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How to Activate Norton Security 2018 Product Key

2018-11-05 05:58
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Norton Customer Care


Norton security is one of the front-runners of the antivirus community. It has been providing its users with a lot of options when it comes to computer security. It provides next-generation level protection to desktops through the use of heuristics and signatures. Customers have shown appreciation for this particular software due to its many great features like child lock security features to prevent kids from accessing harmful contents and making their internet experiences worthwhile. And apart from its malware and virus protection features it also provides the possibility to move the protection from one place to another and also lets users add more protection as they get more devices. So for those of you wondering how to get a subscription to Norton Security 2018 all you need to do is to enter the Norton Product Key. The activation of this key would allow you to use and enjoy all the various features Norton has in store for you.

After reading the above statement, if you are wondering How to Activate Norton Security 2018 Product Key then look no further as this blog will guide you to successfully enter and activate it in your computer. To continue with the activation process you can attend to the following instructions:


  1. Download Norton Security 2018 license and after downloading it, you need to locate it on your computer.
  2. Now go to the‘downloads’folder and run the downloaded link as an administrator in your computer.
  3. You will be prompted to install Norton security 2018, press‘ok’.
  4. After the installation process is done you are required to make an account.
  5. Make an account by clicking the‘account’button and enter the desired email address and password to avail the activation code.
  6. Open your Norton account and under product details, you will find the product key
  7. Enter the 25 digit product key in the respective field. Make sure you check that the digits are correct. After confirming this, click on ‘ok’ to Activate Norton Security 2018.


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These steps will guide you in activating your Norton product key just make sure that the product key digits have been entered correctly.


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Norton Error Code 3039 | 1-844-762-3952

2018-10-26 12:55
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Norton Customer Care


Norton is the name that every user relies upon. It provides best in class security to your device and keeps your personal data safe. But there are certain times when the users confront with the problem of error codes which blocks the path resulting in more complications. The Norton error code 3039 occurs due to misconfigured system documents in the operating system. In this blog, users will come to know about the possible reasons as well as fixtures to this error code. But in case if you have no idea of troubleshooting then without further time wastage, get in touch with Norton Customer Support. The tech professionals will help you eliminate the error once and for all.


This error can bring risk to the device if not rectified soon. With the given methods, users can resolve the error from scratch, but it must be ensured that the troubleshooting should be performed in the right direction or there will be troubles later.


Manual overhaul to fix the Norton error 3039


Step 1: Start your computer and login as a director

Step 2: Click on start and select all programs > accessories > system tools and then snap system restore

Step 3: The new window that appears, select Re-establish my PC to a prior time and click next

Step 4: Select the latest system re-establish point from the ‘on this rundown and click on re-establish point’. Proceed forward after clicking next

Step 5: An affirmation window will appear, click yes on it

Step 6: Restart the device when you are done with the settings


There can be situations when you might have made some system record mistakes. Some activities could be the cause of bringing the error on your device. The above given is the best solution that user can opt to fix the error on their own part. But in case if the help of any technical assistance is felt then feel free to contact Norton Tech Support at any time of the day. The certified technicians who stay active for providing support services will analyze the error deeply and then provide you with a solution that suits to resolve it.


Source URL: - Norton error code 3039

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norton customer service number 1-844-762-3952

2018-09-01 08:51
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norton customer service number


The users of Norton always feel lucky to have its service. With the countless of products to choose from, Norton allows the users to make choices based upon their requirements. But there are times when the users come across hassles to do the norton customer service phone number. If you are also one then you must refer this blog to get the solution.

To login to your Norton antivirus, you must have done the purchase of the product either online or from a retail store. An account helps you to manage the Norton subscriptions, find the product updates and reinstall the products and much more. You just need your account credentials and an active internet connection to log in to your Norton Antivirus. You must follow the given steps in the correct order to avoid any glitches.

Steps for Norton Antivirus login

Step 1: Find the email address associated with your account, this is the same that you used at the time of accessing Norton services

Step 2: Enter the email address in the empty field on the account login page and click continue

Step 3: Use the temporary password you received to log in to your Norton Antivirus account

Step 4: Click on the login button so as to access your account

Norton provides full-fledged security against the harmful threats of virus, malware, Trojans, worms and other. You must always use a good quality antivirus like Norton to safeguard your device. Moreover, it is advised to check for the regular updates provided by Norton in order to eliminate the possibilities of the software hassles.

