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John Henry

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Inför att studera utomlands / Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland | John Mendoza

2018-12-18 00:00
Från ImJohnMendoza

Inför att studera utomlands / Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland | John Henry Mendoza - Frågor och svar om att plugga utomlands

Vlog: Students Life at Cesar Ritz Colleges/ Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland. So in this video, I am gonna be answering all your questions about the student life in Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland.

Classic Cheesecake

2018-12-17 01:17
Från ImJohnMendoza


As much as I love cheesecake, I've never published a classic cheesecake recipe. There's always been peanut butter, sprinkles, blueberry swirls, Snickers, pumpkin, lemon, red velvet, or Nutella. That's a lot of cheesecake without a single nod to where it all originates: classic cheesecake.

To me, classic cheesecake is creamy, silky, and smooth. My recipe is not quite as dense as New York cheesecake, but boasts equal richness and is just as special. It's thick, it's velvety, and there's no denying its decadence. When I imagine what Chandler and Rachel's stolen cheesecake tastes like, it's this!

While there's a glaring absence of chunks, swirls, and sprinkles in this ivory crowned jewel, there's nothing plain about her.

Preparing cheesecake is rather simple, it's baking cheesecake that could result in a flop. Many factors are at play like the springform pan leaking, the surface of the cheesecake cracking, under-baking, over-baking, etc. I have plenty of tricks that will help guarantee classic cheesecake perfection, including determining when the cheesecake is done and everything you need to know about a cheesecake water bath.


You only need a few basic staple ingredients for cheesecake.

  1. Block cream cheese: Four 8-ounce blocks of full-fat cream cheese are the base of this cheesecake. That's 2 pounds. Make sure you're buying the blocks of cream cheese and not cream cheese spread. no diets allowed in cheesecake, so don't pick up the reduced fat variety!
  2. Sugar: 1 cup. Not that much considering how many mouths you can feed with this dessert. Over-sweetened cheesecake is hardly cheesecake anymore. Using only 1 cup of sugar gives this cheesecake the opportunity to balance tangy and sweet, just as classic cheesecake should taste.
  3. Sour cream: 1 cup. I recently tested cheesecake with 1 cup of heavy cream but ended up sticking with my original. I was curious about the heavy cream addition and figured it would yield a softer cheesecake bite. The cheesecake was but lacked the stability and richness I wanted. It was almost too creamy. Sour cream is most definitely the right choice.
  4. A little: 1 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract and 2 of lemon juice. The lemon juice brightens up the cheesecake's overall and vanilla is always a good idea.
  5. Eggs: 3 eggs are the final ingredient. You'll beat the eggs in last, one at a time, until they are *just* incorporated. Do not overmix the batter once the eggs are added. This will whip air into the cheesecake batter, resulting in cheesecake cracking and deflating.

And as always, make sure all of the cheesecake batter ingredients are at room temperature so the batter remains smooth, even, and combines quickly. Beating cold ingredients together will result in a chunky over-beaten cheesecake batter, hardly the way we want to start!


Since classic is the keyword of the day, we're sticking with cheesecake's main squeeze: a graham cracker crust. I reduced the butter and granulated sugar from my original recipe by 1 Tablespoon each. I find this crust remains a little more crunchy. Make sure you pack the crust in very tight and pre-bake it to help prevent any sogginess.

I like to use the bottom of a small measuring cup to pack the crust tightly into the springform pan. Speaking of, you'll need a 9 or 10-inch springform pan. A springform pan has removable sides so you can safely release the cheesecake without having to flip the pan over or struggle to cut the cheesecake inside the pan. Springform pans can leak if you're baking the cheesecake in a water bath (more on that below!), but this particular pan is reliable. I haven't had any leaking issues.

Fancy your pasta?

2018-12-09 16:06
Från ImJohnMendoza

Dinner inspo: Risotto with mushrooms

2018-10-05 00:34
Från ImJohnMendoza

Hey guys! I hope you’re doing great. In this blog post I’ll be serving you an Classic Risotto with mushrooms, Swiss cheese, white wine and serving this with a medium rare entrecôte with a raspberry balsamic glaze!

