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Love you to the moon and back 🌙💕

2019-03-12 21:46
FrÄn villabacko

In collaboration with Sugarbeanbow we are getting some serious spring feelings over here! Em is wearing their new bracelet range with the sweetest charms, ✝, and she immediately had her a new fav; the moon one of course! We use to say I love you to the moon and back, so she related to this when she saw the moon charm, so cute! Teaming up with her new big stuffed octopus friend on the pics
Other things we’re up to: Longing for Easter, our absolute faaaavorite season of all year! Bunnies, coloring eggs experiments, candy, fluffy feathers, spring flowers, easter crafts, we are coming for you!

Pale Pinks & Soft Hues

2018-11-08 22:09
FrÄn villabacko

|| Skirt, Soft Gallery,
|| Top, Numero 74,
|| Bracelet, Sugar Bean Bow Co
|| CH24 Chair, Carl Hansen & SĂžn
|| Cabinet, Ikea
|| Cotton gauze blanket, Lager157

Halloween Edition ’18 2.0

2018-10-31 21:41
FrÄn villabacko

Every day is a good day to dress up! But Halloween is the ULTIMATE day to! This scary but cute little witch got some magical stuff going on in that fire as you can tell from her theatrical manner! She has loads of awesome ideas when it comes to acting in front of the camera, I don’t even need to direct her, and oh my how I love that characteristics of her, five years but already an artist, that’s my girl!

Halloween Edition '18 1.0

2018-10-29 18:21
FrÄn villabacko

Pumpkins are for pumpkins! Cutest New Zeeland based Kinsfölk sent Em a few pieces from Jamie Kay, one of those beautiful items is this Cotton Modal Cardi in Bronze, softer than baby skin and immediately Em had a new fav and doesnt want to take it off or wear any other upper garment than this cardi neither for pre school nor for the fanciest party or theatre class of hers. Whole lot of love for such kinds of pieces right?! (I know the feeling and I often obsess over a sweater or a pair of pants, wearing them for weeeeeeeks and hubby gets silly like Oh is that NEW?! ;) HA! :) ) Also, matching this with other natural soft tones of sand, locust, golden, rust and terracotta, makes me in such a good autumn mood. Today we set back the clock an hour from summer daylight savings and next week we have the one and only fall break from school, how lovely is that?! We'll be back on Wednesday with this year's Halloween Theme Photo Session, they are both fab and scary to be honest, so don't miss out! xx

Knitted Beanie in Curry, Zara Kids
Dotted dress, H&M
Cardigan, Kinsfölk
Cacti Leggings, Mini Dressing
Boho Leather Co Boots, Kinsfölk

You're my butterfly

2018-09-30 19:13
FrÄn villabacko

Dress, Bee Bee Design
Bow + Bracelet, Sugar Bean Bow Co
Chair, Carl Hansen & SĂžn
Cabinet, IKEA Stockholm 2017
Bowl, Kubus by Lassen

Tulle + Mauve

2018-09-22 22:03
FrÄn villabacko

In collaboration with Sugar Bean Bow, Em had a few custom super sweet bracelets and hair clip bows made for her, and she's so happy about them! It's not possible to choose a fav, the ones in this post are from our mommy and mini Friday fun :) The jade stones have such a lovely weight, much much better than plastic stuff. Matching oh so well with this tulle skirt in mauve from Asos, yes it's mine not hers, and she can't wait 'til the day she has my size and can borrow it for real :) The bow is the sweeeeeeetest one, big and bold and oh so darling for a little girly girl, that in one day can go from a ballerina fairy outfit to dungarees and wellingtons and playing in the mud, loving that just as much :)

And though she be but little, she is fierce. - Shakespeare


2018-08-29 06:00
FrÄn villabacko

We had such a cosy day in the autumn sun, picking apples and cuddling with Elsa the cat :) Em in her new handmade soft leather lace up boots, she loves them, and so do I! Thank you Kinsfolk, they truly are the the softest ever! Match them with a pair of knee high socks and it gets even cuter. The brand Boho Leather Co has so many heritage shoes, all handmade, if you like a pair of shoes that can be worn for a really long time, just getting more and more beautiful, this is a brand to look at! (Ad links below)

Ad links:

Knee Highs, Kinsfolk / Boho Leather Co Boots


2018-08-17 19:38
FrÄn villabacko

This morning, we found a dead bird on our terrace. A robin. A reason to contemplate about life and death, we buried it together, sang a sad song to the little peaceful birdie, created a cross for it... and the rest of the day we had such a beautiful connection. One more reason to love life. To be thankful. I am thankful. And, oh, we found the most perfect and peaceful, yet magical and mysterious location for a photo session in Em's current favorite dress, the Belle dress, as she calls it. Everything is Belle right now; "Mom, I'm just like Belle, she loves to sing, I love to sing, Belle loves books, I love books, she has golden brown eyes, I am having that too!" Love her. This location though; a waterwall and a secret bridge to the other side of the dam. Beautiful. || Bergkvara, Kronoberg, just outside VÀxjö ||

Sardinia + Milano ||| Italy, Summer 2018

2018-08-07 21:39
FrÄn villabacko

Älskade Italien! I Ă„r flög vi frĂ„n Köpenhamn till Milano och sen vidare efter tvĂ„ dagar till Sardinien. Milano visade sig frĂ„n sin bĂ€sta sida och vi hann se det vi ville, fota vackra fasader, shopping, utforska staden till fots, gĂ„ i Galleria Emanuele Vittorio med mera.

Efter tvÄ dagar i Milano flög vi vidare till Sardinien dÀr vi bodde i lilla vackra staden Alghero, med Maria Pia stranden och turkosblÄtt hav. Vi hyrde vi en lÀgenhet i tvÄ veckor. Kan verkligen rekommendera Gardenia Casa Vacanze, en minut frÄn stranden, med stor pool, barnpool och med SuperMercati pÄ bottenvÄningen, helt perfekt. LÀgenheten hade tvÄ stora balkonger, en mot havet och en mot innergÄrden dÀr poolen var. Allt var bÀttre Àn vi ens hoppats!

Vi hyrde bil och körde runt pÄ ön för att kolla in fler underbara stÀllen, vid pÀrlan Putzu Idu, nÀra Oristano, var det himmelskt vackert, sÄ himla glad att vi hittade hit (och att jag fick lite foton pÄ mig oxÄ, det hör ju inte till vanligheterna ;) !

Em bokstavligen levde i sin fantastiska vita bomullsklÀnning frÄn Bee Bee Design, handsydd och sÄ otroligt somrigt skön, jag vill ha en i min storlek ocksÄ! :) Ceasar lÀrde sig simma lagom till semestern och han var verkligen ett vattendjur hela resan, ville vara i poolen eller havet och kolla under vattnet och hoppa frÄn kanten och leka vattenlekar och ja, det var vÀldigt lÀgligt att han lÀrde sig detta precis till Italienresan!

Beach Boy ;)

Avslutar med detta hÀrliga foto fullt av blÄa toner. Em har pÄ sig sin rivierachica baddrÀkt frÄn Polarn o Pyret. Puss frÄn oss!

Fields of barley Midsummer Edition 2018

2018-06-29 23:14
FrÄn villabacko

Allarp, BĂ„stad County, Sweden
N 56° 44' 71" E 12° 93' 11"