The best part of using this brand antivirus is the best support services they offer to the users. You can anytime get in touch with norton tech support to resolve the problems you are facing. As sometimes there are unknown error codes that are beyond your understanding and need to be fixed as early as possible. So it is the perfect option to avail the assistance of trained and certified experts to sort out the troubles. You must ensure to keep your login credentials safe and rememberable so that you can enter them whenever you need to access your Norton account.

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Norton Customer Support Phone Number 1-844-762-3952

2018-08-22 12:04
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Norton Customer Support Phone Number


It seems to be very frustrating when a scan stops in between the processing. Yes! The users of Norton Online scan also encounter this trouble most of the times. The scan suddenly gets stuck at a certain percentage and does not completes. If you are among those users and finding for the solution then this blog is the best rescue option to get the glitch resolved by the steps. Instead of getting confused about Norton My Account, you must opt to follow the fixture.

Norton Antivirus is used by millions of people to safeguard their devices from potential online threats. The mentioned steps are elaborated in such a way that they will fix the snag.

Fixing incomplete Norton Online Scan

Step 1: Restart the device

You must exit all the programs or any tabs in use and then turn off your device. Wait for a while then restart it.

Step 2: Run LiveUpdate

Launch Norton

Go the main windows and click on security then select LiveUpdate

Wait for it to run and once finished, click ok

You will then see a message popup saying ‘Your Norton product has the latest protection updates’

Again end all the programs and reboot the device

Step 3: Run Norton Power Eraser

If you are not having the Norton Power Eraser on your device, download it

Click save and select the location as the desktop

Once completed, double click on the file

Click continue when the users account control window comes

After reading the license agreement and click Accept

Click the scan for risks icon in the Norton Power eraser window

There is an option of rootkit scan in the tool, if you don’t want it then you can uncheck the box with the same name by going into the settings

The device will restart automatically after the scan, follow the instructions afterward

After the troubleshooting, if you still are not satisfied and want an accurate advice then reaching out to Norton My Account Login is the best option you can try. You can seek the help of technical executives at any hour of the day.

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norton customer care number 1-844-762-3952

2018-08-10 10:33
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Norton Customer Care Number


Norton 360 is one of the members of the Norton Antivirus which is known for protecting you PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices. It will give you alert notification about the risky software’s and malicious malware which might be dangerous for your device. It reduces the start-up time for your PC and boosts the performance of your system. So as to enjoy all these features and keep your browsing and data safe you need to download Norton 360 immediately if you want to know about the installation process then you can call Norton Customer Support Phone Number.

System Requirement for Norton 360

Before downloading this antivirus you need to check whether the system requirement is fulfilled or not:

Windows OS- Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/8/8.1 and 10.

Mac OS – Norton 360 is not available for Mac devices right now

Android- Android version 4.0.3 or later.

iOS – iOS version 8 or later.

How to download and install Norton 360

By using Norton Account

With the help of a Norton account, it will be easy for the users to protect their device and manage Norton product. Follow the instruction given below to download Norton 360 that is registered with your account:

Sign in to your Norton account by entering the correct username and password. If you do not have the account then create a new one

Click on the ‘Download Now’ option from the Norton Setup window

Save this file and right click on it to install the setup

Through Website

Users can also download the software by visiting the official website of Norton.

Just locate the setup of Norton 360 in the site

Then click to download and then save the Norton 360 setup file in the location of your choice.

Make sure to have active internet while downloading and installing Norton 360. And please keep your product key ready which is required for activating this antivirus software. If you witness any error while performing the steps then you are free to call Norton Tech Support Phone Number that remains accessible throughout the day. The skilled technicians possess the latest tools and techniques which is required for resolving the error.

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norton customer support 1-844-762-3952

2018-08-03 11:29
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Norton Customer Care Number


Symantec Norton is still going hard and playing strong in the race of best antivirus software. And Norton Security with Backup is displaying all total different proposition and features among from most of the other Norton products. This software offers 10 licenses through which you can safeguard all your devices like desktops, smartphones, Mac, and tablets. If you want to know more about this antivirus software then you can call Norton Customer Service Phone Number that stays online 24×7.

If you want to protect and safeguard your data as well as your devices them you must download Norton Security with Backup and then start the installation process immediately. But before installing this software you need to check the minimum system requirement. For installing this application you need to purchase the subscription of this product as the free version can get expire in 30 or 40 days.