Brunch Inspo

2018-09-30 02:24
Från ImJohnMendoza

Bruschetta with colourful tomatoes from the garden and Plum. Compressed in Truffle Olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Served with a soft poached egg. ☀️

To start over with a clean slate - Creativity and find yourself again

2018-09-13 00:15
Från ImJohnMendoza

César Ritz Colleges Switzerland - Term 5 Event SPEAKEASY "GATSBY" theme.

Not blogging for more than two months has felt fine, more than fine, actually. Rather amazing. Fantastic because they have felt that I finally had room to breathe. It has been a way for me to re-fall in love with my own life. I've been on such an amazing crazy ride all the years since my journey at Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland, but somehow the last couple of months have been the most confusing. I have fought on to get ahead, to get back to the joy that was for me personally before Instagram came and moved all interaction there. I barely had the strength to post at all but I somehow managed to publish posts here and there. Somehow ... in retrospect, it feels incredibly unnecessary to burn itself out and their joy. Sometimes it's better to just pause and let things "cases where They may 'so to speak.

I tried to find my place and my way and what I want to write about and share with you, but no matter how I butted heads the hill, I have not landed properly. Each time I thought "NOW! Now I have it, I have solved the puzzle "as it has been shown that , not even close. And it is both my greatest asset and my biggest weakness I almost refuse to give up. I want to believe that my will can move mountains. Sometimes it's just that that will go before the wits.

**Here are some pictures from the Term 5 event SPEAKEASY "GATSBY" theme.**

A little party never killed nobody...


2018-09-03 20:17
Från ImJohnMendoza

It’s around this time of year that your last summer vacation begins to feel like a long lost dream. Like most of us, you are probably well into the full swing of everyday life; be it tasks, work deadlines, school lunches and a scary bucketful of emails in your inbox. Remember, it’s important to take time off for yourself so that you don’t start to feel overwhelmed and then, even worse, burnt out. Over a tranquil weekend getaway, immerse yourself in the beautiful colours of autumn, under a soft warm sunlight to revitalise and rejuvenate.


AW18 Collection is now ! coveted collection leads the way in what's to come from Of Sweden – a bold, beautiful aesthetic that has 'everyday extravagance' written all over it! Shop at

iDeal of Sweden AW 18 Teaser

AW18 Collection | In collaboration with @iDealofSweden I am able to give you 20% off your next purchase with the discount code “HENRY” at checkout! #idealofsweden #aw18


The flamboyant case is inspired by agate rock and its extraordinary features. Grey, white and golden details merge in this eye-catching design, making this ancient rock type feel modern and contemporary.


I would combine this phone case in this Autumn vibe outfit with an earthy tone Wool And Cashmere-Blend Coat made from insulating virgin wool blended with a touch of cashmere for an extra soft handle. Designed to hit just above the knee, it looks particularly smart worn with tailoring.

AW18 Collection | In collaboration with @iDealofSweden I am able to give you 20% off your next purchase with the discount code “HENRY” at checkout! #idealofsweden #aw18


This case is inspired by the deep moss green tones of the jade stone and luxurious golden and white marble details. The combination of and the asymmetrical pattern form an art deco-like pastiche of different stones, giving the case a novel and cutting-edge look.


Deep moss green tones of the jade stone - Loving the turquoise !

If you want to hearken the early days of spring or summer, turquoise clothing for men is a great seasonal choice. Although choices for turquoise clothing for men are somewhat limited, resort wear and designers usually carry this upbeat in their warm weather lines.

Many men choose to wear bright turquoise blue for several reasons. First off, blue is a . Unlike orange or yellow, blue is a vibrant shade that most men feel comfortable wearing. If you scoff at the thought of shopping for a brightly shirt, perhaps a bright turquoise blue may change your mind.

Turquoise blue is also a very flattering on many skin tones and . Men with hair and blue eyes look especially striking while wearing this bold shade. On the opposite side of the spectrum, men with dark skin and dark hair also look very appealing in this vivid yet cool shade. Turquoise blue also helps richen a bronzed tan, perfect for resort-goers who are proud to show off their golden glow.


