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the origin / aurora | part two

2019-08-14 16:58

   the origin | part 2



   after the small adventure out, the trio decided to end the evening by getting some ice cream down by the local shop and were now waiting for their orders, while the girl was seated on one of the barstools. the two men looked dangerous next to the smaller girl, which caused anyone to back away or keep their distance automatically, the harsh stares of the guys quite intimidating. aurora found the concept fairly humorous, knowing her two old friends were such scary people to approach and warded off others, despite their harmlessness. 

leaning against the small round table, her hand intertwined with the youngest of the two, aurora found herself spacing out through the window. her eyes strained to the image of how the last strands of sunlight began fading along the horizon. there was a warm hue, red and orange tones spreading thin through with the skies, enchanting anyone who lay their eyes upon the sight. still invested with the beautiful view, aurora barely took notice of how the black-haired man seemed to be watching something else. 

   "here are your sundaes", grasping their attention away from their respective beauties, jihoon having been intently admiring the girl, the younger male removed his hand from her hold with a clear of his throat. 

aurora had been so comfortable with the fact that his touch was on her that she hadn't noticed when they'd even linked hands, but now her cheeks were burning in a shade of pink and she had to remove her eyes from his figure. the other of the two seemed to take notice to the tension between the girl and his team member but decided against wording it and instead, pushed the plate of ice cream over to aurora. 

   "thanks, hosh." 





   soon enough, they were on their way again and now they were taking the car back to the house. after the command of her father, aurora had not been granted with any moments alone and she knew that meant she'd be stuck with at least two bodyguards every time she wanted to leave anywhere. the only thing she disliked about this was the lack of personal space and that the boys usually traded off with one another every few hours, so another pair of boys would be by her side as soon as she got back to the house. 

there was no secret about the fact that aurora had her favorites, especially when it came to her father's men because some were simply just plain boring and a hassle to be around. those boys never let her leave unless granted permission from her father and they'd always have her home way too early, which in itself was such a mood killer. 

undoubtedly, aurora found the two present boys to be her favorite to be stuck with because they felt a lot more at ease around her. at least soonyoung and jihoon never treated her like the princess she was and instead of a normal person, like them and they'd never use honorifics with her because they knew she hated it. to say those two were practically family was an understatement, aurora and aella had practically grown up with several of the boys-- since their father was often too occupied with work. 

a huge downside to the success of their family business was the lack of actual family. the sisters only had each other when it came down to it and their father would barely be in the picture, let alone ever spend a moment alone with the youngest of the two, which did sadden aurora quite a bit. most likely that had been the reason for why she'd grown so close to those that are mainly meant to guard her. 

after all, they're paid for simply doing their job, but aurora still felt they cared more about her than her father ever had. 


after the girl had returned from the small venture she'd gone on, she made her way into her bedroom and stationed herself in the computer room. the screens she used to roll with, to run through systems, hacking things every now and then, she always kept open to the sights of any red flags in the security systems of their family business. 

although aurora often wasn't allowed a chance to truly know the depths of what occurred behind the scenes, she still played somewhat of a vital part to handle the connections between transactions and to assure no one truly knew the secrets they held within their company. even kept from the truest intentions, she was still able to manage the security well and wouldn't even attempt to pry too much, knowing her father would somehow find out about it despite not being knowledgeable in technology. someone always watched her even when she preferred not to.

hearing a knock on the door, aurora swirled in the chair she was seated on and looked over at the person by the doorway, seeing the face of her sister. 

she felt a reluctance to give in to the care of her sister's eyes, as aurora still felt a little bummed out about how aella hadn't wanted to spend much time with her and held onto the stubbornness she had gotten from her father. 

   "what do you want?"

looking away, aurora's eyes strained to the screens in front of her and she mindlessly typed away at the keyboard, working on a new algorithm which she hadn't quite yet perfected to use, to fix the urgent security system breach a little while ago, in hopes that it would be a hint enough for her sister to leave her alone. 

much to her dismay, however, aella made her way into the room, taking a seat on the lounge chairs behind the working space. 

   "rora, i wanted to check up on you", with the way her sister spoke, aurora almost thought it sounded like she was worried about something. something that had yet to come. 

   "i'm fine." 

sighing, the older sister stood from her seat and walked over to the chair the younger was seated on, one of her hands landed on the shoulder of the blonde girl, startling her slightly and forcing her out of the state of mind she had been in. 

giving in to the kind nature of her sister, aurora turned to the brunette and wrapped her arms around her, hiding her face in her sister and hugging her tightly, hoping to ignore the sadness which had seemed to be building inside her for some time. 

ever since the evident cold shoulder from her father, aurora had begun feeling even more neglected and now worried that her sister would also follow in that sense, which is why aurora had attempted to shut out her sister before that could happen. however, her naturally gentle personality worked against her ever doing such a thing and instead, all she could do was fall victim to being weakened by her true emotions.

   "whatever will happen, i'll always be with you." 

the assuring words her sister spoke made aurora smile, aella's hand stroking her head gently and that only proved how the younger sister had been incorrect with her fears that her sister would be abounding her. 

parting from one another, aella's stare connected with the screens in front of them both and aurora also took notice to what her sister was watching. the security cameras picked up on commotion in the main hall, where a few new faces were showing themselves. 

   "aren't those dads bodyguards?", aurora released the grip she had on her sister and moved closer to her desk, typing away at the screen for a moment and zoomed in on the scene playing out. 

with their father nowhere in sight, the four men were clearly there for another purpose and it was surprising to the girls that they'd be away from their father, considering he'd always have those men around. 

without waiting for what the boys would do next, aurora was already out of her seat and to find out what was going on, headed in the direction of the four men, the footsteps of her sister hot on her heel. 

by the time the girls found the men dressed in black uniforms, aurora had taken notice to the messed up state they were in. their worn and bloody clothes were an obvious indication that they'd been in a fight and her mind instantly trained to the worst scenario. 

   "where's my dad?"

the one closest to her, that she vaguely remembered from a few visits to the offices, turned to her, she recognized him as the right-hand man of her fathers, choi seungcheol, and knew he'd always be by her father's side. the only other reason for why he'd be there without the girls' father-... her face dropped, eyes burning with the sudden urge to spill the tears that had swelled in them, her shaky hands fisted by her sides. 

   "where the fuck is my father!?" aurora lurched at the man, her hands clutching to the fabric of his shirt. the sudden surge of strength from her part caused the older male to stumble backward. 

his notably larger hands reached for hers, attempting to steady himself against the hold she had, all the while he struggled to find a way to bear his words. 


whisked away from the older male, aurora was forced back by the hand of her sister and only backed down when the emotions finally struck her, the stare within her fathers' workers eyes enough to tell her what had happened. 

   "i'm sorry, aurora", seungcheol voiced softly, his tone laced with evident regret.

the three other men stood somewhere behind him, silent and unsure how to handle the situation. they too were stale with shock, from what had occurred only a few moments ago, the blood on their hands a painful reminder to what they'd lost. what they would have to face now, with two orphaned girls at their mercy, because they hadn't been enough.




   the origin, part two


the origin / aella

2019-08-13 01:14


Looking at the office walls and patiently waiting for her father to enter the door and inform her why he wanted to have this urgent meeting with her, the thoughts are playing around in her head. Maybe he wants her to take care of an important problem, or receive some shipments. She fiddles with her fingers as her patience slowly drains and she grows more anxious about this meeting by every second that passes.

Finally, the big black door flings open and her fathers figure slips through the door, he doesn't even care to give her a glimpse as she stands up quickly to respectfully bow. Once he sits on his seat he picks up his head and finally faces his daughter who's looking at his expressionless face with wonder and confusion.

"Dad, what is this meeting about? Is there something you need me to take care of?", the young girl still cannot make up her father's state as she sits back down, there's something in his eyes that makes her feel uncomfortable. He takes a deep breath and the look in his eyes have turned from an icy cold glare to a soft and warm greeting.

"Aella, my child, there is something you need to know, I am being targeted." The old mans tone doesn't hint to anger or fear, but more relief and sadness.

The girl just looks at her father in confusion, why is he saying it in that tone? This isn't the first time he's been targeted by a rival gang, he would usually laugh it off and take care of it. This time around things are different, it's as if he's made his peace and he's ready to let go. Trying to open her mouth to express her concerns the girl is interrupted by her father continuing to inform her.

"I need you to take over for me once it's my time to step down, I've never trusted anybody as much as I trust you, whether it's my life or this business you have shown yourself worthy and loyal. You're tougher than me and sure as hell tougher and braver than all of the guys out there, not only that but you're so much smarter than you would like to give yourself credit for. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I am proud of you and the woman you have become and you are more than worthy to sit on this throne."

The girl just stares at her father in disbelief, if this moment wasn't hinting at a more serious note Aella would be jumping out of happiness right now, she's been working her entire life to hear her father say those words but she never could've imagined that him actually saying it would be this unsatisfying and unsettling. Because it seems as if he's ready to step down, actually it's more as if he's ready to die, that's what's so unsettling.

"Dad, as grateful I am for your kind words I would appreciate it if you stopped speaking as if you're ready to leave us. No matter how worthy you think I am, I am not ready to sit on your throne. This is your business, your empire. And I'm not planning on watching you fall alongside it."

The girl gives her father a soft look but the cold tone of her voice tells a different story. She has not been this concerned for a long time, worried that her father might actually be murdered. She has never had to deal with those thoughts because her father is a powerful man and he will always make sure that a threat is eliminated, but now he's ready to be eliminated?

"Aella, this empire will never fall as long as it has you and your sister. That is also another topic we need to discuss, Aurora is in an age now where she is ready to know more about our life and this business. As strong and powerful as I know you are, I also know you need someone trustworthy, loyal and intelligent by your side. To help you evolve this to something even more than what it already is, someone who isn't just incredibly intelligent but tough as nails. What I'm trying to say is that once it's time for me to go, you and Aurora have to take over."

Aella raises her brows in shock, her father surely must be in a good mood to crack up a joke like that. Because if he is serious then that must be the most ridiculous thing she's heard her father say. How can he have Aurora protected from this life her entire life and now he expects her older sister to be okay with letting her join the business and put her in the center of it.

"Dad, I had no idea you had humor. Because that is absolutely hilarious", she lets out a chuckle as her expression stiffens by her father's unhappy glare, it hits her. He is not joking, the old man is being deadly serious as he doesn't even flinch or crack a smile at his daughter who fails to realize the intensity of her father's statement.

"Forgive me for what I am about to say, but are you completely out of your mind?"

She has entertained her father's shenanigans for too long now, he can't seriously be this foolish. Whoever is targeting him most have struck real fear in him, for him to be accepting his own fall and being more than happy with his two daughters to take over for him, his younger daughter is the one who's been kept away from all of this her entire life.

"Do not ridicule me, child, I am still your father. And you will do as I say, whether you like it or not because this is not a joke and it is as serious as it can be."

The girl ran her hand through her dark locks in frustration, this is quite literally unbelievable. She stood up to protest against her father's insanity when there was a knock on the door and without any hesitation, the door flung open and in came this tall stranger with dark hair and boyish looks. If looks could kill that boy would not be standing right now, Aella is not happy to see this stranger just waltz in the room and in the middle of this conversation.

"Uhm- Sir, Miss!", he says with a stuttering voice as his eyes barely leave the marble floors.

"What?! Don't you see we are in the middle of something?"

"Oh, I-, uhh- I'm sorry. But sir, you are needed down at the docks."

The young boy finally looks up at them and gives them a sorry look as Aella let's out a loud sigh clearly stating her annoyance. But before she can tell the boy to scram her father gets up and calmly corrects his suit.

"It's okay Mark, we were just done here. I'll be down in a minute, you just wait for me at the car", her father gives the young guy a soft nod as the boy leaves as fast as he came.

She shakes her head as the old man lets her know that the conversation was over, he did not need to say it with words, the fire in his eyes was enough. Walking down the long hallway she can't help but let her thoughts devour her, but she's quickly snapped out of her head as the sound of Aurora's loud sigh fills the room. The little one makes sure to showcase her annoyance and boredom, the blonde slips off her seat which she's been sitting on and waiting for some time now and faces the older girl and their father.

Is all the old man says before quickly walking away from them. The man barely acknowledges his younger daughter yet he thinks it's a great idea to let her into the business, it's ridiculous.

The younger one threw her hands in the air, as she turned to Aella and silently asked her why father was ignoring her. The confusion was written all over her face, but before the older sister had the chance to reply, the girls were interrupted by the doorbell ringing through the house.
The sisters left the gathering room and started walking down the hallway with the little one leading the way, the girls were a little surprised to see some of the guys their father works with walk through the door. Although it's a sudden house call, it's nothing new and none of the men were unfamiliar as the girls have had these boys around them for a long while. Aella is definitely familiar with them, besides the fact that they are around a lot as protection, a few of them have joined her on business deals and receiving shipment.
   "Why are you here?"
the older girl crossed her arms and gave the group of boys in front of them a harsh stare. She did not even let them start to explain themselves as the previous conversation has left the girl in somewhat of an annoyed state of mind.

The taller one of the men, who were more or less the leader, lets out a chuckle which exposes his deep dimples as he takes a few steps forward, breaking away from the rest.
   "Your father called us, there are some pressing issues at hand. Calls for extra security", the man gives the older girl a slight smile that showcases his deep dimples, he slightly leans towards her as an attempt to use his charms with her.
  "Aella, you're coming to get coffee, right?", the younger girls voice breaks up the tension between Aella and the fella with the dimples. She turns around to face her little sister and gives her an apologetic look.

   "Sorry, Rora, I have some stuff to take care of that have come up", the older sister gives the younger girl a reassuring smile, hoping she'd not feel too saddened at the change of plans.

But it clearly didn't help as the little one turned on her heels and let herself out with two of the boys following her out. Yet again the older girl runs her hand through her hair due to frustration, she lets out a sigh and starts to walk down the hall with fast steps.

"Hey Aella, wait up", she slightly turns around to face the boy that was slightly sprinting towards her. The dimple boy catches up to her and gives her a slight nudge, leaving her head for a little she looks up at him with a questioning look.

"Namjoon, do you know who the person is? The one that's targeting my father", the boy looked a little taken back at her question.

"I was actually trying to see if you were okay, but sure we can talk business. Although I'm sorry, I actually don't know. Mr. Hwang did not give us that much info, he just told us that he's being targeted, and we need to increase security around the house and you and Aurora." he gives her a reassuring look, but it's not very effective since the girl rolls her eyes and lets out loud sigh in annoyance.

"From your reaction, I'm gonna assume that's not what you wanted to hear", she lets out an exasperated sigh as she throws her head back. Why is her father being so low profile about this? Even his men who are supposed to protect him in situations like this don't know anything.

"Let's go, I need to punch something", she picks up the fast pace again and walks down the hall as the anger and frustration build up inside her, she balls a fist as the thoughts of something happening to her father or sister takes over her.

"Okay, stop! What's going on? I've never seen you this worried and on edge." Namjoon grabs her wrist gently and looks at her softly. The two know each other pretty well, they practically grew up together and trained together. There's been a somewhat awkward tension between the two ever since last summer. She shifts uncomfortably as he gets closer to her and leans down slightly to her height, his eyes never leave the girls small figure as she fiddles with her fingers.

"Family and business stuff seem to be coming together and I'm not liking it at all. But please don't ask more, and let's just go train because I need to let some steam off", she tries to push past him only to be pulled back again, with her back against the wall the boy comes closer and slightly tucks her hair away from her face.

"We could do other things to blow off steam you know, fun things." He brushes his lips against her neck, sending shivers down her spine.

"Too bad we don't have time for any of that right now though, I gotta go take care of some business", from standing two inches away from her to walking fast down the hall leaving the girl behind as she shakes her head with a smirk playing on her lips.

'This man really wants to play.'

the origin / aurora

2019-08-07 20:15

the origin| mafia!au





casting glances over to the time on the wall, everything moving slower than usual, hoping that would help speed the process, the girl pressed a small sigh past her parted lips. tugging her jacket closer to herself, she flipped her legs up and rested them against the top of the desk.


tapping her fingers against her own thigh, blowing some stray hairs from her eyes, she was finally happy to be greeted with the sound of people coming down the hallway. that meant only one thing, now would be the time that her father and her sister were finished with their "grown-up" meeting, that she for whatever reason was not allowed to be apart of, despite being well beyond a child.


   "finally", drawing an exasperated sigh from herself, to assure that her boredom came across fully, aurora slipped out of the seat she had been in only prior, to face her two family members.




greeting her shortly, the two girls' father was quick to leave the scene before the youngest of the two was able to voice any of her complaints. 

instead, the blonde one threw her hands in the air, disgruntled at the fact that her father still planned on not sparing her any attention.


turning to her sister, aurora gave the older girl a confused stare, silently asking what the whole 'ignoring her' thing was about but before she was able to put words to her worries, the two were interrupted by the sound of the doorbell ringing through the house. 


drawing the two out of the gathering room, aurora leading the hunt down the hallway, the two girls were surprised to see some of their father's men slipping through the front door when they arrived in the hall. glancing over the men, none of them were unfamiliar to either of the girls, as they had often been surrounded with one too many of their fathers business partners or those that worked directly for him, these faces no different. 


finding herself wandering with her eyes, aurora couldn't help but take in the men who were dressed in all black and looked like they could destroy anyone that came in their way. their expression blank, eyes hardened with some dark shadow, their hairs styled neatly-- she thought they almost looked a little too good to just be members of her fathers dark business. after all, why'd these men look like they were about to walk a fashion show; when aurora fully knew they all carried guns and other weapons to use on unsuspecting victims at command.


one of the shorter males, hair black and slicked back, shifted his stare over to her, causing aurora to quickly avert her eyes elsewhere, playing with the hem of her fancy dress. she knew he was still watching her, the two have a long history of the awkward tension that was currently present, however, it was mainly the girl who found the confusing tension to be bothersome-- after all, the man was a trained killer and barely batted an eye at such mundane things such as doubt.


   "why are you here?"

speaking before they were able to explain themselves, aurora's older sister crossed her arms and gave the group one of her harsh stares.


had they not known the girl was actually a sweetheart deep down, at least in certain times, perhaps she'd be a little more intimidating. one to the tallest men, who were more or less the leader, chuckled and stepped forward a little, breaking away from the rest.


   "your father called us, there are some pressing issues at hand. calls for extra security," speaking as if the youngest girl wasn't there, the man seemed to be almost leaning into the older one and clearly was, attempting, to use his charms on her sister.


rolling her eyes, aurora slipped past the group and ignored how their heads moved as she did, watching her every move. she turned to her older sister, an expectant look to her face.


   "aella, you're coming to get coffee, right?"


slipping her high heels on, aurora flipped her blonde locks over her shoulder, noticing how few of the boys seemed to catch the gesture and find it intriguing, judging by their warm eyes.


only her assigned, personal, bodyguards were already heading out the door with her-- the two having worked alongside the youngest daughter ever since she could remember. they'd met when she was just a kid and practically more or less been partially there to raise her, the two older boys almost like guardian angels to her.


seeing as a bodyguard needs to always be there for their mark, trust would play a big part in any relationship like this and that was why, even when aurora didn't necessarily need someone to accompany her to certain places, she preferred having at least one of the boys with her. they'd basically play it off like they were just close friends at most times, but still, she couldn't help but feel a little infatuated with the way they'd always care for her so deeply, even beyond their mere duties.


   "sorry, rora, i have some stuff to take care of that have come up", looking apologetic, aella gave the younger girl a reassuring smile, hoping she'd not feel too saddened at the change of plans.


sighing, aurora simply looked over at the two boys now in front of her, stepping over the doorframe and letting the door close by itself, not bothering a greeting to her sister due to feeling sour at her decision.


   "i guess it's just us today, boys", slipping her arms in either of theirs, aurora beamed up at the two males, knowing they were a little taken aback by her sudden act of closeness.


   "don't worry, aurora. i'm sure miss hwang will join you next time." sending a playful glare at the older boy, ignoring his adorably bright stare.


   "whatever, soonyoung", giving the male a light push, aurora giggled at the silly thought of how formal these people who worked for her father always was, despite the times they'd spend together.


   "you don't have to call her that, you know."


   "he's just awkward with every girl that isn't you, rory",

jihoon exposing his close friend caused the older one to in turn glare at him, exaggerated anger to his usually happy face.


it was a rare sight to ever find the older male truly angry with any of his partners, but most of the time, despite his serious job, soonyoung would never spare the time of day for any dull moments and would always work to have everyone laughing.


   "let's not forget, he was the most awkward with me when we first met."


chuckling at the memory, both of the boys couldn't help but think that time had been so far away and found themselves happy in the presence of the girl, despite it mainly being their job to spend time with her, even if that was in a sense of protecting herself against the dangers of their dark world around them.


multi | mafia!au

Chapter 8 ~ Lost in confusion

2016-05-10 02:19

I opened my eyes to find myself on a black couch, I let out some grunts as I tried to sit up. I looked around in the room to see Nikki holding a tight grip around Seth's throat, I stirred in confusion and coughed slightly which made Nikki to let go of Seth's throat. And rush over to me. ??"Athena, are you okay?", She asked barely giving me space as she hugged me tightly. I let out a confused laugh as she pulled away. What happened when I was out? Why is she being nice to me now?
?"Did I miss something?", I said slightly while looking at all three of them in turns. ??"Your sister may be small, but she is damn strong when she needs to be", Seth complained and rubbed his sore throat while he sent a glare towards Nikki. She just smiled slightly as I looked at her with confusion.

