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Sara Sael

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how we want to travel

2018-12-06 22:12
Från sarasael

One month-ish from now and we'll be on the plane to Bangkok/Thailand and we haven't booked any accommodation yet!! Nerve-racking? Not that much. For starters, there seems to be plenty of accommodatio…


2018-11-27 16:00
Från sarasael

My husband Tommy and I went to Spain this October, where our plan was to ' around southern Spain for 3,5 weeks. We flew to Barcelona from Stockholm with a few days before travelling onwards, and I th…

My travel journals

2018-11-25 17:55
Från sarasael

Hi! I'm Sara, an ordinary girl from Sweden who's in the middle of preparing for travels around Asia with my husband Tommy in 2019. Here I'll share our stories, pictures and thoughts from the coming y…