How to Install Norton Security with Backup

The steps which must be followed so to perform the installation process easily are:

Visit the official website of Norton

Login to your Norton Account suing correct login credential

After successful login, a prompt will appear which reads ‘Install on this device’ or ‘Install on another device’. You will receive this prompt only when you have already purchased the software

Click on the option of Agree and download, to get the antivirus download on your current device

You need to follow the onscreen instruction so as to complete the installation process

You will be asked to enter the product key so as to activate the product. You can locate the product key either in your registered email account or through the device tab of your Norton account

If the aforestated steps do not help you to install Norton Security with Backup properly then you must at once reach out to professionals via Norton technical support number. The reliable service of tech support engineers can be availed at any time of the day round the clock. 100 percent customer satisfaction and delivering the complete long lasting resolution is the end objective of the support team.

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norton customer support number 1-844-762-3952

2018-07-27 10:47
Från norton tech
Norton Customer Service Phone Number


Norton is an antivirus that was developed and launched by Symantec Corporation in 1991. This antivirus uses the signature and heuristics techniques to identify and diagnose the potential virus and malware. It has features like email spam filtering and anti-phishing and is next-gen antivirus that offers a powerful and strong shield for all your PC, Mac, tablets and smartphones. If you want to know more about this security software then you can dial Norton technical support phone number that remains online 24×7.

If you want to safeguard yourself and your data from threats then you must first install Norton Antivirus on your device and then enter the product key. The activation of product key will make sure that you have legitimate Norton software and it also stops software piracy.

Activate Norton Antivirus in Few Easy Steps

Activating the Norton Antivirus is important so as to stop receiving the subscription alert on regular basis. The process of activation can only be done, after redeeming the product key of Norton Antivirus:

Locate Product Key

Location of the product key may depend upon how you got your Norton product:

Online purchasing and downloading- Then product key will be in your confirmation email

Physical copy through CD- Then it will be printed on the back of the CD case or may be inside the box of CD

A product key consists of 25 characters which are a combination of alphabets and numbers.

Launch the Norton Antivirus Software

Open the software by right clicking into it which will open Norton product window.

Click on the yellow link of ‘renew the subscription’ that is available at bottom of the page

Then tap on the link of ‘have the key or code to enter’ which will open the prompt for entering the product key.

Enter the product key as shown in your email or CD case and then click the ‘Next’ button to continue.

You will receive the notification which reads ‘Activation and Registration complete’ and then after reviewing the details of the subscription click on done.

While finding the product key if you are not able to locate it or if you have misplaced the key then without losing your temper call Norton customer support phone number. The tech support engineers are available 24×7 to resolve the issue and deliver the best technical assistance needed for fixing any technical or performance error.

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Norton Tech Support Phone Number   Norton antivirus is the best antivirus sof...

2018-07-09 12:47
Från norton tech
Norton Tech Support Phone Number


Norton antivirus is the best antivirus software in the current scenario as it acts as a protective shield for your computer. It defends your PC against harmful viruses, Trojans, worms, malware, spyware and another malicious program. Sometimes users may face some technical issue while using this antivirus, then they need to get in touch with Norton my accoubt login who are available all day long. The support team will fix the issue promptly after understanding the problem encountered. The customer care understands the value of customers time that’s why they deliver the resolution of a problem as soon as possible.

Fix Internet Problems after installing Norton Antivirus

Sometime after successful installation of Norton Antivirus, you start facing a problem with your internet. This problem may be because of the router or your ISP or due to the problem in the firewall. Before starting the steps to fix it you need to understand the exact cause because which you are having a problem with internet connection. Most of the time it is just Norton to which conflict with an internet connection. Follow the below mentioned steps in order to fix the issue:

Turn off Norton Antivirus Firewall:

Close all the running program and restart your computer

After Desktop stop is visible, please open Norton antivirus software

Click on Settings

On click on Firewall under the detailed setting

Click the slider to turn it off which is present under General Setting Tab located next to Smart Firewall

A protection Alert dialog box will appear, click Apply and then choose Permanently

Now click ‘OK’

Check if you are able to access the internet now or not

After this turn on the firewall and don’t forget to turn on the ‘Smart Firewall’ too

If you get stuck while performing the steps then reach Norton my Account which is available 24×7 round the clock and year to give best and satisfactory result to their valuable customer. The team of experts who have the complete knowledge about the Norton products and services will give prompt and on time resolution. They will deliver a complete solution of the problem and will make sure that you do not face this issue again in future.

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