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Abu Dhabi

2019-01-06 09:08
Från MareAndKate

I’ve spent a week in Abu Dhabi visiting friends and it’s been really amazing! There’s so much to do here and the time flies! I’ve taken a walk along the Corniche Beach, it’s very long, but you have t…


2018-12-29 20:16
Från MareAndKate

I’ve never been to Dubai before but after spending a couple of days here, I’d definitely recommend people coming here! It’s a beautiful city and warm weather, which suits me perfectly. I met up with …

Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi, Ravello - Italy

2018-06-29 19:32
Från MareAndKate

Today I’ve visited four really beautiful cities, Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Ravello. All had their own charm but I think I liked Sorrento and Positano the most. Great views, lots of colours…

Naples part 2

2018-06-28 16:03
Från MareAndKate

Today I’ve been walking around Naples. I’ve realised that Naples is a very big city if you want to walk everywhere. It’s been very hot and windy today as well so I’m pretty exhausted now. I didn’t ha…

Naples, Italy

2018-06-27 21:34
Från MareAndKate

So today I went on a tour to Pompeii and Mt Vesuvius. In Pompeii I got to see the Amphitheater, the specially built roads (for horses/donkeys and pedestrians so the wouldn’t walk in shit), the water …

Rome part 2

2018-06-25 00:46
Från MareAndKate

Today I went back in history to Ancient Rome! I went to the Colosseum, the Arch of Constantine, the Roman Forum, Julius Caesar’s altar, the House of the Vestal Virgins, the Arch of Titus, Palat…

Rome, Italy

2018-06-23 17:52
Från MareAndKate

So today I’ve been sightseeing all day. The Vatican museums, the Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Church and Square, Fontana Di Trevi, the Pantheon and the Spanish Steps! Had an amazing day and…

Venice part 2

2018-06-21 15:29
Från MareAndKate

Today I’ve been to the Doge’s Palace and on a boat tour through Venice. It’s really hot here and I’m tired from walking around all day. Doge’s Palace was really beautifu…

Venice, Italy

2018-06-20 20:51
Från MareAndKate

I’m travelling again! This time it’s Italy and I’ve started in Venice! I took a flight from Split and I’ve been exploring the city all afternoon. The city is really beautiful …

Los Angeles

2017-07-31 23:17
Från MareAndKate

Thank you Los Angeles for a great couple of days! I've had the opportunity to do lots of things, visit different places and meet great people! :) So, after six months, the time has come to go home to…