To wear bright blue with confidence, follow these tips:

  • Limit your items to one bold piece: Forget about matchy-matchy when you're playing with bold . Keep your pop of blue simple and understated and don't overdo it.
  • Accessorize with jewellery: Turquoise jewellery can be paired with turquoise clothing without fear. Although you should wear only one brightly coloured clothing article, feel free to accessorize your turquoise with turquoise stone jewellery if desired.
  • Keep it relaxed: Turquoise is a very relaxed and casual colour. Rather than pair a bold colour with a fussy suit and tie, let this colour kick back with your favourite pair of baggy trousers and casual slip-on sandals.
  • Lighten up the bottoms: If you'd rather sport a cotton chino or short rather than a jean, opt for a light colour such as white, stone, or mushroom.
  • Add richness: If going light and colourful makes you cringe, relax! You can pair turquoise blue with chocolate and rich browns for a sophisticated spin on a tropical classic. When a button down shirt gets paired with a chocolate brown pair of linen pants, the look is stunning!
  • Keep it up top: Luckily, there aren't too many selections for turquoise pants. To avoid a fashion disaster, keep your pop of colour limited to a shirt or a sweater. Funny T-shirts can also be found in this summer favourite shade of blue.

Peach Spritzer 🍑

2018-09-02 01:09
Från ImJohnMendoza

Hearty Dutch baby with avocado, tomatoes and lime - a fluffier, summer pancake. With Peach Spritzer.



2018-08-24 01:55
Från ImJohnMendoza

Don't be impressed by:

1. Money
2. Job title
3. Appearances
4. Experience
5. Affiliations
6. Imitations
7. Big words

Be impressed by:

1. Kindness
2. Trustworthiness
3. Unselfish generosity
4. Humility
5. Shared optimism
6. Courage to dare, dream, do
7. Integrity


Apricot Dessert 🍑

2018-08-24 00:00
Från ImJohnMendoza

Apricot Dessert
Estragon Compressed Apricots, Champagne Jelly, Cream Cheese Cream, Apricot & Lime Jelly, Muscovado Crumbles and Apricot Sorbet.

Sunday’s Brunch

2018-08-20 10:30
Från ImJohnMendoza

Yesterday’s Sunday’s brunch at work @buergenstockresort . Look at all these beautiful patisserie!

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Dessert Sketch

2018-08-19 12:11
Från ImJohnMendoza

A messy sketch from one of the dessert “La Fraise” in the RitzCoffier at Bürgenstock Resort.

I got the name tag today! Look how long my name is! Haha

Thank you!

2018-08-18 17:39
Från ImJohnMendoza

First and foremost, I would like to say thank you to all of those that have come into my life.

My life has been affected by you no matter how major or minor your contribution has been. There are some of you who have been there since the moment we've met, and others that have come into my life and left spontaneously, or even some that were only meant to be there temporarily from the start. No matter what category you may fall under, you still helped me along the way and were apart of this hectic journey we call life and for that I am truly thankful.

You may have come into my life through a school project, a team or club, or even just someone I may have passed on the street regularly and always flashed me a smile.

Your assistance may have gotten me through school and helped me get the grades I needed that allowed me to continue on my journey toward a better future. For the teammates or club members I never got to know on a personal level, you too helped me out. You helped me learn that coming together for one shared goal regardless of our personal differences is a very vital thing to know how to do for the future.

Finally, I would like to give a huge thank you to those who have been there since day one. I know that whenever I need anyone to turn to, I can turn to you. Whether you're family or a best friend that became close enough to be family or a significant other, you are a very crucial part of who I am today. You all helped me become the person you see everyday. Plenty of you say you're proud of me, but you should know that I wouldn't be this way had it not been for you. You all motivated and pushed me through the craziest of times. If I haven't told you thank you enough times, just know that I am truly grateful for all that you do. Thank you for being my backbone.

So to all of those that I have met along the way, thank you. I truly mean it. Everything happens for a reason, and some people are meant to mean different things for each person. There are a number of factors that helped me get to where I am, and you all had a part in bringing me to this happy place I have finally reached.

Thank you!

Yours Sincerely,

John Henry Mendoza

Black Forest Gateau in a Jar!

2018-08-17 01:17
Från ImJohnMendoza

Tasty Thursday!

Indulge yourself with Black Forest Gateau in a Jar!- go big or go home with this elegant and rich layered chocolate & kirsch cake!

