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Sara Sael

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how we want to travel

2018-12-06 22:12
Från sarasael

One month-ish from now and we'll be on the plane to Bangkok/Thailand and we haven't booked any accommodation yet!! Nerve-racking? Not that much.

For starters, there seems to be plenty of accommodations in Bangkok so that won't be a problem and secondly, the main goal for this journey is for Tommy and me to do whatever and go wherever we want - simply to be totally free to move around. If we fall in love with a place in let's say Vietnam and we desperately want to stay another two weeks in that city, beach or whatever we want to be able to have that. That's why we don't plan to book several weeks ahead with hotels, Airbnb and buses - because if we do we can't really stay unless we want to lose cash, and let's face it: Who does?

This is also one reason why we're having a hard time to tell people what well do and where we'll go that ask us about our plan. We only have a rough itinerary that consists of what countries we'll visit in what order - no more than that really. Of course, we know what we'd love to do and where we want to go during our travel but we haven't planned it out just for this reason - to be free to do it when we want to, and not just because it was planned long ago.

To be honest we are still deciding how long we want to stay in Bangkok (that's also one reason for not booking yet) before heading down south to tha beaches!!! Omg I long so much after beaches, sun and warm winds - this is going to be amazing.

We've also talked a lot about how we want to travel slow and as environmentally friendly as possible. That means we won't fly as much but instead go by train, buses or other public transport, pack light (like one small bag light), shop and live locally, and also that we'll stay at places for a longer period of time, sometimes even for months to work and to try to have some kind of base which I think we'll need after some months on the road. This journey will be a memory for life, I can't tell you enough how excited I am about this!!


2018-11-27 16:00
Från sarasael

My husband Tommy and I went to Spain this October, where our plan was to ' around southern Spain for 3,5 weeks. We flew to Barcelona from Stockholm with a few days before travelling onwards, and I thought I'd share some of our adventures we had in beautiful Barcelona.

We always stay at Airbnb:s, or preferably anyways, usually because it's way cheaper than hotels etc and you get closer to the locals and the neighbourhood you're at in a way. This time we found an old apartment in the beautiful neighbourhood of El Pablo Sec (highly recommend!), where we had a room with a balcony that was amazing. The apartment had walking distance to a few sights like the beach, La Rambla and Gothic quarters which made it even better as I prefer to walk around rather than taking transports when exploring a city.

Here are some of my favourite sights, vegan eats and other stuff not to miss when in Barcelona:

  • Walk or lite hike up to Plaça de where you'll have a gorgeous view of the city. If lazy you can go up in a mountain cable car from close to the beach!
  • Speaking of the beach.. make sure to make your way down to it. Walk along it and sit down and enjoy the sun at one of benches.
  • Buy your dinner at La Boqueria and cook it at home. They have all sorts of stuff there like fruits and vegetables, freshly baked bread and olives in 1000's etc. If you're not into cooking then have some olives and a beer at one of the bars there, super cosy atmosphere! Go in the evening, when it's less crowded.
  • Go for a free walking tour around town with Sandeman's tours. They have a few to choose from and are always very informative!
  • Get lost in Gothic quarters and marvel about the architecture. Be sure to bring a camera since everything is very photogenic.
  • Have a late dinner falafel from Maoz . You get to choose the topping yourself and it's just too tasty!
  • Drink craft beer at one of craft beer pubs. I have a few to recommend: Ale & Hop where a plus is that they have several vegan dishes to choose from. The burgers are amazing! Barna Brew is another brewery and if you go don't forget to order olives too, they are the best ones I've had in a long time! If you're staying in Pablo Sec be sure to make it to le sec. They sell their own brewed beer from the tap, where the keg is literally over your head. Fresher beer is hard to find!
  • Eat tapas and drink prosecco at any of all the cosy tapas bars.
  • Eat lunch at Vegetalia. They have several branches around the town! All vegan food and several dishes to choose from.
  • If you need to work for a few hours: Café Federal is your place. The chia pudding is out of this world!
  • Gaudií fan? Check out his buildings around the town and definitely go to Sagrada Familia, aware it's really touristy and crowned. If not a big fan that, opt out.
  • Go people watching in Plaça Reial sitting by the fountain.

We also made it Sagrada familia, La Rambla and such but to be honest, it wasn't that much to see. It's really touristy and crowded and I've had time better spent in the city. Worth mentioning is that we didn't go inside Sagrada because of the long queue and money (travelling on a budget!).

So these where some things I think is worth doing in Barcelona. I'm sure I'll have more tips coming to mind so you might expect a Barcelona pt 2. Overall Barcelona is a nice city but the downside is that it's really crowded with tourist and the vibe of the city didn't get to me as some other cities of Spain have done. Still very beautiful especially in the gothic quarters which is my favourite part of Barcelona!

My travel journals

2018-11-25 17:55
Från sarasael

Hi! I'm Sara, an ordinary girl from Sweden who's in the middle of preparing for travels around Asia with my husband Tommy in 2019. Here I'll share our stories, pictures and thoughts from the coming year of travel, and you can also find my portfolio and other stuff if you click around the page.

We decided we wanted to do this journey almost two years ago and the idea came to us when we got home after travelling to Vietnam and Cambodia for 3 weeks. I remember I didn't want that journey to end. Luckily, Tommy and I where on the same page straight away - this is something we need to do again and with no end!

Here in Can tho buying fruits at a floating market.

The same day we decided to take this journey we also decided to save as much money as possible, to make the travels last longer and hopefully make it more . That meant no more new clothes, shoes etc, no more take away coffees, no more eating out every day, no more impulse buying things etc. In the it was really hard, and I struggled a bit, but as time went my thinking shifted.

Fast forward two years and here we are now, almost a month away from travelling unplanned for a whole year. That thought scares me a little sometimes but I also know this is going to be a journey like no other!

I'm so excited, and please come with me!