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your special style for the jeans

2011-02-13 16:09

Jeans is the world most famous fashion style of the junior fashion .Their vintage look of the fashion have changed my views for the fashion .Producing one jeans require at least 5 steps.All these steps are very important .

At first that is handling of the jeans .They use the special chemical material to make the denim into different style .Such as the water watch,worn and many other style you can think .And then make the denim store for at least 5 monthes to make the denim to another status .For these details of the denim just like making the wine .The longer the better .And then they would cut the denim into different shape like making many other trousers making up 

For the special look of the jeans .i would adjust the hot look of the Laguna Beach jeans .The vintage look of the jeans have the hot design water wash .And the most special design should be their hot design of the stitch work .Stitch work is just one little handling of the jeans .However they add some creative thought for the jeans .And created one new design for the jeans .Laguna Beach jeans have the white stitch,red stitch, blue stitch and many other hot style of the jeans.Make us feel that true style of the jeans .Always fantasy look of the clothing

the special view for the rock

2011-02-11 17:25

Rock is one special thing .This special culture have attracted large numbers of the listeners and all almost crazy for this .When they get their headphone on their head .They have alread say that is the rock for the life .The special views of rock have made many people crazy for .So why ?

Maybe you would wonder this kind question .As the rock usually hot welcomed in the juniors just like rock style clothing brand Remetee they are also hot welcomed among the juniors .All become the views of the life.Usually we do not face the right style life .And life would also never be as we like .So these thing cause one thing.That is our anger .We feel upset with the life and these things always in our head make us feel not happy .So we have to find something to tear this kind anger .Yes , we can choose some loud music with the roaring style , or some death style clothing to show us we are hard as the stone and would never be break down .Yes, when we holding this kind views of the life .We have changed for the rock .Rock some time can be one kind medicine for our life .When feel sad we can listen some music with the hippy style .When we feel angry we can enjoy their angry music .We like the beating of the music .We also enjoy the death style fashion .Forever and ever .

That is the rock and that is the fashion .

the style of the your own

2010-08-16 04:46

After in the fashion zone for more than about 5 years .I find every one should have their own hot style indeed .That means the style they fit.However most people do not found that .They are still wearing the bad style which would make them leave bad impressions for others .the hot design clothing is every where and not expensive .So why not get your own hot style clothing ?

Some guy would not like my words because they do not like dressing up themselves .But dressing clothing is not only for yourself .it is also one kind of respect for others/So dress yourself in good style can leave the others a good impression and can also bring many good things for you .That is a good way to impress your nice side for others.It make you can make friends with others easily .

So all your need to is dress yourself at the right style clothing .

Everyone would have the fashion view

2010-08-15 06:59

When we are talking about the clothing the others wear.We would always rate about their fashion sense.The clothing is nice or the clothing is absolutely bad and so on 。However different people have different view for the fashion world .That would be different for the fashion or not clothing.

So seems the fashion sense need to be welcomed by most people that would be fashion .Everyone should have a view for the fashion clothing .They rate and give comment for one's clothing .That is their way to impress their view for fashion .The latest fashion style not always welcomed my most people however they are always around us .

You should have your own fashion .Now read the blog you would know more things about the fashion world