Health: Cherries contain a lot of vitamin C. In season: June-August


Cherries are divided into two groups: Sweet cherry and Sour cherry. Big currants belong to sweet cherries. They are mostly eaten as fresh fruit. Sour cherries are used for pies, marmalades and preserves.

Tip: Make a simple compote by boiling water, sugar and cherry. Boil until the berries become soft. Do not mess with sugar and do not boil for too long. Allow standing for a while without heat.

Catching up with friends

2018-08-13 22:21
Från ImJohnMendoza

Sooo long time! Since I met this people. Now during my days off I went down to Luzern to catch up with these beauties. We had an amazing Brunch at La vie en rose in Luzern. A great cafeteria with a bunch of awesome patisseries and great food! Great day!

Dinner with a view

2018-08-06 08:57
Från ImJohnMendoza

BBQ marinated Chicken with fresh potatoes and tomatoes from the garden serve with balsamic sauce.

During my off day here is what I’ve been up to. I visited friends in Luzern during the day and now at my other friends place to make this amazing dinner with a view!

It’s Official!

2018-07-29 00:00
Från ImJohnMendoza
So it’s finally official! I got the job at Bürgenstock Resort in Switzerland.

Located 450 m above Lake Lucerne in the canton of Nidwalden close to Lucerne, this 5-star hotel awaits you with a combination of modern comfort and a traditional Swiss ambiance. Guests can benefit from free access to Bürgenstock Alpine Spa.

Bürgenstock Resort Lake Lucerne by Numbers:

  • 3: the number of pools found at the 10,000sqm Alpine Spa, including an outdoor, infinity pool with incredible views over Lake Lucerne.
  • 9: the temperature of the water taken from the Lake which offers one of the most efficient air-con systems in the world and keeps the Resort near CO2 neutral.
  • 25: the number of minutes it will take for the 5 million Swiss Franc catamaran being constructed specially for the resort to cross from Lucerne to Kehrsiten at the bottom of the mountain. From there, guests catch the funicular up into the lobby of Bürgenstock Hotel.
  • 40: the cents in every Swiss Franc generated which will go back to the local community.
  • 60: the number of seats which will be found in the Resort’s own private cinema.
  • 200: the number of fireplaces found throughout Bürgenstock Resort, which will run on butane gas.
  • 300: the bottles of wine expected to be made from the grapes grown in the resort’s own vineyard.
  • 383: the amount of guest rooms and suites found across the Resort.
  • 5 million: the number of Swiss Francs being spent on landscaping using indigenous plants between now and October.
  • 43 million: the amount spent just on preserving existing heritage buildings at the Resort during the project.

Mediterranean Avocado Chicken Salad

2018-07-22 19:37
Från ImJohnMendoza

Mediterranean Avocado Chicken Salad with Sun-dried tomato vinaigrette.#SaltBae @muk.sirisuwan


600g chicken breast fillets
2 cloves garlic, crushed
1 tablespoon olive oil
Salt and freshly ground black pepper
1 red onion, peeled and sliced into 1cm thick wedges
100g ciabatta bread, sliced into slices
Extra virgin olive oil, for drizzling
2 x 100g packet Leafy Patch Gourmet Mix
1/4 cup sundried tomatoes, sliced into pieces
1/2 cup torn basil leaves
1/2 large avocado, sliced

1. Combine chicken with garlic, olive oil and season to taste. Refrigerate for at least 30 minutes or overnight if possible.

2. Mix dressing ingredients in a small bowl and refrigerate for several hours to allow to develop.

3. Preheat a grill or barbecue until hot, lightly grill onion for 2 minutes until just coloured but not soft, set aside. Reduce heat and barbecue chicken breasts over medium heat until nearly cooked through. Transfer to oven and cook at 180°C for 5 – 10 minutes or until cooked through. Slice into pieces.

4. Brush bread slices with olive oil, arrange on a baking tray in a single layer. Bake at 170°C for 15 minutes or until golden and crisp. Allow them to cool.

5. Place the Leafy Patch Gourmet Mix in a large bowl and toss through half the dressing, sundried tomatoes, basil, onions and sliced chicken. Gently add in the avocado and toasted bread until just combined. Arrange in a large salad bowl or on individual plates and drizzle with remaining dressing before enjoying warm.