"We're sisters now are we?", I joked, I honestly feel relieved that she accepts me as her sister. It feels like the weight of the world has been lifted off my shoulders.
?"Let's just say someone got me to a better sense", She admitted and glanced at Richard. I was out for five minutes and she already gets along with "Mr Psycho"? ??"So, what happened to you?", She asked me as she sat down next to me on the couch.

"I don't know, I was just talking to him and suddenly everything was spinning around and I couldn't stand on my feet. The last thing I remember is passing out.", I bite my lip unsure of what happened. I remember falling into Seth's arms and him carrying me down the stairs. But I won't ever say that to anyone, I don't want him to think that I remember that.

"Has this ever happened to you before?", Seth caught my attention as I looked over at him.

"No, not even when I've been shot several times. I don't remember ever passing out before.", they all just looked at me like if i was an alien from Mars.

"So you are telling me, that you have never passed out before?", Seth asked with quite a surprised yet confused expression on his face. I just shook my head as I looked around in the room, I couldn't look at them because they were literally staring at me like if I was some type of freak.

"Like ever?", Richard raised his eyebrows at me as I looked at him with an annoyed look on my face.

"Do y'all have some type of hearing problem? I just said that I never had passed out before. Ever. Now stop looking at me like if I'm a freak of nature, and if u want answers then I'm sorry, I'm just as clueless and confused as you are.", I lashed out, i looked down at my hands that were practically shaking as I let out a deep breath. That was a long sentence, or lash out to be exact.

"Sorry", I heard Seth mumble slightly and quietly, but it was loud enough for us to hear. I just gave him a reassuring smile.

"Am I the only that's starving?", Richard broke the uncomfortable silence, I let out a slight chuckle as I nodded.

"I feel like I could eat a freaking cow", I looked at Nikita and let out a little laugh. She is just as I remember her, awkward yet cute and funny. I never realized how much I have actually missed her. Did dad even know that she was alive?

"Okay, Richard you and blondie can go get some food. I'll look after her.", Seth said with a stern tone in his voice. Richard just nodded, I think he knew that there was no way of talking him self out of it. Nikki looked at me with a look that almost seems like she's asking for my permission. I just nodded with a slight smile.

"Hey lover boy, don't do anything to my sister-", I looked at Richard as he interrupted me.

"Or else you will kill me, I know. Don't worry, I won't do anything to her. I value my life a lot", Richard reassured me as I just shook my head with a smile playing on lips while they left the house and it was only me and Seth left.

"This isn't awkward at all", I said as I looked at Seth for a second to notice that he was actually shirtless. How didn't I notice this before, I looked down at myself to see that I'm actually wearing his shirt. I could feel my cheeks turn red as I looked back up at him, that's when I noticed the tattoo on his arm, I'm actually quite into tattoos and I just find them so fascinating and awesome.

"My eyes are up here", Seth's voiced snapped me back to reality and made me realize I was staring. And it gets more awkward.

"Sorry, your tattoo is quite cool", I said while he just chuckled.

"Yours too", he smirked as I just raised my eyebrow at him, of course he has seen it.

"You're a creep", I rolled my eyes as i rubbed my neck.

"Hey, did you seriously expect me to not look at it. You were practically naked. And no worries, it's only on your thigh... And half of your ass...", I looked at him with wide eyes as he tried to hold himself from laughing. I picked up the pillow from underneath my head and threw it right at his face.

"Shut up", I said as I let out a laugh that was suddenly cut short by me letting out a grunt because of this sudden pain in my neck. I tried to sit up but it only made it worse as I slowly fell off the couch and on the ground, I let out a scream making Seth rush over to my side as he grabbed my arm and lifted me back up on the couch.

"What the hell, what's wrong with you? What just happened?", he asked with panic in his voice.

"Nothing, I'm fine.", I lied hoping he wouldn't notice but I don't think he bought it since I was still in pain and just shivering and shifting on the couch.

"Stop lying to me, you aren't fine. You're cold as ice, and you've turned pale as snow", he said in a rather angry yet worried tone as he grabbed a blanket and threw it over me while stroking my hand with his to make me a bit warmer.

"I'm going to be fine", I said tiredly as my eyes were slowly shutting down again, but I felt Seth's hand grab my face as he pulled my head up.

" no no no, just keep your eyes open. Okay, just try to stay awake. Athena, don't close your eyes.", he held a tight grip of my face but it didn't hurt, he was being gentle and it made me open my eyes to meet his that were staring right at me.

"No need to worry love, it's probably nothing. Hopefully I'm dying.", I smiled as I let out a slight grunt.

"Just stop talking. I'm going to bring more blankets to keep you warm, just whatever you do, don't close your eyes.", he warned me as he slowly puts my head back down on the pillow that he has put back behind me head. I just nod at him and he ran upstairs to get more blankets. I was trying so hard to keep my eyes open, but it was harder than it seemed and for a couple of seconds everything went dark. "Keep your eyes open Athena!" I heard this scream inside of my head making my eyes open. Who is that? Before I could even take a guess of who that was Seth was back with about five blankets in his arm, he rushed down to my side as he put them all gently on me. I could feel myself get calmer and warmer by the minute as I let out a deep breath, letting go of the pain. I just looked at Seth that was sitting by my side with panic and worry in his eyes as he held my hand while stroking it with his thumb.

"Thank you", I managed to say as he let out a breath in relief. His head fell down on my hand as he let out an another breath, I could feel his breath tingling on my hand as I smiled slightly.

"You scared the crap out of me", he shut his eyes as he rubbed his forehead.

"I don't think you would mind me dying.", I joked as he gave me a glare.

"I would mind though", he said with a straight face making me just stare right into his eyes.

"Can you do one thing for me?", I looked at him as he nodded.

"Just name it", he smiled slightly, I could see in his eyes that he was quite tired.

"Don't tell Nikki or Richard about what happened with me right now. Can you promise me that?", he looked at me confused, as he lets go of my hand.

"Why not?", he said in confusion as I let out a sigh.

"I just got Nikki back and I don't want her to worry about me. And I know if you tell your brother, he will tell her. So just please?", he nodded in agreement as he looked at me with a worried look.

"Okay I promise.", he smiled as he his hand rested on my thigh.

"One more thing", he looked up at me with a questioning look.

"Go get some sleep, you look seriously tired. And don't worry about me, unfortunately I'm not dying just yet.", I chuckled as he sent an another glare towards me.

"First of, I'm not leaving your side. And second, don't joke about dying? Oh and thirdly, why do you say 'unfortunately' do you want to die?", he looked at me with worry in his eyes and I could feel how his hands were shaking. Why were they shaking. I just shrugged at his question. I slowly closed my eyes as he rested one of his hands on mine and the other one on my thigh, his head slowly falling down on my lap.

"Don't get too comfortable", I mumbled as he immediately lets go of me and raises his head back up.

"Sorry, I'm just going to put on a shirt", he cleared his throat as he stood up and started to walk up the stairs, I let out a chuckle. Okay, so I like messing around with him. I find it quite amusing and besides he isn't so bad looking so who knows what can happen.

I slowly closed my eyes as, I really needed to sleep actually. It feels like I haven't slept for a decade. I sunk down on the couch and cuddled up to the blanket as I drifted away.

2 Hours later

My eyes shut open and I felt my body flying off of the couch and in a matter of seconds I was standing up and trying to catch my breath. I felt how warm I had become and my head was actually spinning for a second. I looked around to see Nikki, Richard and Seth all looking at me with confused yet chocked eyes.

"Athena, what happened? Are you okay?", Nikki said as she helped me sit back down on the couch, even though I didn't really need help. I was feeling better than before.

"Nothing. Just a dream, actually nightmare. But it's okay, it's a regular one that I have all the time.", I shrugged it off as I put a string of my dark thick hair around my ear.

"What was is it about?", she asked with a soft voice, I could see the concern in her eyes.

"Mom.", I said shortly as I looked down at my hands and then back up at her.

"uh.. Where is the bite mark on your neck?" Suddenly Richard brought our attention to him, I looked at him with a questioning look on my face.

"What are you talking about?", I looked at him and then I gave Seth a confused look.

"When that thing bit you, you had a huge bruise looking bite mark on your neck. And now it's gone", Seth said as he handed me a mirror, wonder where he got the mirror from. I took a look at my neck and they were right, the bite mark was totally gone. Not a scratch on my neck, what the hell is going on.

"What the hell", I looked up at them just as confused as they were.

"Are you one of them?", Richards voice made the whole room go silent, no one was saying anything and all three of them were staring at me for an answer.

I don't even know the answer, am I?


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Chapter 7 - Culebras

2016-03-05 15:00

Chapter 7



Every moment that occurred after was left in a blur, all but a fading memory, barely even existent other than as a thought. The bar was left in chaos, these things came out from the darkness, all of us backed up towards the exits. I was brought back into reality and out of my thoughts when Athena pulled at me.

"We need to go", her voice echoed through my ears but barely registered into my mind. I followed her, still shocked of the sudden outburst, which made me more or less paralysed.

Richard and Seth set off after us and soon we all stood cramped in the corner of the locked front door. My heart was racing in my chest whilst observing the situation between Seth and Athena; my obliged sister.

I was left to think the situation out, although it seemed much to complicated, what were those things? Sure enough, they had fangs, which pointed toward one simple explanation - in fact, it would be rather irrational to not expect something like a vampire. Because after all, always expect the unexpected, that's what my uncle always told me.

The sudden roar of something from the back brought my attention over to the creatures, they seemed all to have lost interest in whatever was at the back, more now so; they had their sights upon us all.

"Guys.. we have a problem", I mumbled barely audible but they all seemed to register my words.

The situation accelerated roughly, blood and bullets flew at all directions, I did my best to keep behind the three of them. But another one of those creatures brought me down onto the floor, which caused me to let out a scream.
The thing hovered over me, fangs out and ready to strike at any given moment, I shut my eyes tightly while covering my face. But the impact never came and a weight was lifted from me with a sharp sound. I opened my eyes to see Richie standing closely to me, he had some sort of knife like object in his hand, there was dust beneath his feat.

"You okay there, sweetheart?", Richie let a grin form on his lips but I saw the distanced concern in his eyes while he reached a hand out for me. I grabbed it, without a word spoken and let out a small breath.

"Thanks", I managed while Athena and Seth came up to us both. I felt my mind race, almost spin, this didn't make any sense; why was this all happening?
Wasn't it enough for me to be reunited with my so called sister after years - it had to be during some sort of feeding ground? I felt chills run up my spine and had to rush my hands through my hair to brush away the thoughts.

"Hey.. are you okay?", Athena's voice brought me back into sanity.


"I don't know. I don't know what's going on here or what those things are and what that dude from earlier was talking about and I don't know if I'm okay right now. I just don't know!", I rambled loudly without letting myself even breath. I let out a short huff, something resembling a laugh, but there was no emotion; no clarity; just emptiness. Richard let his stare fall upon me in a light way, there laid recognition in his eyes for a moment.

"Okay, relax. It's all good, just take a breath and sit down", Athena spoke calmly but her eyes showed all but calmness. Her hand landed on my shoulder gently but I tensed instantly; which caused her to take it off immediately. I distantly walked over to a seat and sat down silently.

20 minutes later

We were sat back in safety in the Gecko brothers car, Athena, Seth and Richard were all drained from head to toe with blood, fortunately I managed to keep myself away as much as possible. The air inside the car smelt of dried up blood from those creatures. It made me sick. I kept myself quiet and stared dreamingly through the window away at the bright daylight.

The others started up a conversation, but I had since the start tuned out, I couldn't deal with much more of this now. It just made me want to jump out the speeding car. I closed my eyes and let myself slowly drift off into some sort of rest; but I could still hear the chattering that went around in  the car between them all.

"Culebras. They are almost like vampires, except they are more snakelike than bats. The dancer girl, she's called 'Santanico Pandemonium', she's like their queen", Athena said even as she had no idea what she was saying herself. I opened my eyes and looked at her strangely confused.

"So you knew what they were? Wait, how do you know?", Seth questioned just as confused as the rest of us. Athena looked rather uncomfortable with all of our stares on her.

"Believe it or not, I don't know how I knew all of that", she admitted and shook her head slightly.

1 hour later

When we finally pulled up into the parking lot of a motel, I felt myself yawn, we then went into the motel. The man behind the desk stared at us, clearly startled and scared of our appearance. Athena, I and Seth awaited for Richard to return as he went up to the desk to get us rooms.

"You got us rooms?", Seth asked his brother.

"Better. The dude was so scared he gave us the key to a little villa just down the road. We are getting the beach view!", Richard declared with triumphing grin and a slight chuckle.

"Looks like we are on vacation", Athena said and opened the car door again. I followed her moves and slid into the car. I started playing with my fingers, not certain of why, but there was some confusion in the air around us.

"So... The Falkov sisters?", Seth started which instantly caught my attention; my head snapped up right when Athena was about to say something and the words poured out of my mouth.

"She is not my sister. My sister died when I was just a kid", I stated harsly but knew I shouldn?t have, the look that came across Athena's face made me want to take it all back. The car ride fell back into silence right away and I let out a short sigh before rubbing my temples with the use of my hands to rid of the headache that had occurred.


We arrived up at the villa only 10 minutes later, it looked amazing! You could see the light blue waves across the waters just a few meters away from the house; the fresh smell of the ocean struck my nose as I exited the vehicle and a small smile let itself onto my lips.

The others rushed over to the house but I stayed for a while, enjoying the moment and letting my mind at ease in the light calming winds around the area. I made my way slowly across the beach, the sand covering my converse as I walked, this place was peaceful. I could stay here for forever if I so had to. I walked closer to the waves, the sound of them hitting few rocks by one side brought me back a familiar feeling; had I been here before?

"Hey, gorgeous", someone spoke from behind me, although without turning around I could tell it was Richie. Soon enough, his frame came into view and I hinted a small smile upon his lips. We stood there for a while, silence between us, the only thing heard were the continuous crashing of the waves. But it felt comfortable. All until I remember all of the stuff we had gone through; the kiss.

"Hey, I just wanted to thank you, for you know saving my ass back there", I turned to him slightly with a unsure smile on my face. I didn't know what I felt at that moment, but something in his eyes when he looked at me made me feel safe.

"It's fine, anytime", Richie nodded with a serious tone. That was more of the man that I knew. Even when I didn't actually know him. But I knew he cared about his brother and would basically do anything for him; same for Seth. So why did their relationship bug me the slightest? Was it because I had dismissed the thought of having my sister back?

"Nikki?", Richie's voice broke through my thoughts and made me look at him; he stared at me with confusion and concern.

"Yeah, I'm fine", I mumbled and looked over at the ocean once more to try and hide away from his beautiful eyes.

"What's going on?", he asked and stepped closer which forced me, again, to look at him. I gave him my very best fake smile and shook my head; to confirm everything was alright, but unfortunately he didn't seem to buy it and placed a hand on my arm.

"You can tell me", he assured with a calming tone. I looked into his eyes, the sun shone across his face; which made his blue eyes glow even further under his framed glasses. They studied me intensely, clearly looking for a way into my head, he was desperate to know my mind; just as I was desperate to know his.

"The truth is.. I'm scared, scared that the girl inside there really is my sister, the sister I lost so long ago and that our father kept from me and me from her. I just don't understand why he would do that.. why would anyone keep us apart? I just don't understand", I breathed and felt the tears burn at the brink of my eyes; threatening to spill at any given moment.


Richard stood in silence, his arm still placed upon my arm, a gentle look crossed his face. He seemed to take in all of my words; unravelling them in his own mind; understanding them and making a conclusion to himself. He took a brief pause before he looked into my eyes again.

"I can't answer all of your questions, but what I do know from my own taking of this situation is that your father wouldn't have kept you two apart unless it was important", he said with a soft tone; a sweet smile came over his lips, one that I was yet to know before. I knew he was right.

We stood in silence once more and his hand had left mine while we both admired the view in front of us - it was certainly breathtaking.

"Thank you, Richard", I gently spoke which brought his eyes over to mine again.

"Anytime, sweetheart", he grinned and we both laughed lightly. It was real.


Richard and I walked back up the stairs towards the small villa a while after when the sun had started to fade upon the soon dark skies. Richard opened the door for me and I smiled while we stepped into the warmth. I slipped off my shoes and walked into the living room to find Athena laid onto a couch and Seth by her side. She looked pale.

"What's going on? Is she okay?", I asked hurriedly and rushed over to her. Seth looked at his brother and they shared some sort of thought. I didn't bother it and bent down to Athena and grabbed onto her hand softly. I felt the guilt rip inside me.

"She passed out at a sudden, I'm not sure what happened", Seth stood up from where he had sat next to Athena and I felt a tear slip from my eyes as I looked at her. Her hands were cold.

"Athena", I mumbled softly trying to shake her slightly, to no avail Athena laid just as still, her chest rising and lowering in the slightest of ways; almost like she was peacefully asleep. I looked over at the two brothers who were speaking in hushed voices. I let go of Athena, stood up and practically ran across the room while I pushed Seth against the wall roughly; the rare rage inside me bubbling up and through my veins.

"What the hell did you do to her?", I practically shouted and pressed him further into the wall; Seth stared clearly shocked at me and at a loss of words. Sure, I wasn't one to lash out easily, but when I did; it was said to be rather bad.

"I didn't do anything to her, I told you!", Seth snapped back while trying to get out of my grip, but I had my hand around a very sensitive spot around his neck; which at the right amount of pressure would send him to the floor.

"Hey, calm down Nikita", Richie tried from beside us but he barely dared to touch me when I sent him an unrecognisable glare. We were all interrupted by grunts that came from the couch, Athena stirred in confusion and coughed slightly which made me drop my grip around Seth's throat.

"Athena, are you okay?", I asked barely giving her space as I hugged her tightly. She let out a confused laugh and I pulled away. 

"Did I miss something?", Athena looked at all of us in turns and I smiled gently at her.

"Your sister may be small, but she is damn strong when she needs to be", Seth complained and rubbed his sore throat while he sent a glare my way. I let a innocent smile onto my lips and Athena looked at me confused.


"We're sisters now are we?", she joked and I felt embarrassed.

"Let's just say someone got me to a better sense", I admitted and glanced at Richard who seemed occupied with his brother once more but I could see his slight grin.

"So, what happened to you?", I asked Athena and sat down next to her on the couch.


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Chapter 6 ~ I'm not talking

2016-03-02 02:48

"It looks like we have something extra special for tonights show", the ugly dude from earlier said and two light turned on from above and shone straight on me and Nikki. I looked around confused as to what was about to happen, I looked at Nikki and she was just as confused as me, the anticipation grew amongst the crowd as they all stared at us.

"The Falkov sisters!", he shouted and the room went dead silent. My breathing stopped and I just stared right at Nikki. This wasn't how I wanted to tell her, but the question remains. How do they know who we are? All of the business men stared at us with something in their eyes. The entire room was silent, there was nothing there but tension and everyone's eyes were on me and Nikita. Even Seth and Richard looked chocked.

My attention suddenly got placed on the guy that was holding my arm, his grip loosened a bit and I looked at him for a second to see him staring right at me and I could see how pale he has became it almost looks like if he has seen a ghost. Or worse. All of sudden all the doors and windows got locked and I looked up to see all of the business men get out of the bar. That's when everyone started panicking as they all sat up from their seats and looked around among themselves searching for answers as to what was happening. But then music started blasting from a corner and this Mexican looking rock band started playing and the lights were off of me and Nikita and it started shining on stage, a half naked girl walks out with a snake around her and I just stare at her. She looks so freakishly familiar, I know I have seen her somewhere. She started dancing to the beat and every guy in the room stared at her like a bunch of hungry sharks, I couldn't stop staring at her. All of sudden the sound of a fired gun caught everyone's attention and I looked around to see where it was coming from, and I saw the ranger. The one I shot earlier, how is he still standing? But he didn't shoot at me, he shot at Richard and I guess he missed since Richard was still standing tall and fair. All of sudden the girl on the stage started running towards them, I stared at her as her eyes turned yellow and her skin started to look like snake scales. Everyone were in shock and suddenly a voice in my head started yelling
"get yourself out of here". I grabbed the dude that was holding me and kicked him straight were the sun shines and he crumbled to the floor. I ran towards Nikki that was still frozen and I grabbed her arm gently as I gave her slight smile.

"We need to go", she snapped back to reality and nodded at me as we ran towards the exit door. I pushed the door but it wouldn't open and I tried pulling it but nothing helped. I pulled out my gun to shoot it when someone put their hand on mine.

"There is no use, the door is badly locked. There is no way of opening it, so don't waste your bullets", I looked at Seth with a glare as I put down my gun. Richie was standing behind Nikki and we all just looked at each other with confusion.

"Then how the hell are we supposed to get out of here?", I snapped as I looked at Seth and Richard with annoyance and anger written all over my face.

"Guys... We got a big problem", Nikki spoke from the back and we all looked at her with confusion, we followed her eyes and that's when we saw these bizarre looking creatures. They were basically eating the people inside the bar, it was blood flying everywhere and and I saw how the ranger was thrown into a wall by the dancer girl. For just a "normal" girl she sure is strong as hell. Suddenly four of the creatures looked at us and they started running towards us in full speed, I looked at Seth and Richard as we all took our guns and started shooting, but nothing stopped them.

"What the hell are these things?", Seth shouted as we were shooting, but it didn't help much since they got closer and closer. Suddenly I get attacked by one of them and I fall in my back dropping my gun. The "thing" was so close to my face and I can swear I saw fangs, and scales all over her. I held my elbow at her throat and tried to push her off of me.

"You seem tasty, Falkov.", she kept coming closer and closer to my neck.

