead when things get hot.
Another big plus to audiobooks is that you actually cannot accidentally spoil yourself with what happens at the end of the page which I otherways do way too often!

So to conclude; Audiobooks are really fucking good to listen to when you're doing stuff!

See you soon!

Reading Slumps

2016-05-04 23:48
Från BooksForYou


Recently I've been in a really big reading slump caused by many different things.
First of all I think I read to intensive in the end of December (yes that's how long I've been in a slump, since the start of the year) when I somehow finished four books in five days.
Then came school, and I don't know what I expected, I knew there would be a lot and it wasn't really that different from autumn, but I don't know, school is time consuming.
February also came a lot closer, and with february came my 18th irthday (happy birthday to me or something), and with my 18th birthday came the entire drivers license thing (I now have it!!) and I just felt like I couldn't read a book, I should read the drivingbook. This ended with me not reading anything at all and rather spend my time watching videos, because that's such a better way to use my time (not).
After this I was stressed about school to the point where I didn't do ANYTHING, it all just became to much.
Then came April, and at this point I'd read four books, of which two were for school. 

Then the 17th of April I went to Spain and more specifically Barcelona, and before this trip was when I decided that it's time to start reading again. There is this oen thing that I've heard is good to help you get out of a reading slump which I decided to do.
Re-read a favourite of yours. I'd recently realised that its been over a year since I read my all time favourite (Amy and Rogers epic detour by Morgan Matson) and so I decided to pick it up.

After finishing AARED I felt the need to read and so I picked up Finding Audrey(5/5 stars) and finished it in two days. Then I picked up Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda(5/5 stars) and read it in only onw day.

This is kind of where I stand now, having read only eight books this year and it is may, but I feel like I've got all the motivation to read right now and I am gonna try to finish some books that I have started reading and just stopped reading for no reason.

I guess what I've learnt is that re-reading one of your favourites DO help to get you back in the swing!

See you later, have a nice day and go read a good book!


2016-03-25 20:48
Från BooksForYou

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry it's been so long since I last updated, I've just been in a major reading slump recently but then today I decided to pick up Wonder by R.J Palacio (or Undret as it's called in swedish being the language I read it in)
I absolutley loved this book and it had me feeling all the feels. I laughed, I cried, I smiled so bright.

So if you didn't know this is a book about a ten year old boy called Auggie (or August) and he was born with a ​terrible facial abnormality and has needed tons and tons of surgery to make his face even useful to things like eating. He has due to all these surgeries never been able to go to normal schools and have therefor been homeschooled. Now that he is ten though it is time for him to start "real school" and so he does, and we het to follow his jurney throughout his first year of school.

This book is considered a middle grade book and at times that shines through in the language that is used in it, but I really think that anyone could read this book and absolutley love it! There are so many references in this book that just made me so happy. We had Star Wars, Harry Potter, Christina Aguilera, Green Day and lots and lots of other thing that there were made references to!

I would really recommened everyone to pick this book up, and it is really a quick read! It really got me hooked and at first I was like "I'm gonna read like 100 pages maybe for now and read more in the upcoming days" well jokes on me cus I finished the entire book in one day, it really had me hooked and I just wanted to know what would happen to Auggie at all times!

So with those words I'm gonna end this update, go read the book and I'll see you next time!



2016-01-08 15:35
Från BooksForYou

Hi there!

I know it's been a while since I pposted, but that's been because I started a booktube channel Hanna Westerberg so i've been focusing a bit more on that!

But on to the book. The first book I read in 2016 and the only one I've read this far is The rest of us just live here by Patrick Ness and let me tell you something, This book was fucking incredible.

Holy moly was this book amazing.
It deals with OCD and eating disorders. It deals with an alcoholic. It deals with gay characters. It has the best sibling relationship I've read in a long while. It has love and friendship as well. This book has it all. And it deals with it the best way possible.
The books is so natural and almost a really nice contemporary book, but then we get just the perfect amount of fantasy that takes place more in the background than anything else.
Let's talk about the language as well. Patrick Ness uses words in this book that you many time will not find because they are "ugly" and "rude". I loved that he used them, it took the barrier between me as a user and the characters down a lot.
There were tears at a few occsasions throughout the book, especially the chapter that is filled with talk about anxiety and such, and at that point I had to put the book down because I needed a breather just because it was written so wonderfully good.
Although I really really enjoyed this story I think that the plot of it is a bit misleading. Sure the story is about people who aren't "the one", but I don't feel like that is reflected all too much in it. It's more kinda showing us the story of a seventeen year old boys life during the time that something fantasyfilled is happening in the background. 
I really did love this story so so much and te´he way it dealt with things, and especially the ending felt so really and everything was represented in such a good way.

