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The last day!

2011-04-03 19:27

Today I went up 07.00 and fix the last things.

Now the clock is 09.15

I have just eat breakfoust and now I must go up to the hotel room and take down my bag to the reception. The taxi are coming and pick up ous ten a ' clock. Actelly yesterday It was a very sunny day. I think I got some colour on my body. The time I were here have been amazing for me and my friend. We have meet dolphins. They were so beautiful and jump very hight over the water. They also swam very fast after the boat. that is my biggest memory from the holiday. this time I haven't saved any animals from a hard situation. That's felt good. Because I think it wasen't no animal here who need so much help. Oohh,, now the taxi is coming. I write more in the next country. Have a nice day. And I hope You are falling my blogg in the next country to.

good bye.

 See you soon!!    

O my good!

2011-04-03 19:15

Yesterday was so fun!!

I bouhgt many clothes. It was very cheep down here. I think I gotta go and shop much clothes today to.. HEHE!! No, I just kidding with you. Today I must pack my things because  tomorrow we o to another country. The resturant we were yesterday has very nice food. I think I never have eaten  so much. About 2 hours when I have packed my thing Linn and I are going to the beach and swim rest of the day. I hope it's gotta be a sunny day. Now I go down and eat some breakfoust.

Good bye.

See Ya!


I just chill out today and shop!!

2011-04-03 19:03

I just waked up. I have sleeped in 10 hours. So now I'm not tired any more. I have just clean up the mess in my room. So now I gotta planed up my day. Today we will go and shop some nice clothes. After we have shop in some hours we will go to a resturant and eat some food. We have only two days left here. Then we leave tjis coutry and go to another. This time will Linn chose the land. Now I must go and fix me. We gotta take a taxi in to the shops. So I tell you more tomorrow. Wish me a lucky day/night.

Good bye.

See Ya!

  The resurant

The sea tripp!

2011-04-03 18:39

   Finally we are home in the hotel room. we were on a sea tripp today and it was aswome. I actully saw four dolphins!! It was so amazing to see them with my own eyes. They looke so nice. It was tre older dolphins and one kid. They played and jumpin the wather. They also swam after the boat. The kid was a little bit afraid for me and Linn. But when we gave the dolphin fisches we could touch the dolphin. We was with them in 4 hours. It was very hot on the boat. So Linn and I took a swim. The dolphins swam closer and closer. After 20 minutes we swam with them. It was so fun!! I think they like it, and I like it to.After 40 minutes we went up from the wather. then we took the boat to the beach again. Now I'm tired, so I write more tomorrow.

God Night.

See Ya!!


Finally there!

2011-04-03 18:25

Now me and my friend just packing up our bags. We have been here in 1 hour. About 15 minuts we go down to the bar. To night we go out and eat on an resturant behaind the beach. Tomorrow will we take a boat out on the sea. I hope we will se dolphins and many other animal who live in the sea. They are so beautiful animals. I have heard a thing from my friend. She said , dolphins are very kind-hearted. I think that to. I have heard on the news some times the dolphins have saved people from sharks. That is so amazing. Now I heard Linn is calling on me. It is best if I go to her. I write more tomorrow after th tripp on the sea.

See Ya!


Sitting on the plan

2011-03-23 18:56


Now me and my friend sitting on the plan to Australia. We will be there soon. We have flied in 10 hours now, and we have only 2 hours left. It's will be so fun to go there with all new people and animals. I will write more on the hotel room in afternoon. 

See ya !   


Pack,Pack and Pack

2011-03-19 21:18

09.00 pm

Tomorrow I go to Austraila with my friend Linn. We will stay there in one week and after that we go to another country. Our plans is to go the earth around and meet many different cultures, animals and people. I want to save many animals from a hard situation. It's my dream to help animals to survive. Now I most go and pack my things in five bags, I'll be home in 8 mounths so I must have man things whith me. Me and my friend will live in a hotel. It will be so fun.

I write more tomorrw on the plan. 

See ya ! 

many hugs from Mathilda