"You are one ugly bitch", I kicked her off of me and I stood up looking a round to find Nikki, one of those "things" we're on top of her, I grabbed my gun and started shooting at it to get its attention. And I guess I succeeded because before I even could blink the creature that at first looked like a girl was now in front of me and was pushing me up against the wall. I let out a loud agonizing scream as she sunk her fangs into my neck.

"Need some help", I heard Seth's speak behind her as he stabbed her with a knife and it went right through her chest, she screamed loudly and in a matter of seconds she turned into dust. Me and Seth looked at each other with a shock written all over our faces.

"What the hell are they?", I looked at him as my eyes widened, did that seriously happen?

"I can't believe I'm actually saying this and it actually makes sense to me. But I'm gonna go and guess they are vampires.", he spoke and I just looked at him with no emotion on my face. I just stared at him blankly while holding my neck since it was bleeding a little because of that 'thing' that bit me.

"You can't be serious? Vampires? Really? This isn't twilight.", I shook my head as I took my gun up from the ground.

"They have fangs and they are fast as hell and plus they die when u stab them in the heart. You got any other suggestion of what that could be?", he came closer to me, as I glared right at me like if I had offended his great ancestors.

"If that's a freaking vampire, does it mean I'm going to turn all vampy on everyone?", I said with amusement in my voice.

"Does it look like I'm a vampire expert?", he walked back to Richie as I walked up to Nikki.

"Hey... Are you okay?", I asked her unsure, I didn't know what more to tell her. I mean she just found out who she is and who I am to her. I'm not sure if she is taking it well.

"I don't know. I don't know what's going on here or what those things are and what that dude from earlier was talking about and I don't know if I'm okay right now. I just don't know!", she is talking so fast I think she might pass out.

"Okay, relax. It's all good, just take a breath and sit down.", I put my hand on her shoulder and I could feel how tense she got. I immediately took my hand away as she slowly sat down while taking some deep breaths.

20 minutes later ...

By now I was covered in so much blood you couldn't even tell if I was even human. Just cutting through those 'vampires' and using a damn chainsaw to tore them apart just covered me in their filthy and disgusting blood. We have killed about 15 or 20 of those things and I don't think any of us could go any further, none of us had energy left. Suddenly the sun was shining through the window and we heard the doors magically unlock. I looked around at Seth, Richard and Nikki as we all immediately ran towards the door, Richard and Seth pushed the doors open and we all ran towards the car. Seth opened the car doors and we all jumped in as he hit the gas pedal. I looked around at everyone in the car, Richard, Seth and me we were all covered in any type of blood by now. While Nikki only looked like someone might've accidentally bled on her, I didn't mind that. Because I don't want her to turn out like me, someone who has no trouble shooting or killing others.

"I need a damn shower", I groaned as I laid back on the car seat slowly closing my eyes.

"I think we all do", Richard said from the front as he let out a sigh.

"how about we talk about what the hell those things were back there", I opened my eyes and looked next to me at Nikki, and then I looked at Seth through the mirror.

"I don't think any of us knows-", Seth started but suddenly I heard my own voice interrupting him.

"Culebras. They are almost like vampires, except they are more snake like than bats. The dancer girl, she's called 'Santanico Pandemonium', she's like their queen.", was I the one saying that? It felt like someone else was talking for me and suddenly I was back up again. Everyone looked at me with wide eyes and question marks written all over their faces.

"So you knew what they were? Wait how do you know?...", Seth asked while looking at me trough the mirror. But I really don't know how I knew that.

"Believe it or not, I don't know how I knew all of that.", I said unsure as they all gave me a strange look, I just shook my head slight in confusion as I looked outside the window.

1 hour later ...

We finally arrived at a motel and we all stepped out of the car, as we entered the motel the guy at the desk looked at us with fear in his eyes as he gulped. I don't blame him, four people that are covered in blood just walked into his hotel and he probably thinks we are serial killers. I guess we kinda are. We stood behind as Richard went up to the desk to get us a room that was big enough for all of us. After a few minutes of Spanish talking he came back with a key and I just let out a breath in relief. I was gonna take a shower soon.

"You got us rooms?", Seth asked Richard as Richard gave me a slight smirk.

"Better. The dude was so scared he just gave us the key to a little villa that's just down the road. We are getting the beach view", he chuckled slightly as we walked out. A villa? Even better.

"Looks like we are on vacation", I said as I opened the car door and sat back in the car with Nikki by my side.

"So.. The Falkov sisters?", Seth started and just like that the air was full of tension, as I went to open my mouth I got interrupted by Nikki.

"She is not my sister. My sister died when I was a kid.", I just stared at her long and hard, why would she say that? I'm sitting right next to her, does she not believe it or is she ashamed to call me her sister? I just looked outside the window as I tried to control my emotions like I usually do.

We arrived at the villa after ten minutes of driving and no lies, it looked amazing. We were right next to the beach and it almost looked like we were in a movie.

"this is what I'm talking about Rich!", Seth said with excitement as I let out a little laugh.

"I got dibs on the shower", I said as I immediately ran into the house as Richard opened the door. I started to look for the bathroom and the shower. I need to get out of these cloths asap. I final found the bathroom but unfortunately Seth was already standing at the door.

"Too slow", he smirked as I rolled my eyes at him.

"I ain't in the mood for this, so just get the hell out.", I shook my head as I walked up to him.

"Make me", he smirked again, oh how much I want to slap that smirk off his face. I grabbed him by the arm to drag him out but he just grabbed me hard and pushed my against the door as he came real close to my face with a spark in his eyes and smile playing on his lips. He came closer and closer, he pushed a bit of my hair away from my face and tucked it behind my ear, he came close to my ear and whispered.

"It so fun having you around right now", I felt a shiver go through my body as he lets me go and starts walking down the stairs.

"Why?", I said behind him as he lets out a laugh.

"You're fun to mess with", he laughed as he walked down the stairs, I just shook my head with a slight smile. So he want to play games? I like games.

I closed the bathroom door behind me and locked it, I put on the hot water and I started to take of my bloody cloths. I looked into one of the drawers and thankfully there were towels in there so I just took one out and put on a hook. I stepped into the shower the hot water hit my back and I felt relaxation come over me as I let out a deep breath. This is exactly what I need right now after the longest and weirdest week ever. I closed my eyes as the water ran down from the top of my head, but that's when I heard the voice again.

'Athena...' I looked around to see if there was anyone in the bathroom but there was no one there, the voice was coming from the inside of my head. Who is that? Why is that voice so similar? I snapped out of my thoughts as I ran my hand through my wet hair, but there was one thing I couldn't stop thinking about. Why would Nikki say what she said in the car? I couldn't help but get emotional, the sister I finally found again after believing she was dead for all these years didn't want me as a sister. Even though I was in the shower and already wet I could feel a tear escape my eye and slowly go down my face. I close my eyes and let out a deep breath, I need to control myself. I can't let things get to me, that's what dad taught me.

After almost an hour I was finally done showering and honestly I feel like a burden was lifted off my shoulders, that's how relaxed I felt. I remembered that my clothes were in the trunk so just shrugged and wrapped a towel around me as I stepped out of the bathroom, yet again I was face to face with Seth. Why is he standing outside of the bathroom?

"Waiting for some magical fairy to pop out of the toilet or what?", I said sarcastically as he rolled his eyes at me. But I noticed how his eyes started to take in every inch of my body, he looked at me from head to toe as water was dripping down from my hair. And I swear I could see him bite his lip for a second.

" so what's with you and your sister?", I looked at him as I my smirk dropped, I just looked down for a minute before looking back at him.

"You heard her, I'm not her sis-", I grabbed onto Seth's arm as I almost fell backwards, suddenly my head was spinning around and I couldn't hear Seth clearly, it almost sounded like if his voice was echoing.

"Wow... You okay?", he looks me in the eyes as he helps me to maintain my balance.

"Yeah I'm fine", I lied, my head was spinning and I honestly could see three Seth's talking in front of me.

"You sure? Because you look like you are about to pass out.", he holds unto my arm slightly as he looks at me with slight concern in his eyes.

"Yeah, I'm sure-", I almost loose my balance again but Seth's holds onto me tight so don't fall backwards.

"You know, you're probably right. I'm going to pass out.", and just like that I fell down to the floor as everything went dark and Seth's voice faded.

Am I dying?...


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Chapter 5 - The Bar

2016-01-16 16:51


We sat cramped in the Geckos car, Athena was on my left with her hands tied together in her lap, which was for safety measures according to Seth, the day was winding to an end as we traveled across the landscape. The unsettling mood of silence was swiftly suffocated by the radio, there was some type of tune which filled the car, although my mind was settled on millions of thoughts.

Why would they need to get to Mexico?

Perhaps another job awaited them; or this would be their escape away from the stirred up madness caused, of course leaving the country wouldn't bury the issue, more rather increase it. The Geckos certainly lived up to their name, especially now, this wouldn't die down very easily.

What does bug me though, why would they need us?

I scribbled down the thoughts into my notebook and glanced up just to see Richie watching me with intense eyes through the rearview mirror.

Who am I? Who is Athena? We are connected, that is a certainty, but is she my long lost sister? She must be. The why do I get the overwhelming feeling that this situation is all wrong?

1 hour earlier, The Hotel

I was running up the staircase that would lead me to the rooms upstairs, somehow I had managed to get away from Mr Crazy himself, although I had a feeling he wasn't far behind. There was another two pairs of footsteps in front and I almost ran straight into Athena and Seth.

"Nikki, are you okay? Did he hurt you?", Athena asked while worriedly examining my face.

"Uh, no, he didn't, I sort of managed to escape by pushing him into the pool", I said simply trying to explain myself while a smile covered my lips.

"Now that you guys are done talking, how about you start walking with us or I will kill the both of you. Slowly and painfully", a angered voice spoke behind me, I knew it was Richie.

"Why should I take orders from a washed up rat?", Athena spat with a smile on her lips. But her smile faded when a gun was pointed to her head, it was Seth.

"You talk too much sweetheart, just start walking", Seth said. Before I could do anything Richie grabbed a hold of my upper arm and started to drag me after Seth and Athena.

They took us to their hotel room and quite literally pushed us inside, not really carefully either, I slumped down on the bed in silence.

"Well aren't y'all bunch of sunshines", Athena muttered in a joking tone.

"You know you talk too much", Seth said in an annoyed tone and once again Athena smiled.

"Okay, am I the only wondering what the hell I'm doing here?", I let my words slip and everyone looked at me, Athena smiled slightly at me.

"You girls are going to be our ticket to Mexico", Richie explained simply. Athena let out a laugh. I had to agree with her expression, are they out of their minds?

"What? Did you find something funny?", Seth glared at her.

"Yeah, the fact that your brother is a whole other level of crazy", she said and looked at them both. Practically in the speed of lightning she was pushed against the wall with Seth just inches away from her face, he glared right into her eyes.

"I am for once not in the mood for jokes. And for the fact that you shot my brother and hit me in head with a gun and also attacking me at the shop earlier makes me want to kill you slowly and painfully. So how about you shut the hell up", Seth warned with a dangerous tone. It looked like he was making it hard for her to breath. I held my breath.

"I guess what the say is true, the Geckos are very temperamental", she managed to say and pushed him away.

"You are supposed to be the brain but it looks like you have derailed. And you are supposed to be the street smart one, but all I've seen so far is how much you guys have been fucking shit up. Starting with the fact you killed a ranger, which means the entire state is currently looking for you two. As we speak", Athena barked and rubbed her throat. She knew awfully lot about them.

"Whoever you are, they are probably looking for you too. Since you shot a ranger, three times", Seth reminded her. Odd.

"Look, I can help you both get in and out of Mexico without a problem. You just have to do something for me first?, Athena continued like nothing.

"We don't do favours for-", Seth started but got interrupted by Richard.

"What do you want?", he looked at Athena with serious eyes.

"You let her go and I get my damn car back", they both looked at her with raised eyebrows, Athena glanced my way for a second and I nervously played with my fingers to try and stay calm. I barely noticed what they were doing and stared into the distance.

"Sorry can't do that, we need the both of you. But you can get your car back, it's in the parking at the back. Seth liked it and decided to take it with him. I guess that's one good thing out of this", Richard stated as he sat on of the chairs in the room, Seth mouthed something to him but I didn't pay attention as to what. Suddenly my mind snapped.

"Why do you need me? I swear I won't tell anyone about you guys, and I promise you I'm no good use for you", I felt the words flow out of my mouth like fluid, my eyes scanned around in the room, furiously my mind kept going blank with any means of escape.

"Well we can't be a bunch of happy couples without you can we?", Seth smiled sarcastically.

"We can't let you go. We need you for our plan and besides, that ranger she shot. He did see you run away with her which means they are after her and you. Since they probably think you are helping the suspect", Richard explained with an empathic expression.

"I guess we are all going to Mexico", Athena stated after a while of silence.

Present Time

"So, let's say for arguments sake that we do make it to Mexico, what will you do with us there?", I questioned and leaned forward in the leather seat. Athena glanced at me with worried eyes, perhaps she was worried I would ask the wrong questions, but I know what I'm doing.

Richard and Seth shared a look, almost as if they were speaking soundlessly, but then Richard looked at me once more. There was a spark of interest in his eyes that glimmered when his eyes met mine. Even the worlds thorough evaluation of this man wouldn't explain what his mind consisted of. That was simple knowledge.

"We will get there, you will come with us", Richie answered calmly, but I could tell there was something burrowed in his voice, like a hidden agenda. I hear a second voice behind his tongue somehow.

Richard set me free.

Am I going crazy?

I took a deep breath and broke the eye contact hurriedly while scribbling the words into my book again. They're going to Mexico, so save someone, but who? A woman.

A sudden wave of heat wash over me, the sweat start to form at the line of my hair and it gets really warm. The anxiety set through my bones and I dropped the book suddenly, that's always how it starts, the hands. My hands start to tremble and shake violently. Athena notice and I know she was worried.

"Nikita, are you okay?", she asked softly. I bit my bottom lip and intertwined both of my hands so the shaking would die down. But it didn?t help and the trouble breathing started to erupt from the bottom of my lungs. I reached for my jacket pocket and tried my best to unzip the pocket.

The familiar whispers started. I could never tell what they said.

"Nikita", I heard, someone shouted, I could no longer tell who while focusing fully on getting my meds out. The car slowed down, someone opened a door, I pushed my hair out of my sweaty face with a unsteady hand and finally managed to get the zip open.

The whispers became louder.

"Nikita!", someone shouted again. I grabbed the small orange bottle and popped it open while getting two pills and practically shoving them into my mouth. I swallowed and pressed my back against the car seat. The whispers died down and my heartbeat had steadied inside my ribcage.

First now I felt the hands on each of my shoulders. I opened my eyes, knowing the drugs had stored me back to reality. Athena looked horrified, scared for me, her restraints had loosened. Richards hands slowly lifted from my shoulders. He stood silently in front of the car seat I sat in.

"Are you okay?", he asked still with worried eyes. I nod shortly.

"What the hell was that?", Seth asked strangely confused.

"Get these stupid things off my hands!", Athena demanded loudly, Richie cut her loose and she instantly reached for me. Her hands landed on mine and her eyes looked more sad than ever.

I knew I would have to explain this. But how do you explain insanity to someone who isn't insane?

"I'm fine, can we just-, please, just go", I plead in a small voice. I can't bring this up now. There was a long silence but finally Richie went back to his seat. The car filled with thick silence. But more out of respect. Seth started up the car and the engine roared.

Soon we had started up toward Mexico once more.

"Nikki, you don't have to tell me everything, but..", Athena said in a low tone just for me to hear. She stopped herself and glanced at me. We had sat in my corner of the backseat for a good while.

"It's okay", I answered more willingly and smiled.

"I get these attacks sometimes, they started after the fire, the doctors say I'm traumatised, the pills help a lot", I tried explaining as simple as possible without bringing up too much of the things that happened. Athena smiled sympathetically.

"Thank you, for telling me", she said and squeezed the one of my hands she was holding. I nodded and shared her smile. I knew she cared, but some things are truly better left unsaid.

The moment was interrupted when the car stopped.

"Here we are", Seth informed. I looked out the window to see some type of bar, there were bikers outside, something told me that this wasn't everything it looked to be. Me and Athena shared a look. The door was opened, Richie opened my door for me, I stepped out.

"Thanks", I smiled slightly and he smiled back. I pulled on my jacket and felt awfully uncomfortable in the clothes I was wearing, shorts and a tanktop. Not the best.

Athena grabbed my hand and we walked after the brothers up to the doors. There was a man at the top of the stairs shouting stuff about beautiful women being inside. Oh. It was that kind of club. He stopped when he saw the group of us.

"Step inside Gentlemen for all the best women", he said with big gestures toward the bar/club behind him. I raised my eyebrows at the place and knew Athena thought weirdly about the place as well. Seth was about to answer when the man interrupted.

"Oh, theres going to be something special on the menu tonight!", he shouted referring to me and Athena. I looked up at him with confused eyes.

"No. They're not going to be on any type of menu!", Seth practically shouted and surprised the both of us as he pushed past the man. Richard followed and very noticeably glared at the man when he passed him. I looked over at Athena but she only went after the brothers and brought me with her.

Inside the bar there were many various types of people, from very lightly dressed women to weird hillbillies and more sophisticated business men. Although those men sat behind the mass of others on the dance floors.

The music inside was loud, tacky, which only made the unsettling feeling of something wrong grow inside my chest. Athena seemed to share my worries as she looked around at all of the people. It seemed strange.

What is this place really?

The only bar for miles and it would be everything a man would desire. That is definitely strange. Athena pulled my hand slightly and nodded towards the business men.

"What do you think their deal is?", she asked with squinted eyes. I looked at them and noticed one of them with dark hair and facial hair was staring straight at us. The man leaned over to another one in a bluer suit and whispered something.

"The owner and business partners?", I guessed and she nodded thoughtfully. I kept my eyes on the men and knew they were observant of us. There laid almost a recognition in the man's eyes, who I presumed to be the owner, when he looked at us.

"Weird", I muttered mostly for myself.

"Where did Seth and Richie go?", Athena asked over the blasting music. I searched the area and saw one of their heads over at the bar. I nodded towards there and knew it was Seth.

"I'll go talk to him, see if you can find Richie", she informed and disappeared in the sea of many people before I could protest.

"Right. Leave the anxious one all by herself in a room full of drunk strangers", I muttered for myself again and started moving though the crowd. Oh how I hate crowds. I felt myself getting warmer and pulled my jacket off and tied it around my waist.

I looked behind me up to where all the business men sat but didn't see the owner. I shrugged it off and turned around but suddenly crashed into someone. I looked up as I stumbled slightly backwards. It was the man who I had made out to be the owner. Although he didn?t look very surprised at all.

"I'm sorry, I didn't look where I was going", I apologised hurriedly and tried to walk past him.

"Don't worry, that was my fault", he spoke in some type of calmness. It was almost like he was using his voice to burst through the walls of my mind. Like manipulation.

"I'm just gonna go", I said again and something in his eyes flashed, he was surprised, perhaps that kind of thing usually worked his way. I went past him and could feel his stare on me all the way to the other side of the bar.

"Okay, that was weird..", I mumbled and walked into another room.

In there sat Richard, he had one of the girls dancing, or more like grinding, in front of him. I cleared my throat and scratched the back of my head. Richard looked at me and dismissed the woman.

"Nikita", he started but I interrupted him.

"You don't have to explain yourself Richie", I assured with a small smile, he nodded.

"I was just wondering what we're supposed to do here and Athena told me to go talk to you", I explained myself with way too many fast words. Why was I nervous? Richard let out a short chuckle but waved me over.

"Seth and me are here for a deal, the man who owns this place, Carlos, is in business with us", Richard informed and I sat down next to him.


There it was again. The voice behind his. His facial expression switched, like he had heard the voice too. Suddenly his eyes glimmered when he looked at mine. Before I even knew the word of it the space between us had subsided. Our lips were inches apart.

Set me free.

And his lips brushed against mine in the lightest of kisses. But it was filled with emotion. Almost like electricity. The kiss made us lean forward into each other but before anything else happened I snapped myself out of it. Richard stared wide eyed at me, he must have been as chocked as me, I stood up and left the room hurriedly.

Why did that happened? Oh, why did I do that?

"So stupid", I muttered for myself and rushed a hand through my blonde hair. I need to find Athena and we need to get out of here. There is something strangely wrong with this place. I just don't know what.

"And where are you going missy?", someone said and brought my attention into the crowd. There stood Athena with some weird creep holding onto her arm which kept her there. I went up to them just as Athena was about to beat the man down. But before we managed to do anything else the lights turned onto the stage.

"This is the moment we have all been waiting for", spoke the guy who had been outside before. We all turned our heads towards the stage. But before he could continue, the man who owned the place, Carlos, waved him over. They exchanged words shortly.

"It looks like we have something extra special for tonights show", he said and two light turned on from above and shone straight onto me and Athena. We shared a confused stare and the anticipation grew amongst the crowd as they all stared at us.

"The Falkov sisters!", he shouted and the room went dead silent. Carlos and the other business men stared at us with something in their eyes. Even Seth and Richard looked chocked.

What did we get ourselves into this time?


Interesting, hopefully this leads somewhere good, enjoy my frens.



Chapter 4 ~ black outs

2016-01-12 18:17

I open my eyes and find myself in this darkness, I tried to move my body but it was way too little space for me to move. I tried to see through this thick darkness, and after a while I noticed where I was. I was at the back of a stupid trunk, and that's when I remembered what happened. And suddenly this rage came upon me and I started kicking and banging on the trunk and trying to get it open.

"Hey, are you okay?", I heard this girl shout and I knew it was Nikki. When I was out cold I had these memories flashing through my head like a dream and that's when I knew this is my long lost sister that I thought died. But why was she hidden away from me? And my dad? I snapped out of my thoughts and decided to answer her so she doesn't think I'm dead.