The only issue I really had with this book was one sentence, ""Well, I don't know, you've kissed people, haven't you?"
This sentence more or less tells us that we are supposed yo have kissed one, which I have not. I also know other people who have reacted to this sentence as well so yeah. 

But this is a clear 5/5 book and I really enjoyed


2015-10-30 18:32
Från BooksForYou

Hi there!

I might be a bit behind everyone else, but this book was by far the best contemporary book I've read in a long long time.

Fangirl is about Cath, who is a fangirl (quiet so obviously) and we get to follow her first year at college.

This is a big feel-good book and I caught myself putting down the book for a minute or so quiet a few times in order to get the smile from my face away properly so I wouldn't disturb myself in my reading.

I think the reason that I loved this book so much is because I recognise myself so much in Cath. We have very similar personalties and I felt like I really understood every choise she made through this book completley!

If you haven't already I would really recommened anyone out there to pick this book up, even if you're not a big contemporary person!

Until next time!

(Also, check out my youtube channel on which I talk about books:

HOLD ME CLOSER - David Levithan

2015-10-23 21:48
Från BooksForYou

Hi there!

I finnished this book yesterday, and I rated it a 3.5-4/5. I really enjoyed it, and it was a real quick read once I actually picked up the book!
You should proabobly read Will Grayson, Will Grayson before reading this one, since it is a musical novel from withing that book, so the musical is played in WGWG. (I'm not to sure if that sentence made any sense but I'll leave it like that anyways)
It was a bit hard to adjust to this book being written as a musical, but once I got my mindset to it, I found myself really enjoying it!
This book is basically Tiny Coopers love-history, so we get t follow his love life thorugh it!

I don't really have anything else to say, it was a great book, but you should read Will Grayson Will Grayson before reading this!



2015-10-16 22:42
Från BooksForYou

Hi there!

I finished of the last Percy Jackson book, Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian tje other day.
I thought that this was a really great ending to a book series. I sat and smiled for the last few chapters, and this book was way above any expectations. I can't believe that I've never actually gotten around to reading these books before, and I really understand the fuss about them!
The entire series, and especially the last two books where action filled all the way through. There were times when I read the last book that I thought that the last battle would be there way earlier than it was, and when it finally came and I saw how much there was left of the book I was a bit surprised, but when I read the last bit I understood that it had to be done that way, and I thought it really amazing!
I rate the entire series a 5/5 stars and it is definetly one of the better book series I've ever read and I highly recomend it to anyone out there, even if this is a middle grade series. I'm soon to be 18 and I really loved this series!

Until next time!


2015-10-09 19:16
Från BooksForYou

Hi everyone!

So, earlier today I was in town shopping, and I went to the book store (where else to go when in town?) and saw that they had 20 % of at any intem you wanted, so I immediatley thought of this book. I started looking around for it, but couldn't find it but the lady who worked there helped me and so I purchased this beauty.

It's the new illustrated copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and it is just so beautifull. I had a flick though it in the bus on my way home, and I almost started crying because of how beautiful it is.
There's pictures in almost every spread, and there are full spreads with only pictures and no words. There is also pages with black background and white text which I LOVE.
I might have just starrted this book as well because of the prettyness even though I said I was gonna read the last Percy Jackson book. (oooops)

This was a more pricey book since it's a new realese and hardcover and so, but it feels like it's totally woth the money, especially when I realised that I've never felt like this for any other book, it's just purley Magic.

Having been a Harry Potter fan since I was about 7-8 or so I was really upset when the last movie had come out and there was nothing left to wait for. I then read the three "extra" books, and after that they announced the Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them movies, and now we get seven new really really nice editions of the books and I could not be happier!

The Harry Potter fandom carries on living!

See you soon!