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This Is What I'm Saying Now


2019-08-22 01:11
Från parkjaesun
Was anyone else surprised to hear Trump planned a state visit to Denmatk all of a sudden? I certainly was. Some days ago Trump stated his interest in purchasing Greenland from Denmark. The Prime Minster answered Greenland’s not for sale. … Continue reading

Asap Rocky Trial

2019-08-14 00:00
Från parkjaesun
Today the anticipated verdict came from the Swedish court. Asap Rocky or Rakim Mayers were considered guilty, as was his two friends. The US president even tried to get the rapper out of jail bh reaching out to the Swedish … Continue reading

Swedish judiciary system

2019-07-10 00:00
Från parkjaesun
Unlike the US system politics and law are kept seperate. You can’t bail yourself out of jail. Sounds all good right but is it really so?

Death of 최홍희

2019-06-15 00:00
Från parkjaesun
The founder of Taekwondo died 17 years ago on this day.

Princess Di’s grandchildren

2019-05-06 00:00
Från parkjaesun
Prince William eldest son and future King of England 2. Prince George eldest son of Prince William 3. Princess Charlotte only daughter and second child of William 4. Prince Louis second son and youngest child of William 5. Prince Harry, … Continue reading

Årets julkalender

2019-04-01 00:00
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Nej detta är inget Aprilskämt årets julkalender har bland annat Pernilla Wahlgren och Per Andersson som Tomtefar och Tomtemor. Den heter Panik i tomteverkstan.

Happy Lunar New Year.

2019-02-05 00:00
Från parkjaesun
Today is the first day of Year of the Pig.

Arbetsförmedlingen varslar

2019-02-01 00:00
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New Jersey senator

2019-01-31 00:00
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LGBTQ, female or vegan president in 2020?

2019-01-30 00:00
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