"I'm fine, it's just bloody small and dark in here", I mumbled as I let out an annoyed sigh.

"Hold on, I'll get you out!", I heard her shout back, I just kept looking into the darkness. I didn't know what and how to tell her who I am and who she is to me. She is supposed to be dead. I got snapped out of my thoughts when I heard the cars engine start, how did she make it start? After a few seconds the trunk popped open and I couldn't open my eyes for a second, being in the dark for that long and then having the sun shine straight into your eyes makes it a bit hard to see normally for a minute. I jumped out of the trunk and walked towards Nikki with an impressed impression on my face, I was trying hard to not show her how surprised I was to even see her alive.

"How did you do that?", I asked with a impressed tone in my voice, trying hard not to just hug her, I stretched my body real quick because my body was just hurting.

"I just know how things work", She answered easily as she shrug, of course she knew how to do that because deep inside she is still a "Falkov". But our chat was cut short when the two brothers stepped out of the building.

"Hey!", Seth shouted and they went for us, 'Shit' I mumbled under my breath as I grabbed her hand and we started running towards the opposite direction. I really didn't knew where I was going, but honestly anywhere would be better than with those two lunatics. Not that I'm more sane, but the one with the glasses 'Richard" is pretty weird.

"Where are they?", I heard Nikki shout behind, I couldn't see them behind us either so I just tried to ignore her question.

"Come on", I said as I saw a little store down the road. I pushed her inside as I made sure the "Geckos" weren't behind us before I walked inside the store. Yes, I now know who those two guys are. My dad knew their uncle Eddie and I remember when my dad talked about them once. I looked at Nikki as I tried to take in all of her appearance, she actually looked a lot like mom.

"Call me Athena", I said as I smiled at her, I turned around and went up to the guy behind the desk.

"can I have a bottle of jack and some of those sour patch kids and a bag of bacon sandwiches.", I was pretty hungry and I'm sure Nikki is too, the guy nodded with a this creepy looking smirk on his face as I noticed him eyeing my body. I rolled my eyes as I tried to keep my cool.

"Here you go sexy, you know I got something else you can have but this one is for free", he said as he kept eyeing my body, I glared at him as I kept my psychotic smile on my lips.

"Oh let me guess, you are talking about your penis.", I rolled my eyes as I looked around.

"All I'm saying is that we could have some fun darling. Me, you and that sexy little friend of yours", that was it, I lost my temper. I turned at him and smiled as I grabbed his head and smashed it on the desk, I chuckled slightly as his body slightly fell over the desk.

I turned around facing Nikki who was looking at me with raised eyebrows and confused look on her face, I just shrugged with a smirk on my face as I nodded towards the back door.

"Come on, we have to get away from these crazies", I simply stated as I started to walk towards the door with Nikki following behind me.

"Through here", I said as I passed through a long dusty corridor, I stopped in front of this other door that seemed to be the door to a storage room. I turned around to get a one more look at Nikki, to be sure it's my long lost little sister. I looked at her from top till toe, gold-ish blonde hair and those beautiful sea blue eyes were not something I could miss. I remember ever since we were kids I was always jealous of her looks, even though she was younger than me and it should've been all the way around but I guess she was the kid with all the good looks gene.

"I think I know you now, Nikki", I said with a slight smile, I think it's time for me to tell her. Even though this might be hard to believe. But before she even could respond my eyes got caught by Seth, why do these two dumbasses of brothers always have to interrupt us. I pushed Nikki inside the storage room and closed the door behind me as Seth started to walk towards me.

"ah, your getting on my damn nerves", I groaned as I ran toward him and attacked him, he flew backwards as we ended up back into the shop with me sitting on top of him. I started to hit him repeatedly in the face.

"if you want the girl to live you have to come with me", he shouted and I stopped with my fist in the air.

"What?", I breathed out as I kept him down with my elbow pressed against his throat.

"My brother got you little friend and if you don't listen to me right now, he will kill her", he said under his breath, rage started to fill inside of me as I reached for my gun and held it against his head as I removed my elbow away from him.

"I really hate liars, and you are very close to dying. Now tell me the truth.", I said between gritted teeth and glared at him.

"I swear, he has her! There is always an another door to a storage room. If you don't believe me go look inside the storage room. If my brother has taken her then there is a black tie covered in blood somewhere in there.", he breathed out as he stared right into my eyes, there was something in his eyes and this little feeling of fear started to creep up on me. I stood up and yanked him up from the ground and pressed the gun against his back and pushed him towards the door to the storage room. He opened the door and I pushed him inside and started to look around the big storage room, I couldn't see her anywhere and that's when I saw the other door was open, I walked towards it and there was a black tie covered in blood hanging by the door knob. I rushed up to the Seth guy and held the gun pointed straight at his face, my finger playing with the trigger as my eyes were fixated on him.

"I swear on everything I love if he hurts her I will skin both of you and bury you alive!", I shouted as I pressed the gun against his forehead.

"my brother is a bit insane and if we don't hurry up soon he will gouge out her eyes. So you either put your god damn gun away from my face or your pretty little friend dies", he breathed out as he looked straight at me as he clenched his jaw. I put down my gun and looked at him, waiting for him to lead the way.

"just need to take this or you might just kill me", he grabbed the gun out of my hand and started to push me out of the store.

"I swear if you're lying I will make you pay", I glared at him as he pointed the gun at me.

"Stop talking sweetheart, I might not hit you because you're a girl but I don't have any trouble shooting you in that pretty face.", he grabbed my arm tight making sure I couldn't escape and he started to drag me to this motel down the road.

As we got closer to the motel i spot Nikki walking around confused, it looks like she's looking for someone. Is she looking for me? I thought
'Mr psycho' had her, I yanked myself away from Seth's grip and run up to her and grabbed her arm slightly.

"Nikki, are you okey? Did he hurt you?", I looked at her with a concerned looks on my face as I checked to see any type of marks or scars on her.

"uhm, no. He didn't, I sort of managed to escape by pushing him into the pool", she said with ease as a little smile played on her lips.

"Now that you guys are done talking, how about you start walking with us or I will kill both of you. Slowly and painfully.", a very wet and mad Richie showed behind Nikki, I tried hard not to laugh but he looked pretty funny.

"Why should I take orders from a washed up rat?", I chuckled as I glared at him with a smile on my lips. I could see in his eyes how mad he was becoming. But my smile was cut short when I felt a gun being pressed at the back of my head, I had forgotten all about Seth.

"you talk to much sweetheart, just start walking", he grabbed my arm and held the gun still pressed at my head and Richie grabbed Nikki and started to drag her with him and Seth started to push me forward.

We walked for about three minutes or so before we stopped in front of this motel room door, I rolled my eyes as Richie opened the door and the guys pushed me and Nikki inside.

"Well aren't y'all bunch of sunshines", I joked as I looked around the little dark room that only let in a little bit of sunlight through the window.

"You know you talk too much", Seth said in an annoyed tone as he glared at me. I slightly smirked, I loved seeing how much I was getting on his nerve.

"Okey, am I the only wondering what the hell i'm doing here?", Nikki spat out turning everyone's attention to her, I slightly smiled at her. I wish I could just tell her everything.

"You girls are going to be our ticket to Mexico", my attention turned to 'Mr. Psycho' , I let out a laugh as I sat down on one of the beds.

"What? Did you find something funny?", Seth glared at me as I tried to stop laughing, I took a deep breath and stared at him.

"Yeah, the fact that your brother is whole another level of crazy", I chuckled as I looked at Seth and Richard. Suddenly I was pushed against the wall with Seth just inches away from my face, he glared right into my eyes and I felt like I was frozen because I didn't know how to move.

"I am for once not in the mood for jokes. And for the fact that you shot my brother and hit me in head with a gun and also attacking me at the shop earlier makes me want to kill you slowly and painfully. So how about you shut the hell up", he pressed his arm against my throat and made it a bit harder for me to breath but he didn't move away from my face, he was so close I could feel the warmth of his breath.

"I guess what the say is true, the geckos are very temperamental", I managed to get out as I pushed him away from me and took a deep breath.

"You are supposed to be the brain but it looks like you have derailed. And you are supposed to be the street smart one, but all I've seen so far is how much you guys has been fucking shit up. Starting with the fact you killed a ranger, which means the entire state is currently looking for you two. As we speak.", I rubbed my hand around my neck as I looked at both of them, they looked a bit surprised by the fact that I knew so much about them.

"Whoever you are, they are probably looking for you too. Since you shot a ranger, three times.", Seth looked at me with this weird look on his face, I couldn't describe it. It was just weird.

"Look, I can help you both get in and out of Mexico without a problem. You just have to do something for me first.", I looked at both of the brothers as they exchanged a look with each other.

"We don't do favors for-" Seth started but got interrupted by Richard.

"What do you want?", he looked at me with a serious look on his face.

"You let her go and I get my damn car back", they both looked at me with raised eyebrows and I just stood in the middle of the room with my arms folded as I looked at Nikki for a second and she seemed a bit nervous.

"Sorry can't do that, we need the both of you. But you can get your car back, it's in the parking at the back. Seth liked it and decided to take it with him. I guess thats one good thing out of this.", Richard stated as he sat on of the chairs in the room, Seth mouthed a 'what the fuck' to him as I smiled slightly, I was glad I knew my car is okey.

"Why do you need me? I swear I won't tell anyone about you guys, and I promise you I'm no good use for you.", Nikki said nervously as she looked around in the room, I felt bad for her. She seemed so fragile and innocent.

"Well we can't be a bunch of happy couples without you can we?", Seth smiled sarcastically.

"We can't let you go. We need you for our plan and besides, that ranger she shot. He did see you run away with her which means they are after her and you. Since they probably think you are helping the suspect.", Richard looked at her with this sorry look on his face and that's when I remembered. I dragged her into this mess, but I couldn't leave her there with these idiots.

"I guess we are all going to Mexico", i stated as I shook my head.


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But hopefully you guys will like this chapter :)

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Chapter 3 - Exclusive Escape

2015-12-28 17:51


I sat cramped into a dusty corner of the store, trying my very hardest not to lose my cool, the girl was being smart about the situation. She used one of the sharper corners of a shelf to break the tape apart; after she had done so, she ripper it off from her hands and mouth. After that she helped me out of my own restrictions.
I felt my heartbeat slowdown for a bit at the thought of her getting us out of here, that's when she reached down to her boot and pulled out a smaller revolver. The panic rose up in my chest and shot through my blood like a wildfire.

"Follow me", she barely mouthed and made her way over to the front. I had no other choice than to follow her, it's not like I could protect myself much against anyone in here, besides she seemed trustworthy for some reason.

I watched from the back of a shelf in the front as the girl sneaked up on of the guys, Seth, as she brought the gun of the the back of his head and hit him so he fell. The other one, Richie-the-crazy, immediately reacted and pulled up his gun but before I could even blink the girl had shot hole right through his hand. I flinched and held my mouth not to scream.

I continued to follow the girl when she dragged me along; not that I had any choice, she was much stronger than what she appears. We made it up to the door and just then Ranger Gonzalez fired off at us. The girl brought me quickly to cover before she got up herself and easily shot the Ranger twice. I watched in horror and tried to keep myself from getting frozen or shocked.

"I'm sorry Ranger, but I'm all about survival", she shouted matter-of-factly before bringing the both of us out of the shop and towards her car in a rather rush. Before I had time to settle into the seat, the girl drove off and away from the shop.

I felt myself getting sicker by the moment. I know those Rangers, well I knew them before, they were my uncles buddies. What the hell am I supposed to do now? This is crazy. I'm in a car with a lunatic; what was that about survival again? Don't get mixed up with the crazy ones. Which is just what you've done, Nikki. I stared long and hard out into the distance to try and gather my thoughts. But with everything that just happened– even I'm surprised I haven't broken down yet.

It must have been a several hour long drive, as for now the bright desert skies were covered in darkness and clouds, that's when the car got pulled over by the side of the road. Get out of here. That was my first instinct. So I smiled at her to cover my fright and reached for the door.

"Wait, you can't just go. We are in the middle of nowhere and it's night and those guys are probably after us and so is that ranger I shot", she said stopping me in my movements. I turned around quickly.

"Why did you shoot him? He's a good man, why are you so okay with shooting someone?", I snapped.

"He probably is a good man but he shot at us and that is a clear sign of threat to me. As I said to the ranger; I'm all about survival, my own especially", she answered and turned around to kick the door open.

I felt the rage burn up inside me, if this girl is so much about herself and her own survival? Why would she spend a single moment saving me? I slid through the door and walked up to her. I barely noticed the star shattered sky above.

"Then why the hell did you save me?", I questioned with a raised tone to her back. But before she had time to answer someone came up behind her in the dark and slammed a gun to her head. Seth. I was about to turn around and escape to the car when I bumped into someone tall. Oh no, not the crazy one.

"Nice to see you again", Richie smiled. Before I managed to get another shot at escaping he grabbed a tight hold of my upper arm and dragged me towards their car.

"What are you doing?", I said in a small voice, I tried to keep my voice strong, which surprisingly worked, although if I looked at either of the guys I knew my eyes would betray me. I kept my eyes focused on the unconscious girls body instead.

"Put her in the trunk, she will be more of a struggle", said Richie to his partner. They seemed similar in a way; perhaps brothers?

Neither of them registered my words and Seth popped up the trunk of the car. I couldn't see what he did to the girl he was holding, but I knew he seemed to be the more sane out of the pairing, so I had to trust he wouldn't hurt her. Richie on the other hand opened up the car door of the backseat and practically threw me inside.

He stared at me for a long while, something flashing in the depth of his bright eyes, but he brushed it off by slamming one of his free palms onto his forehead. Some of his brown slicked back hair fell over his face and he forced it back with the same hand before letting go of my arm. His eyes softened once more when he saw the terror in my expression.

"Don't try anything, we won't hurt you", Richie finished off and slammed the door shut with extra force that sent a jolt of chills up my spine and through my bones. Although something about his words only spoke like it was about himself. I shut my eyes and pressed myself against one of the doors of the black Chevy. There was no time to waste by trying to fight these grown men.

The both of the brothers, which I had concluded my thinking to since they were so alike, sat inside of the vehicle and Seth started up the beauty before driving off into the dark of the night. I leaned into the seat and felt something in the back pocket of my shorts; my notebook. Might as well occupy my mind further and try to figure some things out. That's what I always do when things do not make sense or add up– I figure them out.

We had been driving for a good while when the car finally pulled up by a motel of some sort. I must have passed out for a bit because now the sun was rising above the mountains of the desert. I rubbed the palm of my hands against my eyes to wake myself up. The guys had left the car, locked of course, to my guess get a room for us.

I looked through the window closest to me and noted the pool place just behind the rooms. Just then a loud thump, or several, threw me off guard. It must of been the girl.

"Hey, are you okay?", I shouted and twisted myself around and sat on my knees to try and get a better view through the back window and the trunk.

"I'm fine, it's just bloody small and dark in here", I heard her mumbled voice, she must have been out for a good while, just now I felt the adrenalin kick in. I had to get her out.

"Hold on, I'll get you out!", I shouted back and turned around once more to climb to the front. I slid into the drivers seat and tried opening the key box open; the one that would start the engine. I drew back and kicked the box twice before it finally broke.

I scanned the cables inside and pulled the white one before pulling the red one and linking the two together. Just then the engine roared, a successful grin plastered onto my face, I popped the trunk and heard the girl get out. I unlocked the door and got out myself.

"How did you do that?", the girl asked with a impressed tone while she stretched.

"I just know how things work", I answered with shrug. Unfortunately our chat was cut short when the two brothers stepped out of the building.

"Hey!", Seth shouted and they went for us, I looked at the girl for some help and she grabbed a hold of my hand as we started running in the opposite direction.

The wind grabbed a hold of my blonde locks and rushed through it. I hadn't ran like this in a while, especially not from anyone, I usually didn't like to get myself mixed up in stuff. The girl had the lead and dragged me along towards the street. I looked back but didn't see either of the brothers which only gave me a bad feeling.

"Where are they?", I shouted above my heavy breaths and the traffic in front of us. This morning especially was a busy one and the road was filled with many different means of transport. It was tourist season, well it always is tourist season here, which reminded me; where were we?

"Come on", she said and ignored my question as she pushed me into a small shop across the street. It seemed to be a clothes and supply store of some sort. The man behind the desk looked up and at us before he smiled in a strange way.

"Call me Athena", the girl whispered to me before she turned around with and with a sweet smile went up to the man behind the desk. They started talking about something but I couldn't tell what. I had my focus on the outside and saw a glimpse of someone in a black suit; I grabbed a red Nasa cap and tried to cover my face with it.

When I turned around again to the girl– Athena, she stood in front of a slumped body who was the shop owner I guessed, I raised my eyebrows confused at her. She shrugged and nodded towards the back door.

"Come on, we have to get away from these crazies", she simply stated, although I wasn't so sure she wasn't crazy, she had just knocked out an innocent man. I fixed the cap onto my head and followed Athena through the back door of the shop. I had a feeling she knew what she was doing, crazy or not, and I wasn't about to lose my life like this.

"Through here", she said in a distant tone as we passed through a long dusty corridor. She turned to me when we stopped outside another door. Something of recognition burned inside her eyes.

"I think I know you now, Nikki", she said with a slight smile but before I had time to answer or react other than to gasp a loud bam interrupted us. Athena opened the door in front of us and pushed me inside. I saw a glimpse of what seemed to be a man in a suit walking up to her before she slammed the door and shut me out of the scene.

I backed away and noticed where I was, it was dark and cold, some type of storage room. I felt myself back into something and suddenly a hand grasped my face and covered my mouth. I let out a muffled scream through the bandaged hand and knew exactly who it was. I felt his hand wrap around my lower stomach to hold me still.

"Don't fight me", Richie said in a pleading tone and I stopped struggling but still stood tense and on guard in his grip.

"Good girl", he whispered and pulled me along with him through the dark room. I hinted some light reflecting over his face and saw he wore a torn look over his face. It didn't seem like the same man I had seen before. Almost like someone else was controlling him.

Richie still held a tight grip around me as he continued to lead me out of the shop and over to the motel once more. He had taken the back route so we were now around the poolside. He pushed me across the poolside tile, I glanced onto the blue surface of the water; I hope you cannot swim Richie-the-crazy.
I used all of my force to elbow him in the gut and push him off me, he grunted but quickly got up. I thought at the spot and hit his hurting hand which caught him off guard like planned and then I pushed him into the pool.

"Sorry", I let out a gasp, which was more of a laugh, before I hurried out of there. I didn't want to stick around to see what he would do to me once he got out of there.

Now off to find Athena.



This is the next bullet. I hope you like it frens. 


— lovi

Chapter 2 ~ Threat

2015-12-28 03:07

Yet an another day I wake up at the backseats of my car with the sun shining right on my face, I squint my eyes as I pull myself up with a groan. I kicked the car door open and I stepped out and stretched my worn out body, as I moved my muscles they made this sort of cracking sound. I've been restless for months, hell I never had a good night sleep ever since my mom died. It got worse after the death of my father. I looked around me and I saw nothing but sand and dessert and the overheating sun making sweat. After I was done stretching I walked back to the trunk of the car and I pulled it up, I grabbed the extra cloths and shoes inside and slammed the trunk shut. I went back into the car and climbed back to the backseat and started taking off my dirty clothes. I looked down at some of the scars I have on my body that were caused by bullet wounds and getting tortured and all that other crap I've been doing for the past 12 years.

I put on my pretty loose black top and matched it with my blue denim blue shorts, I finished my very loose and chill look by putting on my black high heeled boots. I stepped out of the car with the dirty clothes in my hand and walked back to the trunk and open it, I threw in the cloths and shut it down. I sat behind the wheel and started the engine, the sound of this engine was absolutely majestic. This car is my baby, it's my little monster and I would kill whoever that even tried to look at it the wrong way. I put on my radio and the song "arsonists lullaby" by Hozier started blasting out from the speakers, I hit the gas pedal and I was once again on the road. I don't know exactly where I was right now but I know where I'm headed. Mexico.

After hours of driving I finally see this little store in the dessert, I drove up to the front and parked my car. I stepped out of the car and slammed the doors closed and I locked the doors before stepping into the store, before going in I noticed this black Chevy from afar coming to the same direction as the store, I shrugged as I stepped in and I heard these bells just ring. I rolled my eyes as I walked up to the cashier, he looked quite funny looking. He didn't seem much of threat but then again "don't trust anyone".

"hey, can I get a bottle of whisky?", I showed him my perfect fake smile that I have been doing for the last years.

"Yes of course mam", I heard in this accent that he was southern, in other words redneck. I gave a little smile as I walked around the store and looked for more sweets and other stuff to eat. Right then a blonde tiny girl catches my eyes, she was very tiny compared to me and she has this wavy blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. She reminds me of someone, I can't tell who exactly but I can't take my eyes off of her. Who is she? Have I seen her somewhere? She looks a little similar to my little sister, but I know for a fact it can't be her. She died in the fire with my mom. I shook of the horrible memories of my past, I looked at some candy when I heard the doorbell ring. I looked towards the door and saw these two guys wearing black suits, they are either "the men in black" or they are a type of threat that maybe needs to be eliminated. But one of the guys caught my eyes, he was pretty tall with broad shoulders and dark brown hair and brown eyes, he's pretty hot. Okey brain, shut up!

The door opens yet again and in walks this old police officer, by the way his uniform looks and that leathered brown hat I could tell he's the sheriff. I tensed up a bit as I lowered my head down and walked towards the soda cabinets, I saw the blonde girl again and the feeling of thinking I know her from somewhere popped back into my mind again. She turned around and jumped a bit, I guess I scared her. I just kept looking at her trying to remember where I've seen her.

?Oh sorry, I'll be out of your way?, She smiled politely at me but I kept my eyes fixed on her. Where have I seen her?

?It's no problem?, I finally found some words to say as I sent her one of my fake smiles. I kept looking at her a bit longer before I tilted my head, trying hard to recognize her.

?Do I know you from somewhere??, I finally asked as I looked at her when she scrunched her eyebrows together and as she opened her mouth to answer? bam!
The sound of a bullet from a gun just triggered made the both of us jump. Me and the girl both screamed. We stared at each other in shock; what the hell is happening, I looked up and saw the other guy in black suit and glasses just shot the sheriff. As I guessed it, they are a threat. I clenched my jaw and tried to hold a low profile, I don't know why but I feel so protective over this girl. But before me and the girl had any time to do anything the bathroom door flew open and out came the "hottie" as he run of to "glasses" and they started arguing, I tried to listen to what they were saying when this ranger flew into the store and everything got fucked after that. There were bullets flying everywhere and people yelling at each other, if this would've happened on a normal day I would've shot all of them in the head but for some reason I feel like I need to protect this girl, and I can't even leave her. She seems so fragile and I can't just leave her on her own so I just stayed by her side. All of the sudden the glasses guy walked towards the blonde girl and yanks her up from the ground and I just automatically flew up to as I stood right behind her with my fist clenched.

?It's her, I saw her Seth, it's in her eyes?, the one holding her said, now I know what the "hotties" name is. Seth. But I still had this feeling inside me, this very over protective feeling. If this guy even hurts her a little bit I will blow off his head, if I as much hear her whimper I'm going to kill him.

?Richie, what the hell are you talking about??, the seth guys said to be fully honest he seemed to be a bit more sane than the other one. I could see some insanity and craziness in the other guys eyes. But there was something that caught my attention, Seth and Richie. Those name rang a bell, I know I've heard those names before.

?Please, I haven't done anything?..?, The blonde girl started but she got cut off by the Richie guy he grabbed some silver tape and placed it over her mouth and over her hands and before I could do anything he did the same with me. Seth, sent us both an apologetic look and brought Richie to the front again where the Ranger was waiting outside of. He is going to be more than sorry when I get out of this shit. I sat closer to the blondie, because my overprotective feeling rushed back and I felt like I needed to keep this girl safe. But in the meantime I had to find a way out of this mess.

I finally had a plan, but for that plan to be perfect I needed my hands to be free. I used the sharp edge of one of the metal shelfs and I started to cut off the tape, I looked at the girl who was a little freaked out and gave her reassuring look as I whispered "shh" to her. She nodded a bit scared as I kept trying to cut the tap off my hands. I finally succeed and I pulled the tape off my lips, I helped the girl out of the tape on her and I told her to follow me quietly and keep her head down. I took out the gun that was in my boot and walked behind the Seth guy, I hit him real hard in the head using the back of the gun. As the Seth guy noticed us he aimed the gun at me and I quickly pulled the trigger and shot him right in the palm leaving this gross hole on his hand. I grabbed the girls hand and dragged her to the front door as I held the gun tight in my hands. As the ranger tried to shoot at us I quickly grabbed the girls head and ducked. I stood right back up and shot him twice, once in the arm and the other on the stomach. I grabbed the girls hand again and I dragged her towards my car, through this entire thing I could feel how scared she was, I felt bad for her. She's too young to be involved in these type of situations. As we ran by the ranger I looked down at him and saw his badge and it said "Ranger Gonzales". I will try and remember his name, because I got a feeling this isn't the last time I will see him.

"I'm sorry Ranger, I'm all about survival", I shout as I helped the girl into my car and jumped in and hit the gas pedal when I saw the two guys running towards the door. I saw how both of them looked at ranger Gonzales all surprised. I guess they never thought a pretty and innocent looking girl would shoot someone, a ranger too. I smirked as we drove away, and I couldn't help but look at the tiny fragile girl now and then and she was just shaking and staring into the nothingness.

We were driving for hours and the sky went dark when I pulled over at the road. She looked at me with her big blue eyes and gave me an unsure smile as she went for the door.

"wait, you can't just go. We are in the middle of nowhere and it's night and those guys are probably after us and so is that ranger I shot.", her eyes widened when I mentioned the ranger.

"Why did you shoot him? He's a good man, why are you so okey with shooting somebody?", questions just flew out of her mouth and I didn't knew what to tell her. I just sigh as I looked at her.

"He probably is a good man but he shot at us and that a is clear sign of threat to me. As I said to the ranger I'm all about survival, my own specially.", I clenched my fist as I kicked open the door and I looked up at the sky that was filled with these beautiful shining stars, I never have time to look at the stars. I always miss the beauty in this fucked up world.

"Then why the hell did you save me?", I heard behind my back, as I turned around to answer I felt this sharp pain at the back of my head and everything went pitch black. And the last thing I heard was the girls scream and a man whispering
"I'm just returning the favor" in my ear.


So this is chapter 2 and I hope you guys liked it, since I enjoyed writing it :-)

// Sara

Chapter 1 - Geckos

2015-12-27 03:02


It was a normal afternoon, the sun was at its highest point above on the blue cloud pattered sky, my uncle had been gone for a while now. That's how most days played out, me alone and curled up on the corner window, sometimes though, Uncle was home for supper.
I was pressed against the wooden frames of the window with one of the many old books in my hands. It was my dads old book that he had studied, one of the only ones that made it after the fire, although it was only paper it felt like it meant a lot more to me.

There was a sound from a car engines rustle and the wheels of the old thing pulling up alongside the big house signalled me my Uncle had finally returned. I checked the sight of my Uncle stepping out of his truck and to which confirmed my assumptions.
I hopped down from the place but accidentally bumped a couple of other books onto the floorboards in the living room. One of the books fell open which revealed an old photograph of our family. I picked it up and studied for a while with a faint smile over my lips to try and cover the sadness in my gut. I flipped it over and saw a date on it, February 8th 2003, one month after the fire?

”That can not be possible”, I mumble and flip it over again. I look first at my father, then my older sister, but my mothers face is burnt. What is this meant to be? I lose my train of thought with a confused stare plastered onto my face as the front door rustles. My Uncle steps inside and smiles warmly as he sees me.

”Nikki, did you have a good day today?”, Uncle hung his hat and coat onto the hangar and stepped out of his boots. I stood frozen in place and glanced down at the photograph before raising it in the air. There were tears forming in my eyes by now; but most of my mind was clouded by rage.

He stared at me with a cool stare, almost like he already knew, maybe he did? Maybe he knows everything? He was certainly not surprised by my finding, he must know I have figured it out, he knew I would find this.

”What the hell is this?”, I sternly snap and flash it in the air, my other hand is by my side already churned up into a fist, he knows.

”I knew you would find that sooner or later, knowing you, it's always sooner”, Uncle said calmly and returned to standing straight with a slight chuckle. I did't back down an inch.

”What do you mean? What does this mean, Uncle?”, I flipped the photograph and showed off the date, although it was certain he already knew about this, I just wanted to make my point clear.

”Sweetie, I think you might want to sit down”, he said and made his way over to the kitchen table. I frowned for a single moment before returning my cold stare. Is he trying to do the trick on me? I fumble with my thoughts for a second before snapping my eyes onto him again and rushing over to the table. I slam my hand onto the bench, my hand flat onto the surface, it leaves even my Uncle surprised.

”No! I will not sit down and you will not play with my mind; you will tell me now!”, I snap with a loud voice, but I knew I was out of my depths, I usually wasn't the one to get angry; but when I did ? it was not exactly a walk in the park. I calm myself and relax my arms before I continue,

”Tell me, please, is my family alive?”

My uncle sits there with long stare, but deep down there laid even the slightest hint of sadness, he quickly blinks and send me a confirming smile. I feel like everything breaks apart, the floorboards open up and send me into oblivion, how is this possible? I draw in a shaky breath that I wasn't aware that I'd been holding before a tear slips down my cheek. I bend down slightly and have to grab onto the desk for support; panic attacks, they happened sometimes.

”Nikki, are you okay?”, my Uncle hurries over to me but I brush him off.

”Don't”, I warn and collect myself shortly before I push past him and go for the door.

”I can't be here right now, don't wait up”, I glance over at him but hurry out the door with my jacket in my hand instead. I felt as if my mind was going to break. My father, my sister, they may be alive, my mother wouldn't be though. I know what the burnt face means in photographs.

What am I supposed to do now? Should I try and find them? I'm sure if my Uncle knew about this, then someone else must be aware of it as well, so why are we kept apart? Does my dad know? Maybe he's the one who is keeping us apart, he and Uncle, but there must be a reason for this. They wouldn't willingly separate the only family left unless for a greater cause. That much I know about us. We are proud. We are Falkov. And one thing about us; we do not leave family behind.

I rush my fingers messily through my blonde hair, I need to get a drink, I exhale rapidly and make my way towards my car. I hop inside and slam the door before I start the engine and head towards the only liquor store for miles.

”You can do this, you can, come on Nikita”, I mutter for myself sigh but continue with my eyes fixated to the road.

I clear my mind and look to my side, I notice a black car driving past me, in the drivers and passenger seat sit two young men dressed in black suits. I only see them for a few seconds when they drive past but both of them look at me with dangerous eyes. I notice one of them wears glasses. The driver flashes me a smile before he drives past.

I shake my head slowly and shiver slightly, for some reason those guys gave me the chills, I mean who the hell wears suits in 70°? I shrug it off and continue down the road. The liquor store comes to view only a while away now and I feel myself relax slightly. I pull up to the side of the practically abounded store and kill the engine with a swift reflex. I then exit my car and walk up to the door.

”Hey Pete”, I wave to the clerk and he smiles kindly. Although I didn't love this place, this was the only choice for anyone in several miles radius, so there really weren't any other choices. Being nice to the store clerk was the least I could do. I track around the shelves towards the coolers and drinks; which is where the alcohol would be as well.

The door opens at the front and I glance over to see a head of brown hair, that's all I see over the shelves, but I could tell it was a woman by the hair and high heels clicking onto the floor inside. I heard voices coming from the front, Pete and the woman, but before I could tune into what they might be saying the door opened again.

This time I did recognise the people who stepped inside. It was those fancy suits in the black car. I look up the slightest but hear one of them head to the bathroom and the other over here so I casually turn back to the cool drinks. I didn?t have to look his way to know he was staring, it was the one with the glasses, the cute one— oh no, I mean the taller one.

”Nice hair”, he suddenly spoke which caused my attention to turn to him. I stood there in silence with a slight chocked expression over my face, this was new to me, guys talking to me– let alone people. I was barely ever out, besides, if you did go out here you never met any guys your age.

”What?”, I blurted dumfounded by the idea that had just passed my mind. His face softened and his lips twitched into a smile on one side of his mouth, his eyes glistering under his glasses by the affection. Cute.

Your hair, you have nice hair”, he said with the same tone as before. He seemed almost slumped over the door he was stood by. I could feel my lips turn upwards and into a grin.

”Thanks”, I said slightly louder than before. He seemed like a nice one. But for some reason; I still had that feeling of these two mysterious guys being a bit, strange, to say the least.

”Can I get you a drink?”, the tall man asked, he had gotten closer by now. Something in his face suddenly flashed and it was almost like someone has whispered his name; but only for him to hear.  

”Uh, are you okay?”, I hear myself ask and before I can stop myself my hand has reached for his arm and landed on top of his upper arm. His eyes snapped onto mine the second my fingers touched him and something buried inside them.

”Y-yeah, I'm fine”, he blinked and leaned back slightly. Then he turned around and went for the front, I stared after him with confused eyes. What the hell? Okay, first rule of survival; don't get mixed up with the crazy ones Nikki. Just then the front door opened and the Sheriff stepped inside, I gave him a quick nod; he smiled to me and went for the counter and Pete.

I turned to the drinks once more and brushed the front of my blue jean-shorts before I grabbed the handle of the door and grabbed a pack of beer. I closed the door again and almsot jumped when I saw a brunette tall girl in front of me. It looked like she was staring into my soul.

”Oh sorry, I'll be out of your way”, I smiled politely but didn't feel her eyes leave me when I walked away from the door and cold drinks.

”It's no problem”, she finally said and sent me a smile back. Her eyes lingered a bit longer before she tilted her head, it was almost some type of recognition in her eyes, did I know her?

”Do I know you from somewhere?”, she asked and snatched the thought right out of my mind. I scrunched my eyebrows together and opened my mouth to answer— bam!
The deafening sound of a bullet from a gun just triggered made the both of us jump. I screamed loudly and dropped the bottles of bear in front of me. The girl screamed too and we stared at each other in shock; what the hell just happened?

Before I had time to process anything, the bathroom door opened and out came the other guy, they met up and argued for a short while but the chat was cut short when Ranger Gonzalez opened the door. Everything went downwards from there, guns were fired, triggers were pulled and bullets went flying. I inched myself in the corner of the store with the brown headed girl, she seemed almost protective over me.

I heard the two men arguing again and this time the one with the glasses; who had been the one who shot the sheriff went for us. He grabbed me by the arm and jerked me up from the floor so that my body crashed against his. In any other given moment I would have probably gone full Martial Arts / Taekwondo on him; but for some reason I was practically paralysed.

”It's her, I saw her Seth, it's in her eyes”, the one holding me said. I saw in corner of my eye how the other girl had stood up and looked outrageous; she even looked concerned for me.

”Richie, what the hell are you talking about?”, the other one said who seemed to be the sane one, although who could be sane traveling with someone like insane glasses over here?

”Please, I haven't done anything—..”, I started but got cut off by the guy holding me, Richie, he grabbed silver tape and placed it over my mouth and over my hands; as did he do with the other girl. The more sane of the two, Seth, sent us both an apologetic look and brought Richie to the front again where Ranger Gonzalez was waiting outside of.
My heart was thumping loudly and roughly inside my chest, the girl sat closely to me, I felt safer next to her for some reason. I was just hoping to find a way out of here.

Oh please do not let this be the day I die.



[ based on: From Dusk till Dawn - The TV Series ]


This has been it; the beginning. I have a feeling this is going to be an epic ride so, please— stick around, this is going to be a show you will not want to miss, trust me comprade, you are not going to regret it.


— lovi

Personal Description ~ Athena Nena Falkov

2015-12-26 21:49

Athena never really had an easy life, well at least not after her mother and little sister died in a fire incident at their old house. Her father managed to save her, but she never heard anything from her sister or mother. Her father told her that there was en evil after them, so since she was 16 she was raised by her dad only and she dropped out of school and her dad started training her for some "future war", Nena as she prefers to be called grew up knowing nothing but the pain and the struggles of life.

Nena has always been very temperamental and out of control, I guess that's what happens when your dad hands you a 45 when you're 16, and by the age of 18 you have already killed 50 people. Well, if you even can call them that. Athena knows there is something out there that nobody else knows about, her dad knew and he tried to stop them. But I guess luck and success is not much of big thing in the Falkov family. Her dad was killed by something out of the ordinary and then she was all alone. No one to turn to and she was again left with nothing but her own sorrows. Her father died when she was only 19 and she has now been taking over the "family business" for 7 years. And ever since her dad died she has been trying to find his killer.

One day at a liquor store in the middle of nowhere she bumps into "The Gecko brothers" and everything goes off the rail after that, she find out that the world she believed she was alone in was no longer so lonely and that there is something out there that isn't supposed to be. Maybe they are the things she has always been searching for, the answer to all her questions. She always knew that there is always something evil out there lurking in the dark. When she finds the geckos will they be the new partners in crime? And maybe some old secrets of the past show up out of the blue.


So we are starting this new novel called "From Dusk Till Dawn" and i hope you guys will like it.

Me and Lovi are very excited ? ?

// Sara

From Dusk till Dawn - Nikki

2015-12-26 21:22


Personal description;
Nikita Ivy Falkov

Ever since a little girl, Nikita has struggled with the loss of her family, she has lived alone with her uncle for her whole life. After the accident that tragically occurred while Nikita was only 4, she doesn't remember much, but sometimes she believes it's better left forgotten. Before the accident 19 years ago she had a big happy family, her mother, her father and her older sister. Although she barely remembers any of their faces nowadays.

Regardless, Nikita is a very bright and insightful girl, many call her a genius even as she can solve almost any problem in under a short period of time. This skill, so to call it, she has mastered alone in all of her years stuck out the middle of nowhere with her uncle. Nikki is talented in many ways and always try to show her appreciation towards her uncle, but lately it seems as though her uncle might be hiding something, maybe something about their past?

Nikita may also seem like a not so very strong girl, but she possesses this strong power called "will power", nothing magical about it but that is what has kept her alive. For a couple of years now, Nikki has studied the ways of martial arts, mostly for her own protection and because her uncle practically insisted on it; but it might come in handy, maybe even sooner than she would've wanted.

One day Nikki heads to the only liquor store close enough to their house but miles away from anything else. There she might end up in a rather sticky situation with a lot of people that she may not have wanted to end up with.

This is the start of something new; From Dusk till Dawn novel. The next personal description will be up shortly.

— lovi

Chapter 10 - What now?

2015-10-31 20:03

I let them in and they walked into my living room, they sat on the couch as I sat on the other couch in front of them next to Roy. I gave a look to Effy but then I looked back at Brendon with a disturbed look on my face, ever since he almost choked me I can't wait to get back at him.

"Can you ladies maybe give us some privacy?", Brendon looks at me and Effy making me chuckle slightly.

"You do know this is my house right? I'm not going anywhere", I looked at him with one eyebrow raised at him.

"Look, this is something that only me and him are supposed to talk about. And you two don't need to know anything." I rolled my eyes as I looked at Effy who was just sitting there listening at us.

"Maybe you have forgotten but let me remind you. I saved his life last night", I was getting more and more annoyed as he kept talking.

"Well he did pay you back in a great way last night, didn't he?", he smirked making look back at Roy with a disappointed look on my face, I couldn't believe he told him what happened last night.

"Get your shit done and then get the fuck out of my house. Both of you", I stood up and walked upstairs to my room as I slammed the door behind me. I'm so going to enjoy killing them.

Roy's P.O.V

I watched Alexandra walk away and up to her room and I could see clearly how angry and disappointed she was. And by the look she gave me it made me feel so bad for doing that. I shouldn't have told Brendon, it was between me and her.

"You are both such astonishing assholes", Effy lashed out on us, why did she get mad? She just shook her head and walked upstairs. I turned my head towards Brendon with a glare as I just wanted to throw him out a window.

"What the fuck man?", I looked at Brendon with anger in my eyes as he just rolled his eyes and say back.

"Don't sweat it. Just talk about what happened", he looks at me with seriousness in his tone and a sense of worry in his eyes.

"I don't know who it was, and I don't remember much. It all happened like really quick and the next thing I know I get shot and after that I don't remember much. I remember passing out at the door over there and... Alex saved my life I guess", I looked down as I said her name, I was a jerk for doing that.

After all she did save my life and I embarrassed her by telling Brendon what happened between us, I shouldn't have done that. It was only between me and her, it was a private thing. And to be honest I'm surprised that I care, if it was any other girl I wouldn't have given a shit but it's different with her. But I'm pretty sure I screwed up everything now.

"Don't get all touchy feel because of a girl now", I hear Brendon say snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Are you fucking serious? How would you feel if it happened between you and Effy? And don't bullshit me, I know how you feel about her. Even if you haven't said it, it is crystal clear how you feel about her", I raised my voice slightly but I didn't want the girls to hear any of this.

"You can't compare Effy with that bitch", I snapped, I grabbed Brendon by the collar of his shirt and pulled him up as I pushed him against the wall. I stared right into his eyes with anger written all over my eyes.

"Call her anything else but her name and I swear I will crush every bone in your body", Brendon looked at me a bit taken back since anything like this hasn't happened between us but he let out a breath and put his hands up.

"Alright man, just calm down. Okay, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. But you have to admit that she a was a bit rude when I asked her to leave", I let go of him as I sat down on the couch again.

"Just shut up and don't talk about her", I rolled my eyes as I looked down at my hands. How am I gonna make it up to her now?

Alexandra's P.O.V

I walked around in my room with anger building inside of my as every minute passed by. I can't believe he told Brendon about our business, that disgusting bastard. I'm gonna enjoy every second of killing him, that son of a bitch. I was so angry I wanted to just walk downstairs and beat the living crap out of both of them.

"Alright Alex, you've been walking around in the room for about fifteen minutes without saying anything but looking angry. Can you explain to me what the hell happened last night?", I glared at Effy with a obvious annoyed look on my face and she raised her eyebrows at me.

"The jerk off apparently got shot last night and for some delusional reason he came to my door and as dumb as I am I saved his useless life even though I knew I could've let him die. But no, I had to act all heroic and save his stupid life even though he doesn't deserve to live or in that matter breath the same air as me!", I breathed out after my long angry speech as I sunk down on my bed and stared up at the chalky white ceiling.

"Okay... You're still mad I get that. But we need to go downstairs and see what is going on. Oh and I got something important to tell you", she looks at me with seriousness written all over her, I sit up and look at her with a curious look on my face.

"What is it?", I look at her as I fold my arms and wait for her answer, she lets out an annoyed sigh making me even more curious of what's going on.

"Brendon knows, he knows that the two of us know each other", I stare at her with anger and a bit of shock in my eyes.

"Well that's great isn't it? I don't even wanna know how, let's just say that we do know each other and that we are best friends. It's almost the truth", I rolled my eyes as I stand up and walk over to the door and opened it.

"Alright, just please, don't kill them now", she chuckles slightly making me laugh a bit.

"I'll try darling", I blew her a kiss as I stood by the glass staircase and looked down at the two boys.

"Alright if you two assholes are done, be kind and get your asses out of my house", I smiled sweetly but still a bit psychotic. I'm like most girls "cute but psychotic" the only difference is that I'm way more dangerous and tad bite more psychotic.

"We all need to talk", Brendon says as he looks at me and Effy. We look at each other as we look back at them with confused expression on our faces. We walked down the stairs as I was still boiling with anger. Let's see what the jerks have to say, it better be some useful information.


I'm so sorry for the hold up, I was having a huge / annoying ass writers block. But I hope you guys will like this one, it's a bit shorter than usual.


Chapter 9 - Ticking Bomb

2015-09-03 23:07

The warm sheets tangle around me, all is still and quiet, there are nearly no sounds. All movement were simplified to light breaths. The room was, for now, intrigued into darkness. 

Though from the drape of curtain over the window, the sunlight had found it's way through, which in turn brought a warmness around.

"Good morning doll", Brendon mumble and instantly slinger his grip around me. We meet in a shallow kiss, though it was certainly something new, like a need.

"Want some breakfast?", I pull away, to hurriedly push at the tension building up, Brendon merely nods.

I slip out of the ideal impersonation that burn into the back of my skull, why was this thing churning at my insides? I force a simple smile and get out of the sheets.

After successfully granting myself with the privacy of a shower and turning up in new clothing; a pair of skinny jeans and tight tank-top, I place myself in the kitchen.

During this whole time, my mind raced, there was a competition going on between my sanity and my heart. The whole thought brought almost a nauseous feeling.

After some time, the both of us were sat in the kitchen, the scraping of plates being the only other sound. Now and then, the idea seem to flash through my mind, which in turn would bring my attention over to Brendon. He looked awfully handsome. But I couldn't forget, no matter what, he was still my target.


I spread myself over the floor, just for the tension to build around me, my thoughts were occupying of that, that what was my mind. Brendon had left the room for the moment, some important phone call from his business partner, Roy, had caught his voice in a twist.

"What happened? Are you okay? Who was it?", all questions like these left Brendon's mouth, he was certainly rubbed about whatever had happened.

"Alright, I'll be there. Just stay where you are. What's the address? Okay", only seconds past and Brendon rush through the doorframe. His face had a look of worry plastered onto it.

"Bren, what's wrong?", I stretch and stand up to face the worried man. His eyes find mine in a hurry. They glimmer of venerability.

"It's Roy, my partner, he's been shot", once these words are spoken, the room instantly fall into silence. Though not the awkward or uncomfortable one, just, a simple and sad one.

In that moment of weakness, my arms instantly wrap around his sunken frame, his arms instantly lock around me. It was a gentle, though, strict movement.

I knew this was needed. Even if this man wouldn't reveal his inner thoughts, Brendon was certainly shaken up by this, that much was obvious.

I lean back, ready to let go, but when I do, Brendon sees an opportunity. He reaches forward and slinger his hands around mine, to hold me in this position.

After that, his soft lips meet with mine, in the lightest of ways. It was adjusted, perfectly fit to the situation and even then, the action made my heart speed in a unflattering way.

His fingertips brush over my sides, just to add to the unsteady movement, his own frame leant over mine. It felt as if he was towering over me, just the slightest, which he certainly took advantage of.

"Shouldn't we go?", I breath after the kiss, just so we wouldn't get into anything. Brendon nods, simply, though something had surfaced in his eyes. He was afraid to hurt me.


The raindrops splatter against the cold window, it was the skies melody, that everyone knew. One of the most common things, the sounds of it calmed, but now, it sounded more of a ticking bomb.

"Where are we going?", I glance over at the intense man in the drivers seat, his hands wrap around the wheel so tightly his knuckles are now white, his eyebrows furrow together.

He frustratedly flips a hand through his dark hair, though it simply falls back into place, as he continues staring onto the road in front.

"We're going to your little friends house, Roy is there", Brendon surprise me with the calm tone in his voice, it was almost mocking.

"What are you talking about?", I raise my eyebrows and pour as much effort to sound dumbfounded into my words as possible.

"Don't play games with me Effy, I know you two know each other, my guess is you're sisters, best friends? She was way too worried for a stranger", Brendon catch my stare for the shortest of whiles, but when he does, he sends me a chilling smile. One that only brought light.

I merely sigh, deciding there was no use to explaining myself, he would only figure it out anyways. I glance out the window instead, though look back at him when his right hand suddenly wraps around mine, our fingers intertwine -- like a habit.

"Don't worry, after this, I'll take you out", Brendon form another smile over his lips, soon enough, he let's go of my hand.

We pull up to a large mansion similar to the one I was staying at, my only guess was that this was the firms, it must have been. I unbuckle my seatbelt and land my hand onto the door to open it, but before I manage to, Brendon grab my hands.

"Listen. I like you Effy, so I don't want you to get hurt, if anything not planned happens -- you go, alright?", Brendon stare at me, intensely his eyes bore into mine, all I do is nod.

To this he instantly press his lips against mine, but this time it was more hungrily, not in the same way of care. This was more of a marking. I can't help but get swept away, our tongues brush against one another, the heat rise inside. Then we pull away sloppily.

"Good", we kiss once more before leaving the car. For some reason, it felt as if Brendon was now protective of me, whatever that meant.

We step up to the door, wait a couple of minutes for a response and then when Alexandra opens the door, we step inside.

Oh my, what could this "meeting" possibly bring?

"I do not have writers block, my writers just hates the clock."

I'm sorrey, I've been emptied out.
This is shit.
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Chapter 8 ~ Late night healing

2015-08-08 16:37

I put two of my fingers on his neck trying to feel a pulse, and there it was. His heart was still beating, he was alive. I let out a sigh of relief as I started to check where he was bleeding, I could see blood coming out from the left side of his stomach. I pulled his shirt up to see the damage and it was bad, but I had to take out the bullet or else he would die.

After struggling to get him up I started to walk up the stairs to my room, I kicked the door open and laid him on my bed. I ran into the bathroom and got the 'assassin first aid kit' it's a bit different than normal first aid kits.

I started to cut his shirt of with the help of the scissor and as I cut the shirt up, it was blood everywhere. I picked up the alcohol and poured it on a piece of fabric and I started to clean the wound, all of sudden I hear this loud gasp and Roy almost jumped up. He tried to sit up but failed as he laid back down again.

"God! What is happening?", he groaned in pain as I tried to hold him down. I looked at him and his eyes met mine, and by the looks of it he seems a bit surprised to see me.

"Just hold still, I have to take the bullet out or else you'll die!", I shot firmly as I pushed him down. He obeyed as I kept cleaning the wound and when it wasn't much blood anymore I took one of the clippers in the kit. I looked at him as I gave him a reassuring look meaning 'you ready?' He nod and I stuck the clipper in and tried to get a hold of the bullet that was stuck in him. He let out a loud grunt and I could almost feel his pain, I've been through this myself.

"I almost got it", I gulped as I felt the bullet between the clipper, I pulled it out and looked at it. It was a pretty big bullet and it was full of his blood. I showed him the bullet and he let out a sigh in relief.

"Good job", he said tiredly as I smiled weakly, I looked at him with sympathetic eyes making him confused.

"I'm sorry, but I have to stitch you up. And that'll hurt even more", his eyes widened by my words as he shook his head over and over again.

"Hell no, you're not a doctor! You're gonna end up killing me", he spat as I clenched my jaw glaring at him. I just took a damn bullet out of his gut and he thinks me stitching him up will kill him?

"Shut up Roy! If I don't stitch you up, you're going to lose too much blood and die", I stared at him with seriousness written all over me. He nodded at me when I pulled up the needle and the thread.

I threaded the needle as started to rub some alcohol on the wound making him hiss in pain. I started to stitch him up and his shouts could be heard from ten miles away. I was about to finish stitching him up when the screams stopped making me look up to see him knocked out. I felt his pulse once again to feel his heart still beating. I sigh in relief and started to clear up the wound and the blood. After I was done with cleaning up the wound I put a bandage on the wound and after that I put a big patch on the bandaged to keep it from coming off.

I dragged him back up and started to in a way of drag him to the guest room, I placed him on the bed and tucked him in. I closed the door carefully so I wouldn't make a sound and walked into my room. I took off my now bloody bed sheets and threw them on the floor, I walked towards one of my closets and took out new bed sheets and I started to put the make the bed.

When my bed was fixed I grabbed the bloody sheets and his bloody shirt and started to walk downstairs to the washing room. I put them in a basket and walked out again closing the door behind. Since he doesn't have any type of clothes anymore because his are all cut up and bloody I had to find something for him to wear when he wakes up. I started to think where I could get him cloths and it hit me.

The basement, it's should be some old guy cloths there, this used to be some former guy assassins house. So it should be some clothes there. I started to walk down to the basement and I grabbed some boxes and started to look through them. I finally found a black shirt and some grey sweatpants, that's great because if he wakes up I don't want to see him all naked walking around in my house. I grabbed the clothes and walked out of the basement and up to my room again. I walked over to the guest room which was across my room to see if he was still out and he was. I sigh and walked out again and back into my room, I put down the clothes on my bed and looked down at myself and I noticed I was covered in blood. I let out a groan in frustration, why did I even save this guy? Wasn't my mission to kill him? I mean he was already dying, so why in the world did I help him?

I clench my jaw as I grabbed my towel again and an another bathrobe and walked into the bathroom, I close the door and took off my robe and my underwear which luckily were still alright. I turned on the shower and stepped in, I started to wash off the blood that was on my body and in my hair.

I think it took me about a good ten minutes to be done washing myself. I shut the water off and stepped out and wrapped a towel around my head, I then dried my body and put my underwear back on and then the new clean black robe. I opened the door as I was still drying my hair with the towel, as I stepped out I took the towel away from my face to get a jump scare.

"What the hell! You scared the hell out of me", I held into my rob that almost came off and looked at Roy who was struggling to stay correctly on his feet.

"Sorry kitty, didn't mean to scare you", he said vaguely as I sigh looking at him, I realized just now that he was only in his boxers.

"Um, I, eh, got you some clothes?", I stuttered, but it came out more as a question. His body was perfectly sculptured and I couldn't take my eyes of it. I snapped out of my hallucinations and grabbed the clothes and threw them at him, he let out a grunt making me realize yet again that he was hurt. I forgot that I just stitched him up, wow. Can abs seriously give you amnesia?

"Oh shit, I'm sorry", I mumbled as I grabbed the clothes again and held him slightly making him sit down, I could feel him staring at me. I slightly but carefully started to put the shirt on him, I raised his arm as he let out a grunt. I gave him a look meaning "sorry" but he just keep looking at me, he had this special look in his eyes. I pushed the shirt down and smiled at him slightly.

"There you go, and now please tell me you can put the pants on by yourself", I chuckled trying to at least make him say something but all he did was smile and nod his head.

I sigh with a smile and stood back up and walked up to my mirror and started to dry my hair. I could see him trying to stand up from the bed but he failed. I put down the hair dryer and walked up to him and grabbed his arm and put it over my shoulder and pulled him up, and he just kept looking at me. Why was he looking at me like that? Was there something wrong with me? I walked back to my hair dryer and started to put it back on, the heat hit my face and I smiled slightly. I've felt a bit cold to be honest.

"You know, you're lot more sexier with wet hair", his voice caught me off guard and I turned around looking at him with my eyebrows raised as a small smile played at the corner of my lips.

"What?", I looked at him and he just rolled his eyes as he started to put the pants on as my eyes wandered down his body and his manhood. I bite my lip as I looked back up to meet his playful eyes.

"You heard me", he said as he laid back down on my bed making me look at him with raised eyebrows.

"You know, if you are planning on staying the night I have already made the bed for you in the guest room", I said as I approached the bed, my eyes on him.

"What if I want to spend the night in your bed?", he smirked playfully making me roll my eyes.

"Then you do that, and I'll go in the guest room", I shook my head and started to walk away when he grabbed my hand making me fall in the bed almost on him, we weren't so far away from each other. Our faces where inches away from each other and he just stared into my eyes with lust.

"I just wanted to say thank you", and with that he crashed him lips on mine taking me aback a bit. I was a little shocked, but surprisingly I kissed him back, after that the kiss started to get heated. I wrapped my arm around his neck making him grab my waist and pull me closer to his body. Our bodies were so close it wasn't any space between us at all, and our bodies were touching. All of the sudden he lets out a grunt making me back away.

"We can't right now, you're hurt", I bite my lip as I looked into his eyes and all I really wanted was to crash my lips back on his. My lips were craving the taste of his lips and I didn't want to do anything else except kissing him but I knew I couldn't since he's hurt.

"I don't care, when I kiss you I don't feel any pain", and again he crashed his lips on mine making me smile slightly, he pulls me on top of him as I was being careful not to hurt him. He started to kiss onto my skin and leaving kisses down my neck making me moan slightly.

"I hope I'm not hurting you", I mumbled as I was cautious to not press on the wound.

"You won't hurt me, I might hurt you", he said smirking as he started to take off my robe revealing my black lace bra and matching underwear.

"Agree to disagree", I bite my lip as he was kissing down my neck, but then he takes his lips off my neck making me open my eyes and stare into his sea blue eyes.

"You are so fucking beautiful and sexy", he almost moaned making me bite my lip as I crashed my lips on his and the kiss was to passionate and so full of lust. He lays me down and then hovers over me as he grabbed my chin and gives me a sweet kiss before going down my neck and to the top of my breasts.

"Next morning" ?

I woke up by someone stroking my back, I slightly open my eyes to reveal Roy's gorgeous face. Flashbacks from last night keep coming in front of my eyes and to be honest last night was absolutely magical. I smiled at him as I smiled back dragging me closer to his body as he kissed my temple making me shut my eyes and smile.

"You know, you've done something to me. You aren't just another girl I what to sleep with and never meet again. I actually want to see you, all the time", he said making me shiver a bit but by hearing him say that I could feel this sudden warmth in my body as I kissed his knuckles since his arms were wrapped around me.

"Is that something you say to every girl to make her feel special?", I smirked, I knew this would drive him crazy.

"What? No, never. I swear, when I say you make me feel some type of way I seriously mean it", he said making me turn around to face him, he looked into my eyes and gave me a slight smile. I smiled back and kissed him sweetly and cuddled up to him as I rest my head against his chest.

"So when did you learn how to heal a wound?", he asked all of sudden getting my attention, what do I say? "I'm an assassin and I learned that in my assassin school." I just gulped and looked up at with an unsure smile.

"I studied nursery and used to work in a hospital", I lied but thankfully he didn't notice and he just smiled nodding his head.

"You saved my life", he smiled and pecked me lightly on the lips, making me feel some type of way.

"I had to", I smiled back and got up as I pulled the sheet around me, I could feel him staring as I put on my underwear and one of my big hoodies. I didn't bother to put on some pants and so I just skipped it.

"So, if you like eggs and bacon you better get up", I smiled cheerfully and walked out the room down to the kitchen. Something is happening between me and him and I can't explain what exactly, I've done something like this before. Make the victim fall in love with you and then cut their heads off. But for some reason it's different now, and didn't know how to cope with it. I shrugged my thoughts off and walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge taking out the bacons and egg. I put them on the counter top as I took out a frying pan and put it on the stove. I poured a tad bit of oil and put on the stove and waiting for it to heat up. I was tapping my hands on the counter top as I waited and when the pan was heated up I put the bacons in and took out an another pan and poured som oil in it too.

When that pan was heated up to maximum, I cracked some eggs in it, I tossed the bacons so they wouldn't get burnt. As I was cooking I started to sing, every time I didn't had anything to do I sang. I was singing Slow Motion by Tray Songz, the song was just amazing and he was one of my favorite artist. He has a great voice and not to mention he is absolutely gorgeous. As I was singing and making the eggs and bacon I started to move my hips and dance, all of sudden I felt a pair of arms wrap around me, I knew it was Roy. I smiled as I turned my head slightly, he just kissed my cheek and dug his face into my neck.

"I love your voice", he mumbled making me giggle slightly, I just shrugged it off and pushed him off of me slightly.

"Can you give me two plates? It's in the cabinet to your left", I smiled and he nod. He opened the cabinet and took out two plates, he put next to the stove and I took up the bacon and put some on both of the plates and then I did the same with the eggs. I took up the plates and placed them on the kitchen table and I brought two glasses and some orange juice. I sat down in front of him and smiled.

"It's smells delicious, a girl who can cook and heal a wound, I'm definitely keeping you", he smirked making me chuckle I raised my eyebrows at him as he took bite of the bacon.

"I'm not a bag for you to keep", I matched his smirk and look at him as he send me a glare.

"And your feisty, your getting better and better", I chuckled at his saying and started to dig in, I was really hungry since I didn't eat anything when I got home last night.

"So what happened to you last night? Who shot you and why?", I asked and he just tensed up, he just looks down at the table. I knew he didn't know what to tell me.

"You don't need to care about that", he answered shortly, I frowned and glared at him.

"You almost died on my bed last night, I think I do need to care", I said firmly and a tad bit annoyed.

"Well don't! It's none of your business", he lashed out on me making me back away slightly on my chair.

"If it's not my business and you don't want me to care then why the hell did you come to my door? Why are you here now?", I shook my head and stood up from my chair and took away my plate and threw the food away as I head to the living room, I sat down at the couch and sigh. He came after me and sat down next to me, he tried to put his hand on my thigh but I backed away not allowing him.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have lashed out at you. I know you are just trying to help me and everything. But trust me when I tell you that you are better of not knowing", he sigh as I looked at him, I could see on his face it was something that was bothering him, I could feel there is lot more to this story than I've been told.

"It's okay, I'm just a bit worried about you", I smiled making him look up at me and give me a soft look.

"Don't be baby girl, can I ask you something?", he smile as he came closer to me and took my hand as he looked into my eyes.

"Shoot", I smiled and he smirked making me regret what I just said.

"Why do you have a gun under your table?", I was caught off guard as I looked towards the table in front of us, I could see it was a gun under the table. Wow, they really do suck at hiding things.

"Uh, it's for my own protection", I smiled, I lied by telling a part of the truth. I mean it was true that it was for my protection but that wasn't all. It's also there if he tried to to hurt me.

"Do you even know how to fire a gun?", he laughed mockingly making me roll my eyes on.

"Don't ever underestimate a girls power", I smirked and he just raised his eyebrows at me meaning "really?"

"Prove it", I shook my head and grabbed the gun as I stood up, I started to walk out to the backyard.

"What do you want me to shoot?", I asked looking at him with the gun in my hand.

"Shoot at that tree", he pointed at a tree that was pretty far away from where we were standing but it wasn't hard for me. I pulled the gun up and aimed for the tree, I got good aim and I pulled the trigger and I didn't even move an inch. Usually when you fire a gun you get pushed backwards a little bit but I have learned to not do that. I'm stronger than before. I looked at Roy and he was just standing there with his jaw dropped to the ground making me chuckle slightly.

"Close your mouth, baby", I smiled as I walked back inside with him following right behind me.

"So wait up, you can cook, heal a wound and fire a gun? Baby girl you are making me fall for you", I laughed as I looked at him.

"I can do lot more than that. In my free time or whenever I want to take shot off my mind I drag race. I don't know, the rush and the speed gives me this kind of feeling. It's unexplainable", I sigh as I looked at him with a slight smile, he just bit his lip and grabbed me harshly and pushed me up against the wall as he started to kiss me from my lips and down to my neck making me moan slightly, he grabs my ass and pulls me up as I wrap my legs around his torso. He started to walk up the stairs and up to my room, he dropped me on the bed and took his shirt of in a second. He pulled my hoodie off too in just a second as I he revealed my bare body. I wasn't wearing a bra, I just bite my lip as I dragged him down kissing him. He put his hand on either side of my head and pulled himself off, our bodies wasn't touching but our lips were. He started to kiss me down my neck leaving hickeys and making me moan, I dig my nails into his back as he let out a grunt. We were interrupted by the sound of my doorbell making both of us jump slightly. I let out a groan clearly annoyed as I got up and put my hoodie back on.

"Who the hell can that be?", sighs as I walked out the door.

"It might be Brendon", I stopped in my tracks and looked at Roy.

"What? Why? What the hell is he doing here?", I said annoyed and looked at him with anger in my eyes.

"I, uh, needed to talk to him about what happened last night", he said and he started to walk down the stairs.

"And you couldn't do that in any other place could you?", I sigh as I opened the door revealing Effy and Brendon facing me, I just rolled my eyes and let them in. This is going to be an interesting "meeting" .


That was chapter 8, I hope you guys liked it. Sorry for the wait, I had writers block :)

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Chapter 7 - Declared Insane

2015-07-25 03:56


The continuous hours, that strike of pure darkness, warp around my mind. Though at the sound of a man humming along to an old tune; the tone of a muted angel, I am brought into another state. It's pure and simple - though, nothing as beautiful had ever been declared to be heard.

There I lay, unable to change, but merely exist as the connection is to become even greater. The air inside of the room is thick with feelings, though they come from the man, not only from myself.

He experience worry, though at a cautious appearance, he merely let himself stay in the room.

When after a enormous amount of struggle, I manage to finally open my eyes; only to be stared down by two deep brown ones. They rest peacefully over my own, like a bandaid around a open wound - gently had they patched me up.

With these eyes comes a heart warming smile, Brendon reach out with appreciation. He bring his fingers onto my skin; swiping them across my jaw and up to my cheek. There he rest his hand, the affection from just that simple movement, put a light surprise in me.

"How are you feeling, Effy?", Brendon bring himself to ask.

It was a generous question, though only by hearing the emotion in his voice; we both knew he spoke another story.

There lay an uneasy feeling inside of me, almost like someone had brought their hands upon my neck; holding a restrain to my own words.

"I've been better", I deliberately choke, causing the man in front of me to crack up in a smile.

Though even so, I could easily retrain the heartfelt venerability behind those brown eyes, it was minor. But it was definitely there.

Brendon bring himself closer to me, his hand tuck away a string of my brown mess of hair behind my ear before he lean forward. There was a certainty on what was about to happened.

Our lips meet in the sweetest of manners, which cause a wave of affection to surface, even inside of myself. There almost lay a mock in how it felt; it was laughing at me, telling me I was falling in love.

Just that I couldn't bring myself to realize it. That's why it felt fundamental. Almost like a plastic cup. Useless after emptied of it's value.

I pull away after a while, only to note the small line of sadness in Brendon, like he had been disappointed by my sudden actions. So after debating my options, I do what I felt necessary and again, strike him with a kiss.

This time I efficiently tug at Brendon, without actually telling him to move, he does. He sat his frame onto the bed, bringing the both of us closer. I lean myself into him, our bodies pushing only the slightest, he then move the both of us onto the bed.

We lay wrapped into each other's touch, his body pressed onto mine; like a barricade to protect from all else. The thought brings a smile.

"There's something special about you, I want to get to know you more", Brendon say after pulling away, he give us both time to catch our breaths.

"It's not in denial", I smile and we meet in a kiss once more. His hands caress my back, tracing over the fabric of my dress; bringing a sensation to my body. At this, I pull away drastically.

"I need to go home", I push at him, to address my case properly, he stare at me for a while.

"Whatever you need, doll", Brendon pull himself off the bed, bringing me with and effortfully giving me another kiss. But the way he spoke it, made it seem he wasn't satisfied with my decision.


When the leader of the bad guys sang, something soft and soaked in pain; then his four walls declared him insane.

That would be the simplest accusation to my own departed mind. But we all know, feelings are never simple. 

I held my gaze focused on the window, the light raindrops hit onto the cooled surface; bringing a comfortable sound amongst the indifference of my speeding heart. Without looking at him, I knew Brendon would glance at me, lending me a stare now and then. He cared for me, more than either of us would want to let on. And the scary part; I felt the same way.

"Here we are", I bring my eyes away from the window and look over at Brendon. He stop the car outside the mansion, dang that house is big!

"You have a nice house", Brendon sprout and look over across the white concrete walls.

"If you're impressed by this, you should see the inside", I bolt without letting my mind think; Brendon settle his eyes on me again.

"Well can I?", he ask, he knew it was a masked invitation, so I had no choice but to accept. I lean toward, close enough to feel his breath on me, but don't let our lips meet.

"You're not one to attach Mr. Urie, so why are you?", I let my stare onto his, locking our gaze onto one another for a daring amount of time before a devious smirk stroll across his face. He took it as a challenge.

"I could ask you the same thing, doll", Brendon respond, a clear amusement in his voice, we both knew we had just declared each other guilty.

"Touché", I let a smirk onto my lips and draw back, noting the fading smirk on Brendon's lips; he wanted to kiss me.

I unbuckle my seatbelt with ease and slip out of the black car; bringing the bottom of my shoes onto the ground. The sound of my heels echo around us and soon it's complimented by Brendon's shoes.

The raindrops have just enough time to practically soak the both of us and underneath it's grasp we are left venerable. I hurry up to the door, fishing my key out of the bag and unlocking the door. After some time the door finally budge. We step into the warm welcoming environment.

"You were right, this is quite impressive", Brendon speak under his breath as he take in the scenery. I can't help but do the same; the house is newly modded but with a comfortable tone of old.

The furniture are toned warmly; mostly dark red and the walls painted of a soft beige with flower prints. Once you step into the living-room, the first thing you see is the open fire, dressed with white stone. It was old school, though classy.

"Do you want something to drink?", I bring my eyes over to him quickly and watch as he take everything on with fascination.

"That'd be great", Brendon hint me a smile and I leave the scene - almost hurriedly.

I stroll out into the kitchen, met with beautiful structure and moderation. With easily attached movements, I grab a bottle of scotch and pour it into two glasses. Then I again take a breath and move toward the other room. Inside sat Brendon in front of the now lit fire.

"I hope you don't mind, I took the liberty of lighting it", Brendon smile and I shake my head.

I step forward into his view, hand him one of the glasses and take a clunk myself. He watch me in astonishment; his eyes full with something that I couldn't quite make out, love? Or lust?

"I'll be right back", I excuse myself and go up the stairs; into what had been instructed as "my room". When I open the door I'm forced to hold back a gasp - it was beyond pretty.

I hurry to slip out of the dress and the undergarments recently used, then I take a quick shower just to wash off everything from before. All emotions stir up inside my head; bringing a blur.

I turn off the pouring water and seclude myself into one of the towels, drying myself instantly. When done, I dress myself in black lingerie; though I stop myself to ask, was I dressing up for Brendon?

I let the thought slip at my mind and stride out of the bedroom; hair still wet and body only wearing the lingerie. I make my way down the staircase, each step with a careful strode, he would be waiting. Once I step into the living-room it takes a moment for Brendon to see me, when he does; his eyes instantly shoot open and his posture tense.

"Holy fuck, you look so sexy", Brendon can't hold the words in. It brings almost a shyness to myself as my cheeks heat the slightest.

"We both know this is why you came in here, so what are you waiting for?", I surprise even myself when the sentence is left from my lips.

Brendon remove himself from the chair and we instantly meet up in a hot kiss. The tension is fast to build and set out into my whole body; every single touch met by his hands brought me weakened.

"You're so fucking beautiful Effy", Brendon breath once more. I press my lips onto his, roughly, just to shut his words out.

We instantly go up the stairs and I lead him into the bedroom. We don't waste any time as Brendon lay me down on the mattress; himself on top.

But there was certainly something more than just tension of sex that laid in the air. We may even feel something just greater than two bodies coming together in some crazy physiological way; something in the name of love.


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Chapter 6 ~ Lifeless

2015-07-12 13:25

We all sat down at the table which was full of food that was ready to be eaten. The air was a bit tense, no one really said anything and it was a strange atmosphere. But that didn't last very long as Roy looked up at Brendon and smiled sheepishly.

"So Brendon, are you going to introduce me to your lovely misses?", Roy asked a hint of mock in his voice, I looked up at him and rolled my eyes as I gave Effy a quick look, by the looks of it me and her are gonna act as if we don't know each other.

"This is Effy, or as I prefer her as, doll", Brendon responded, I almost let out a chuckle, doll? Wait till you see what that doll is gonna do to you. I smirked slightly by the thoughts in my head.

"Effy, I see, well, this is Kitty, or Alexandra", Roy responded while staring at me. Do I look like a damn watch? Why are these guys talking like if we are some of their property. I tried not to say something as I bit my tongue. One day this kitty is gonna gouge out your eyes. I moved slightly in my chair making Roy look at me with a grin, he placed his hand on mine that was on my chair under the table and leaned down to my ear.

"If that chair isn't comfortable, you can always sit on me", he whispered in my ear making me shiver a little, I just just scoff at him and turned my attention to Effy and Brendon that were now getting up from their chairs. I look at them a bit confused, but I finally catch up with that they were going to go out for a smoke. I've noticed that Effy has been smoking a lot lately, little unusual. I shrug it off as they walked out the back door, the door slammed shut making me come back to reality as I look at Roy. He was taking a bite of the pancakes that were in front of him, for some reason I couldn't take my eyes off him. It was something mysterious and interesting about him that kept stealing my attention, every move he made got me staring at him.

"You know baby girl, you can just take a picture if you want", he smirked as he put his knife and fork down and turning his attention to me.

"Let me take something better", and with that I crashed my lips on his, I could feel that he was surprised because he didn't kiss me back for five seconds. When he realized I just kissed him, he grabbed me by the waist and pulls me up to him making me sit on his lap. I wrap my arms around his neck as the kiss got more heated making me bite his lower lip as he let out a small moan making me smirk. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me up and placed me on the table as he was hovering over me, this kiss wasn't like any other kiss. It was magical and like before I could feel butterflies and fireworks, what was going on with me?

We got interrupted by the sound of his phone ringing, he groaned loudly clearly showing he was annoyed as he answered the call.

"Yeah, yeah fine. The shipment will be done", and by that he hung up, he put me back down as he looked at me with a small smile on his lips.

"Why are you looking at me like that?", I asked as I stared at him with a slight smile on my lips.

"Because there is just something about you, I can't take my eyes off you", he bite his lip as he bent down to my level and gave me a quick kiss before disappearing to the back door probably going to get Brendon.

"Because there is something about you, you can fool other girls with that sentence but not me Roy", I mumbled to myself, as I stood up to walk out, in walked Roy and Brendon. Roy gave me small smile as he and Brendon started to walk up the stairs again, giving me the perfect time to grab Effy and tell her about the shipment. When the boys disappeared up the stairs, I took my charger chance and run out and as I opened the door I was greeted by a smoking Effy. I was surprised, what was happening with her? Usually I'm the one who smokes a lot but since we have started this mission it's as if she has changed into a whole other person.

"Hey", I greeted her in a lower voice. She gave me a look to ask if we were alone, and I nod in response.

"Are you aware of how much you smoke?", I ask a bit dumbfonded. She just raise her eyebrow and look at me.

"Yes mom, I'm aware, I also know they kill me", she replied with sarcasm I just let out a small chuckle and shook mg head while my eyes met the horizon.

"All I'm saying is be careful", I reminded with a kind tone. And all she did was smile at me.

"I know. Besides this, do you have an idéa of what they were going to do?", she asks taking another breath of the intoxicating smoke. What was going on with her? I really wanted to know, but I don't think now is the time to ask.

"Work, I think they have a big shipment coming up", I informed playing with my dark locks. She nod and toss away the joint, making me breath out deeply. All of sudden she presses her hands against her skull and scream out in agony. I look at her in fear, as I grab her by the shoulders.

"Effy!", I shout as she shuts her eyes in pain but then after a second she stands up straight as I embrace her, my hands were practically shaking with fear. There must be something wrong with her, and I have to know what.

"I'm fine", she mumbled and placed her arms around me, but I could hear it in her voice that she wasn't sure if she was. I was shaking like hell, I haven't seen her like this ever. As we pulled away the door swung open with the both guys flying out the door looking at us in shock. Me and Effy played it off so they wouldn't notice that we were hugging and thank god they didn't. But all of the sudden my attention turned back to Effy as her slim body fell to the ground, but before I even could react Brendon was already kneeling down to pick her up.

Brendon was carrying Effy up the stairs and all I could do was stare at her lifeless body, my hands were shaking so badly and I was trying to play it off but I couldn't. My face went pale and it felt as if my heart just dropped down to my feet and I couldn't breath. As Brendon placed her on the bed all I could do was look at her, I wanted to sit down and hold her hands and tell her to wake up but I know I can't.

"Roy can you call our doctor?", Brendon asks making me wake up from my thoughts, his voice was calm but I could hear that between his words laid a venerbility. As Roy exits the room for some reason I follow him out, I couldn't just stand there and watch her. Because if I stand there long enough I know I won't be able to control myself and I would just blow the whole thing up. As Roy was talking through the phone I was in war with my thoughts and I was so scared that my hands just wouldn't stop shaking. I could see Roy's eyes fixated on me, all of sudden he took my hand and gave me a reassuring look. I just breath out and I was just letting go of Roy's hand someone else grabbed me by the arm making me stop in my tracks as I turned around I was greeted by the anger that was laying in Brendon's eyes.

"What did you do to her?", he hissed at me making my breathing stop, oh shit! I hope he haven't found out anything. I was trying to hide my emotions and trying to stop shaking.

"I didn't do anything to her", I started but I was interrupted by Brendon scoffing at me.

"Then can you explain why she's laying unconcious in my bedroom?", he asks, his voice kept getting louder and louder and his grip around my wrist tightened making me whimper in pain.

"It wasn't her fault", a voice behind surprised us. We all turn to face Effy, she was standing at the top of the stairs. Brendon lets go of me and meet with Effy as she walks down.

"I have a sickness", Effy starts. What the hell is this? She leans against Brendon for support as we continued to listen to her.

"It's called Esconia Mola, it's a brain disease causing your whole body to shut down for a limited amount of time", she continues and I just stare at her. I let out a deep breath, what type of lie is this?

"Basically I die and then I wake up", she finishes leaving the room in surpressed silence. We all kept staring at where she was just standing, I didn't know if that was a lie or not. All I could do was stare at the ground. As Brendon walked back in after her I let out a deep breath as I was still shaking, I looked at my wrist and the mark of Brendon's hand were there. By my surprise a tear left my eye unexpectedly, I didn't know why but it did maybe because the tight grip that Brendon had around my wrist was still hurting or by the fact that I didn't know what was going on with my best friend.

All of sudden I was embraced by Roy and I was still shaking a little bit, he held my body tight up against his as he stroked my hair gently.

"Hey, everything is fine. I'm here alright, just breath baby girl, breath", he said as I felt a kiss on my head, I never thought a person like him would care if someone was in my situation. I feel like if there is something I don't know about him. I breath out as I step back slightly, I look up to meet his sea blue eyes starting at me as I smiled reassuring him I was fine.

"Thanks", I said shortly as he let me go, he looked shocked himself. I think this might be the first time he ever done this for a girl.

"It's ok, do you want me to drop you off at home?", he asks and surprisingly I nod because to be honest I didn't want see Brendon right now. He just smiled as he walked into the room that Effy and Brendon were and then he walked out again as he grabbed my hand and started to walk down the stairs with me.

The car ride was silent and to be honest I liked it, I wasn't in the mood to talk or anything. I just laid my head against the windows and looked outside at the road, it was raining by now and the sound of raindrops hitting the car windows made me somewhat calm. Now and then I could feel Roy looking at me, but I didn't want to look at him. I was just way to tired to even lift my head or turn around.

"So, uhm... Do you know her?", Roy broke the silence as he dropped the bomb on me, I tensed a bit but I played it off as I slightly turned my head towards his direction.

"No, I'm just not a big fan of people fainting in front of me. But it's not just that, she look familiar to me, I don't know to be honest. But to answer yours and Brendon's question, no I do not know her", I said as I clenched my jaw at the last part of my sentence, I didn't like Brendon in the beginning and now I have a bigger reason. He's a douche, but I don't like Roy either. Or do I?

"Alright, no need to get mad here now babe", he joked as I scoffed and kept looking outside.

"This is my house", I said as I looked at the house they gave me, I could see Roy was a bit stunned and to be honest I was a bit stunned myself. The house looks like a damn castle.

"This, this is your house?", he said as he got out of the car with me without taking his eyes off the house.

"Yep", I answered shortly as I was now standing in front of the door, I looked at Roy and he smiled at me making me stare into his eyes.

"See you later beautiful", and with that he kissed me with so much passion that I almost fell backwards. He backed away and I smiled at him, and as he got into his car I waved at him one last time and got into the house.

"Beautiful", I scoffed as I closed the door behind me and kicked off my heels. It's been a long and hard day and all I wanted was to get out of this dress and into bed again.

I woke up from this horrific nightmare I was having struggling for air, I've been having this dream for about three years and it's always the same. I looked at the clock as it showed 21:30 and I just threw the sheets off my body as I stood up, I was wearing some sweatpants and a top. That stupid dress was too tight, I don't know how I even could breath in it yesterday. I just shook my head and grabbed my towel and went the straight way to the shower.

Roy's P.O.V ;

I was waiting for the shipment to arrive, tonight I was on my own since Brendon decided he was gonna stay with the girl. And one of us had to get the shipment, or else shit was going to happen. My attention got caught by two black range rovers coming our way, the windows were rolled down and all of sudden bullets were flying through the air. I grabbed my gun and started shooting at them as I was running backwards to get to my car. This is what happens when big ass shipments like these arrive. As I was opening the car door I felt a sharp pain on the left side of my stomach as I fell to the ground, I looked down to my side to see blood pouring out of me. I pressed the wounded area and pushed myself off the ground and got into the car, I put my foot on the gas and drove off.

As I was driving I could feel my eyes getting shut and my body loosing control but I kept my eyes open as I kept on driving. I couldn't go to the hospital because if I lay my foot in there I won't make out without policemen and if I go to Brendon I might die in the way since he lives far away from town. I only have one place to go to, and I have to go there. Even if it means telling the truth.

I stopped the car at the driveway and dragged myself out of the car, as I struggled to the door, I kept ringing on the bell as I my sight kept getting darker and darker. As the door opened I dropped to the floor and everything went dark.

Alexandra's P.O.V ;

I got out of the shower as I put on my robe and wrapped my wet hair in the towel. All of sudden the door started ringing and it kept ringing multiple times. I ran downstairs to see who it was this late at my door, no one knows this address bedside me and Effy. So who the hell could it be? As I walked towards the door the ringing kept getting louder. I opened the door and a body fell lifelessly on the floor, the door had a bloody hand print on it. I bent down and rolled the body over to see Roy's pale face and his eyes slowly shutting.

"Roy!", I shouted as I I grabbed his face and tried to see any sign of life in him.

Could he be... dead?

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Chapter 5 - Table Manners

2015-06-27 18:23


Once me and Alex had seperated, again, for the night I slipped inside of the warm sheets. Brendon rolled over, grabbing onto my figure and pulling me toward him, but he was still asleep. I lay my head against his chest, a smile fading on my lips as I soon drift off to sleep.

The morning after played like no other, my eyes flutter open but I have to cover them. The sudden change in light almost blind me in the proccess. Brendon sat on the side of the bed, his head rested against his hands. He seemed to be deep in thought. I studied him for all the while, taking in all his postures. 

"Good morning, doll", he greets casually without looking at me.

"Morning", I mumble, noting to the fact I had no clothes on. Brendon raised his head and passed me a quick look, a smile hinting on his lips. He then moves quickly and places himself beside me, shirtless. His hand finds mine as he intertwines our fingers gently. 

"You were very astonishing last night, I enjoyed it very much", he practically whispered as he placed a light kiss on the back of my hand. What a Gentleman. I let out a short giggle, without containing myself and lift myself slightly. Our lips meet, sudden and unexpected but with definate attraction. 

"You weren't too bad yourself Brendon", I smirk. His eyebrows went up in confusion, a intense stare in his eyes.

"You own this club, don't you?", I question, but knowing the answer. I roll over and pull up a joint from my case and then look back at him. His eyes scan me, but soon his face break up into a smirk.

"I indeed do. You know me then?", he questioned, I nod and hold forward my joint. He lit it, tucking away the lighter in his desk again. I smile and take in a long breath. 

"Everybody knows you", I respond after a short while. Brendon smirk and I could tell I turned him on. With one swift move he had tossed the joint aside and crashed his lips onto mine, hurriedly.

"And you are?", he asked intbetween hot kisses. His hands traveled around my back, pushing my body against his.

"Effy", I smiled. I broke the kiss and pushed him off, knowing he shouldn't get too comfortable. 

Brendon studied me as I moved across the floor, sliding into my dress. I drew my hands through my tangly brown locks, it was all a mess. Suddenly Brendon put his arms around me, hugging me from behind, his morning wood poking me through the fabric of his black jeans. A smirk spread across the both of our faces. 

"Would you be so kind and zip me up?", I asked. He didn't respond but did as told, his hands moving across my back and up. He made sure to keep his hands on me till he was done. I turn but don't get out of his embrace around me. It was a comforting feeling. His warm skin against mine. 

Brendon wrap his hands around my chin lightly, his lips hovering just above mine. We stay like this for a while, all in silence. Our lips meet in unison just as wave of heat wash over me. I felt exactly what he felt. I push him away, overwhelmed with everything and take a few deep breaths. 

"Are you okay?", he asks. Worry laced his words. I close my eyes and try to break the connection. It didn't work. I had made a emotinal connection with Brendon.

For a connection to even exist, we both had to feel something for each other. I take another deep breath, but Brendon brings me back to reality as his fingers touch my bare skin. 

"I'm fine", I assure, weakned by the incident. He stare at me for a while, but then decides to let it go. It is as if he's thinking about something when his arm wrap around my waist. He opens the door, letting me go first. 

Had I really connected to Brendon? Or was it just the crack spinning my head out of thought? I shake my head, forcing myself to act normal. Brendon brings his arm around me again, like he didn't want to say goodbye. 

We met with Alexandra and her target, Roy, at the end of the hallway. I stare at her, seeing she had also tensed up.

"Yo Brendon! Morning bro, wanna go eat some breakfast with us?", Roy greeted. I felt the sudden panic rise up inside of me. Please don't. I bit onto my bottom lip, but Brendon only cast a quick look at me. It seemed as if he thought about if for a while before he responded.

"Uh, sure yeah let's go", he finally replied sheepisly. He didn't care what we did, as long as he didn't leave my side. I bit onto my bottom lip again, knowing what he felt provoked me as well. I cast a pleading look toward Alex, trying to figure out what our plan would be. 

We walked stiffly amongst each other down the multiple stairs, all in a dead silence. Brendon had taken a hold of my hand, to keep me from not losing balance. I kept my eyes in front of me, deciding that it would be best to not know Alexandra. This scenario was tough enough.

"We'll get out of there when you've gotten something to eat", Brendon bent over and whispered in my ear. I lend him a smile, like a response. Once we enter the dining hall the table had already been set. All kinds of foods, for breakfast, sat on it - ready to be eaten.

Alex cast a light glance at me and sat down next to Roy on the other side of me and Brendon. I sat down, Brendon pushing my chair in. I smile at him again as he sits down next to me. 

"So Brendon, are you going to introduce me to your lovely misses?", Roy asked a hint of mock in his voice, like it wasn't the first time. I scoffed, but hid it under a cough. Brendon placed his attenion on me.

"This is Effy, or as I prefer her as, doll", he said formally a sort of smile covering his lips. Just as I was about to say something about that comment I felt Brendon's hand on my tigh. I feel my cheeks heat the slightest.

"Effy, I see, well, this is Kitty, or Alexandra", Roy responded while staring at Alex. It was as if they were comparing trophies. I couldn't help but feel small. Brendon moved his hand at a sudden, closer, which caused my skin to curl. When he sent me a smile I force myself not to push him off, after all, table manners, was it not? 

Instead I place my hand on his and lean the slightest closer.

"How about a smoke?", I ask in a low tone. Brendon tense at my words and acted quickly. He excused the both of us and we left the diner room. I searched the room with my eyes as we exited. 

Brendon pulled up a joint from the inner pocket of his blue tux jacket. I rest my attention on him and watch him in fascination as he lit the ciggaret handing it to me. I take a deep breath, the smoke filling my lungs. I then lean my head back and blow out the smoke into the fresh morning air. 

"You didn't call me out here for a smoke only, did you?", Brendon asked, dangerously close to my face. His hands gripped onto my sides while he placed his lips on the side of my neck. I smile and take another breath of the smoke. His lips move across my neck, causing my body to tremble of his touch. 

"Not preferably", I admitted after gathering strenght to speak. Brendon only smile slyly in response, he already knew that. I toss the cig away, placing my hand under his chin and bring his lips to mine.

We stand there in the breezing Saturday morning, the sun radiation off our skin and heating it up. We kissed for a long while, our tongues brushing against one another, our bodies pressed together. Brendon push me against the wall with a slight roughness as I place my leg around his waist. 

"Hey Brendon we need to-", Roy bust the door open, which interrupt us. But he stops himself when he sees what was happening. He froze, a smirk going over his face as he waited. 

"I'll be right there", Brendon replied a slight irritation noticable in his tone. Figures. Then he again turns to me a sorry smile plastered on his face. 

"It's fine, I have time", I said and smile. Brendon press his lips against mine again, rougher than before before he pull away and leave me empty handed. When he went inside I take a breath in. 

"Fucking tosser", I spat under my breath as I drop the act and pull up a joint. This man really knew how to get me going. He couldn't just leave me in the middle of it. I roll my eyes at my thoughts. The door opens again, exposing Alex at the other side.

"Hey", she greets in a lower voice. I give her a look to ask if we were alone, she nod. 

"Are you aware of how much you smoke?", Alex asks dumbfonded. I raise my eyebrow and look at her.

"Yes mom, I'm aware, I also know they kill me", I replied sarcasm dripping by my words. She let out a small chuckle and shook her head while her eyes met the horizon. 

"All I'm saying is be careful", she reminded with a kind tone. I smile to her.

"I know. Besides this, do you have an idéa of what they were going to do?", I ask taking another breath of the inotxicating smoke. 

"Work, I think they have a big shipment coming up", Alex informed playing with her dark locks. I nod and toss away the joint, that was enough for now. A sudden pain struck inside my head, like a knife jabbed into my brain. I press my hands against my skull and scream out in agony. 

"Effy!", Alex shouts through the thick air. I close my eyes when the tears start to swell up in them. The pain releaves and I can stand properly again. Alexandra embraces me, her hands practically shaking with fear.

"I'm fine", I mumble and place my arms around her. Though I wasn't sure if I was. Those kind of headaches only appeared when a connection started to form and become even greater. I take a breath and pull back. I quickly wipe away the tears using the back of my hand. 

The door swings open, sudden and unexpected. Out comes both Brendon and Roy, both chocked and worried expressions on their faces. I stare at them but before anything else I lost my balance and fell onto the ground, my whole body shutting down in form of seconds.


Brendon's P.O.V;

I went over the agreements of the shipments, Roy talking to the deliverman. Though I was caught up in work I couldn't keep my thoughts from wandering over to Effy. There was something about her, but I couldn't wuite put my finger on it. All I knew was that I was definetly interested in her, more than anyone I had been with. 

I brought myself back to reality and look down the papers again. I scribble down a few thing and then sign my name at the end of the paper. Roy looks up at me and nod, I nod back. He then pats the deliverer on his back before walking up to me. 

"We're all good to go", Roy greeted me and I nod. But just as I'm heading over to the office my attention get caught by a female scream from the outside. I felt my blood freeze and my heart stop in my chest, Effy.


Without hesitation I hurry outside, jumping over the railing of the stairs but get up unharmed. I push the door open with force just to see the two ladies standing. A calmness wash over me. Roy meets my back with his hands, seeing what was going on.

But all of a sudden Effy seems to lose her balance as her eyes turn white when her body fall aimlessly to the ground. I hurry over to her, embracing her sudden cold body in my arms. All of the while my heart was beating hard against my chest, scared for her life. What was going on?

I bring Effy up the stairs and place her on my bed, tucking her in my sheets. I then sit down next to her and place her hand in mine. I gasp, it was ice cold.

"Roy can you call our doctor?", I ask keeping my voice calm. But between the words there laid a venerbility. Roy exits the room followed by Alexandra. I don't pay any attention of things around me. My attention was fixated on Effy.

I stare at her, my hands covering her cold ones. There was a sudden affection washing over me. Was I falling for this girl? That would be insane. I had practically just met her, besides I knew nothing of her. I didn't even know her last name. But come to think of it, that Alexandra seemed closer to her than assumed. Why else were they hugging?

I can barely control the thoughts and the rage followed after as I lift myself from beside Effy. I leave the room in hurry, blinded by anger. I quickly catch up to Roy and Alexandra. I grab onto her arm, making her stop. 

"What did you do to her?", I hiss not even recognizing myself. Alexandra stare at me with a baracage in front of her eyes, like she was hiding her emotions. 

"I didn't do anything to her", she started but I scoffed. 

"Then can you explain why she's laying unconcious in my bedroom?", I ask, my voice raised and my grip around her wrist tightened. She whimper in pain and Roy step forward. 

"It wasn't her fault", a voice behind surprised us. We all turn to face Effy, she was standing at the top of the stairs. I let go of Alexandra and meet with Effy as she walks down. 

"I have a sickness", Effy starts. But I had a feeling that may not be the truth. She leant against me for support.

"It's called Esconia Mola, it's a brain disease causing your whole body to shut down for a limited amount of time", she continues and leans closer to me. Her skin had become warm again.

"Basically I die and then I wake up", she finishes leaving the room in surpressed silence. How was that even possible? 


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Chapter 4 ~ Fireworks and Butterflies

2015-06-27 14:17

I was currently standing in my room looking at my reflection feeling a bit uncomfortable. I was wearing a tight dark blue dress that also was a bit short for me. But if dressing like a prostitute will make this mission easier than alright I'll go along with it.

I just took a deep breath and bent down to put on my heels, I stood straight up again and fixed my earrings as I let out a deep breath. I adjusted my dress a little as I stood in front of the big white opening. I grabbed the knob and opened the door as I walked straight up to Effy's room. I opened the door and stood at the doorframe, we had similar dresses I smiled at her as she walked towards me.

"Damn", I hear her mutter as she chuckled making me mimic her laugh as I grab her hand we start to walk out of the building.

It was a little awkward walking out since everyone was looking at us, I just tried to avoid everyone's eyes and kept my head high. I kept looking at the front door we were headed to. I glanced at Effy and she looked just as nervous as me.

"Are you ready for this?", I ask, trying to sound not nervous but I'm pretty sure I failed. She nod and smile as a reply. I smile back and we get into our escort car.

The car ride was silent and it was a bit weird but both me and Effy were lost in thoughts. The minute I put my feet in this car I've been struggling with my own thoughts and by now we were standing a few blocks away from the club.

Effy looked at me as she exit the car with me behind her, as I put my feet out the car I hurriedly grabbed her hand and we walked towards the club. There was a cold wind brushing against our bare shoulders and feet but both of us were too lost in our thoughts to care.

As we got closer and closer to the club we could hear the music getting louder and louder making my mind snap back. I took a deep breath as we step inside of the club. When we stepped inside the smell of alcohol and sweat and drugs came at me like a wave, it smelled disgusting. I let go of Effy's hand as we separate, time to do our jobs.

I walked down the glass stairs to the dance floor as I started to move to the beat trying to fit in with the rest of these 'drunkies'. I was moving my body in synch with the music as I shut my eyes and got lost in the music world.

When I opened my eyes I saw him, Roy, standing at the top of the stairs looking straight at me. I smirked at him slightly as I kept on dancing, he kept on looking at me and I just bit my lip as I shut my eyes again.

As I was dancing I could feel a pair of hands getting wrapped around my waist making my eyelids flutter open, I turn around slightly to see his face just inches away from mine. Even in this darkness I could see his bright blue eyes glittering as they were looking straight into mine.

"Hello", his dark voice echoed in my ears making me shiver a little, I just played it off and kept looking at him.

"You could've at least bought me a drink first before starting to dance with me", I smirked slightly as I bit my lip. He chuckle, his grip getting tighter around my waist as he pulled me closer, so close I could feel the smell of alcohol from his breath.

"That's just a waist of time, I can't control myself when I see someone like you", his breath hit my neck making tense a little as I chuckled making him look at me a bit confused.

"Is that so?", I joked making him smile a little and showing his dimples, he was kinda cute.
'What am I doing? he's a criminal!' I shook off my thoughts and looked back at him.

"If you want to have a drink with me then come on my lady, let's get a drink", he grabbed my hand and starts to drag me behind him to the bar, we pushed through the drunk sweaty bodies and got up to the bar as I sat down on a stool.

"I'll have a martini", I smiled and he smirked as he sat down next to me, I took in all his textures. He was very muscular and had brown - blond ish hair and he was quite tall compared to me.

"A martini for the lady and whiskey for me", he ordered and turned to face me, he wore a questioning look as his eyes scanned me from head to toe taking in every inch of my body.

"You done eye raping me?", I chuckled and I smirked slightly as he immediately looked up at my eyes.

"I think so, are you new here? I haven't seen you before", he asked as the bartender put our drinks in front of us.

I took a sip, after taking a deep breath, I looked up and met his eyes staring straight into mine. It was something about his eyes that just fascinated me.

"I guess you can say that", I took another sip from my glass with him admiring my every move.

"You have a name don't you? I mean someone as gorgeous as you must have an equally gorgeous name", he got his way with words, he's a damn charmer for sure. It's an easy way to get into someone's pants.

"The name is Alexandra, but you can call me whatever you want... Sorry what was your name?", I smirked as I got a little closer to him, I looked down at his perfectly shaped lips and then back up at his eyes.

"I'm Roy, and since I can call you whatever I want I'm going to call you Kitty", I chuckle slightly, and could feel his hands slowly traveling up to my thighs making me shiver a little.

I smirk as I got closer to him, my hands traveling up from his pants to his shirt as I intentionally touched his manhood as he tensed a little and bit his lip. He grabbed my hand as he pulled me to his lap, his hands traveling every inch of my body as I start to actually get into it.

He stared into my eyes and his face kept getting closer to mine, and as I blinked his lips met mine and it was as if our lips were made for each other. He made his way down to my neck, them brushing against it was making me weak. But I had to focus on my job, so as he was keeping himself busy I poured a sleeping powder into his drink. I smirked as I threw the bag away and turned my head towards his way again making him finally take his lips away from my neck.

"Let's go somewhere more private", and with that he grabbed his drink and my hand and we started to walk towards the stairs again. As we were walking across the crowded dance floor again, he drank his whole drink without suspecting anything. I smirked at my success, us walking up the first stairs and then the next stairs. As we were in front of the big red doors he pushed the door open and pulled me in.

I closed the door behind me and as I turned around I was pushed up against the door and his hand traveled down my ass and he picked me up still pushing me against the door.

He looked straight at me with lust in his eyes and without a second of thinking I kissed him, I wrapped my arms around his neck as I kissed him a bit roughly. His lips then traveled down to my neck making my breathing stop for a second, as he was sucking down my neck I could feel hickeys being made as I pulled him by his hair. He pulled me off the door but still keeping me up, his lips didn't leave mine as he put me on the bed and hovered over me. I shut my eyes and trying to hold in my moans, I bite my lip as I turned us over and I was now on top of him taking off his shirt. Revealing his perfectly toned abs made my hormones worst, I started to leave hickeys in every inch of his body. I was trying to make the time go so he would pass out. He sat up with me on his lap and he started to pull down my dress revealing my blue lace bra, he bit his lips and I could see the lust in him.

He started to leave hickeys on my breasts, I grab the silk bed sheets trying hard not to let out a moan. All of sudden it stopped, I couldn't feel his lips on my body, I looked down to see his eyes shut and his head between my breasts. He was out, I chuckled as I pushed him off and he just laid there asleep.

I pulled up my dress, and I put my shoes away and left the room quietly. Luckily there wasn't anyone outside giving me the perfect opportunity to look around this place to see if I could find anything. I didn't have to worry about the sleeping powder/pills because I knew he will be out until tomorrow morning. I smiled slightly at the thought of what just happened, for some reason I liked it. The way our lips moved in synch, like our lips and bodies were made for each other. I know I shouldn't think about that but I somehow couldn't control myself.

I've been searching this entire building for about two hours without finding anything, I kept walking around in silent trying my best to not make a noise. I wonder what Effy is doing right now. I was walking along the corridor, turning my head to my left side to see a black door, it seemed like it was unlocked.

I twisted the knob and it flew open, I stood by the doorframe looking straight at the bigger metal door. It almost looked like a big vault, I walked towards it and started to look around it. But it didn't have anything, no knobs, nothing. It only had a hand scanner. I walked back to the doorframe and studied the door from afar, as I was staring at the door my attention got caught by a door opening and my eyes got stuck on Effy. She was wearing a white shirt, it wasn't hers it looked more like a guys shirt. I looked at her a bit chocked.

"Effy, did you?", I ask as I was still looking at her from head to toe, her hair was a mess and so was everything else on her. I kept on looking at her from head to toe waiting for an answer and after some moments of silence she finally responded.

"Yeah, so what?", she mumbled, I shrugged it off trying to pretend I wasn't surprised and chocked. But I was because she was never the one who would actually do it on the first night.

"Have you found anything?", she asked, taking my attention off her clothing and look. I nod and look into the room and she does the same and our eyes land on the vault door.

"I have looked at it for about twenty minutes and all I can see on it is a hand scanner. Which makes it harder, because who's hand could it be. Roy or Brendon?", I asked as I looked at her with a questioning look.

"So what are we supposed to do? We didn't just get here to look at the damn door", she said a bit frustrated, I don't know what was up with her. For some reason it looked like if she was bothered with something.

"I don't know, I mean we have like three years to do this. We can get closer to the guys and maybe they just show us what's on the other side of that door?", I suggested as I looked back at the vault, what could be behind that giant steal door? What can be so important that it's so highly secured? As I was thinking about the vault I could feel Effy's eyes on me, I could feel her staring at me and I turned around with a questioning look on my face.

"Are those hickeys? They are aren't they?", she almost jumped on my neck, I chuckled slightly at her reaction. Why was she surprised?

"Yeah, they are", I said rolling my eyes at her as she shook her head at me.

"So you did do it. Then why are you judging me?", she said a bit defensive making me a little surprised at her change of tone.

"First of all no, we didn't do it and I'll tell you later why and how. And second, I didn't judge you. I was just chocked because you never do this type of stuff, especially on the first night", I explained as I walked closer to her putting my hand on her shoulder as I was smiling slightly.

"I'm sorry, I'm just a little off right now. Probably because I'm exhausted", she sigh making me smirk at her.

"Hell yeah you're exhausted, you had a rough night", I joked as she gasped hitting me slightly as she laughed herself.

"Shut up. Alright since we can't get through this door right now, I was thinking we could get back in the rooms and pretend nothing has happened. Oh and by the way tell me how you didn't do it", she said as she closed the door, I bit my lip and smiled at her slightly.

"I poured some sleeping powder in his drink and while he was busy giving me hickeys he passed out, giving me the perfect opportunity to walk around this hell hole looking for something", I said as she chuckled making me look at her confused.

"I guess you are smarter than I thought, but enough about this. Let's get back in the rooms before they both wake up, and we see each other tomorrow and we'll see where this goes", she started walking towards the room she was staying at and I just nod and walked past her to the room I was supposed to be at.

Where a passed out Roy was waiting. As I opened the door slightly the sight of him sleeping made me chuckle slightly, when he was sleeping he looked so peaceful. No one could see that he was a criminal. I just smirked as I started to pull off my tight dress, if we were gonna pretend that nothing happened I know I have to lie to him in the morning saying we did it, even though we didn't. I took off my bra and panties as I slide into the bed covering my bare body with the red silk bed sheets. As I put my head on the pillow Roy turned and his arm naturally fell on me, I smiled slightly as I closed my eyes trying to fall asleep.

After two hours of still not being able to sleep I felt myself being dragged to the other side of the bed, that's when I felt my back being pushed against his bare chest. He wrapped his arms around me as he snuggles his face into my neck, I slowly turned to see if he was awake but he wasn't. He was still asleep, I chuckle slightly but what I didn't know was what to do with his arms around me so I just laid my hand over his and shut my eyes closed. I smiled slightly as I went away to the world of dreams and peace.

I woke up by the sun shining in my eyes and someone stroking my hair, I looked up with one eye open to see Roy looking at me. I open my eyes fully and look at him confused, when he realizes I'm awake he removes his hand and laughs slightly.

"Yes!", he almost shouts making me jump a little, I looked in his eyes with confusion written all over my face. What's going on with him now?

"What?", I asked confused as I sat up slightly, I realized I took off my cloths last night so I dragged the sheet over my body covering it.

"I finally woke up next to a real beauty, not just a girl who only is beautiful with makeup on", he said as he smiled slightly, he looked at me from head to toe. By the looks of it he was admiring me, I smirked slightly by the thought that he is getting hooked, and that he actually believed we did it last night.

"Don't get used to it big boy", I smiled as I tapped his chest, I wrapped the sheet around me and as I was on my way to stand up I felt him grab my arm and drag me back down making me fall on top of him. I looked at him confused and he just smirked.

"I'm just checking if I marked my territory right", he smiled as he dragged the sheet down a bit so he could see the top of my breast. I pulled the sheet back up and smacked his bare chest.

"Marked your territory? I'm not your house, and besides this was only a one night stand", I pushed myself up and took up my underwear as I was trying to put them on. I pulled up my panties but I was struggling a little with my bra, it wasn't getting hooked.

"Let me give you a hand", and by that he was standing behind me, he took away the sheet, and pulled on my bra. He took one end and hooked it to the other end, whilst doing that he made sure he would touch my skin every time. I shivered by his touch, for some reason I liked it.

I shut my eyes slightly, then the feeling from last night rushed into me as his lips connected with my neck again. My breathing stopped for a second as I pushed him away, I could feel him smirking as his eyes were on my ass. I bit my lip slightly, there was something different with him. But I don't know what it is.

"You're so damn gorgeous", I heard him mumble making me turn around smirking as I looked at him.

"Thanks", I licked my lips as I bent down to pick up my dress, I could still feel his eyes on me and as I stood up again I was pushed against the wall with one of his hands on my waist and the other on the wall next to my head. He came closer and closer to me, and without hesitation he kissed me with so much passion. I could feel butterflies flying in my stomach and fireworks were going off in my head. What is this feeling I'm feeling? I shot my eyes open when I realized what was happening, I pushed him off as he looked at me confused.

"Come on baby, let me just invite you to some breakfast at least", he said raising his eyebrows and smiling a little goofily. I chuckled as I shook my head, I thought about it a little and to be honest we were supposed to get closer to them so why not?

"Alright, breakfast can't hurt", I smiled and he laughed as he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and started spinning. I started laughing as I punched his back slightly.

"Put me down you idiot!", I laughed, he put me down on my feet again but I was a bit dizzy and so was he so we used each other as support so we wouldn't fall over. When we stopped being dizzy I stepped away from him and smiled slightly while putting on my dress.

"I wish I could just take you to breakfast naked", I heard him mumble to himself as he was sort of eye raping me.

"What did you say?", I acted like if I didn't hear him, he just looked straight up in my eyes and shook his head repeatedly.

"Uh... Nothing really. You done?", he asked as he put his shirt over his head, my eyes got stuck on his perfect abs making me rethink of what happened last night and a few minutes ago.

"Yeah... Yeah, I'm done", I stuttered, I was lost for words if I'm to be honest. It was just something with him that made me lose every sense I had.

"You done checking me out? I mean we can just skip breakfast and I'll give you a special breakfast", he smirked making my attention turned to him as I throw a pillow at him.

"Shut up and let's go", I laughed slightly, I started to leave the room with him right behind me. My attention turned to an another door being open and out came Effy and this other guy, I think he was called Brendon. I gave her a look and she motioned me to act normal. I just took in a deep breath, and started to walk down the stairs.

"Yo Brendon! Morning bro, wanna go eat some breakfast with us?", I looked at Roy with shocked eyes, Oh no! Why did you have to ask him that? Me and Effy gave each other a almost panicked look, almost as if we were both saying 'holy fuck' in synch in our minds.

"Uh, sure yeah let's go", Brendon replied sheepishly. Why did you have to agree? Couldn't you just say no? Now what do we do? Should me and Effy pretend we don't know each other or what? This is going to be an interesting breakfast...

So that was chapter 4, I hope you guys liked it. I hope you don't mind that our chapters are being a little more steamy than usual :)