QNA - Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland

2018-06-17 14:19
Från ImJohnMendoza

What was it like to have instruction in English?

- The instructors were really great, they are very international and they repeat something if you didn't understand anything. Just don't be shy to ask!

Are teachers understanding that language can be a challenge in the beginning?

- As said, the school is very international. A lot of students from all over the world that doesn't speak good English but the teacher are used to it to teach in carefully way so that you understand what they mean.

How much pocket money did you use during school hours?

- I don't think I have spent more than 10.000 SEK in a month. Well, you actually are not spending during the school hours it's all about the after-school expenses like shampoo, soap and body products and especially if you love shopping. It really depends on you how you hold the money.

Did you get food and accommodation during internship period?

- Yes, it depends on where and which hotel or restaurants you are doing your internships. Someplace offer just the salary and food but no accommodation. Some offer just the food and accommodation. So it all depends where you are doing it.

How was class environment?

- The class environment is fun during french or german sometimes its mixed with the culinary students and the pastry students in one classroom. The teachers are amazing and even offer you extra help after the class.

Are routines very strict?

- No, not really, well depends.

*Uniform - always well dressed formal and well groomed - but not on weekends.

*No smoking, drugs and alcohol in the room.

* It's your choice if you wanna eat breakfast or not.
*No visitors after 10 pm.

bern, Switzerland

2018-06-03 00:00
Från ImJohnMendoza

A video diary of my 1 night in Bern, Switzerland. Including all of the highlights and best things to do and see in the Swiss capital.

The Schweizerhof, Bern's luxury 5-star hotel, offers not only a legendary lifestyle experience with first-class service and opulent ambience, but also elegant suites and rooms, a star restaurant with French cuisine, a spa and wellness centre, and all kinds of facilities for unforgettable private or business events.

VLOG | A Weekend in Barcelona w/ Raf and Jane!

2018-06-02 22:27
Från ImJohnMendoza

Raf & Jane is in Barcelona, Spain over the weekend! they came over to spend their time with me! haha, oh hey! guess who got their tattoo done?!

Inspo - Simple Pesto Pasta Salad

2018-05-30 16:34
Från ImJohnMendoza

Make everyday life and put together a pasta salad! Layer the luxurious ingredients you have at home, and be sure to make an extra large batch so there's lunch for tomorrow as well. Here give it a try!

Let the imagination flow and cook your own pasta salad!

What to have a pasta salad:

  • Protein such as halloumi, chèvre cheese, chicken, cassava, tuna, egg etc..
  • Your favourite vegetables such as avocado, leaf spinach, asparagus, olives, red onions, sun-dried tomatoes, etc.
  • Other things to eat: Feta cheese, parmesan, pine nuts roasted, etc.
  • Sauce: Rhode Island, French dressing, Pesto and more.

Here is mine:

  • Mixed Salad
  • Pasta "Penne"
  • Ramsons pesto
  • Sunny Side-up egg
  • Seasoning: salt, pepper, fresh chives and basil, salad seasoning, flax seeds and black truffle oil.


2018-05-07 00:00
Från ImJohnMendoza

Sandy Lost in Barcelona, visiting us for 4-days. We went to Park Guell and finding Bubble tea.


2018-04-26 00:00
Från ImJohnMendoza

This vlog is about us and when we start our cravings of pancakes a spanish word is panqueque. Join and follow us on our panqueque adventure!


2018-04-20 01:25
Från ImJohnMendoza

This beautiful city is full of what European cities are known for (outdoor markets, restaurants, shops, museums and churches) and is fantastic for walking with an extensive and reliable Metro system for more far-flung destinations. The core centre of town focused around the Ciutat Vella ("Old City") provides days of enjoyment for those looking to experience the life of Barcelona while the beaches the city was built upon provide sun and relaxation during the long periods of agreeably warm weather.

W - Barcelona

2018-04-16 19:22
Från ImJohnMendoza

Barcelona, Spain

2018-04-13 20:29
Från ImJohnMendoza

How was your Easter celebration last Sunday?

Mine was pretty good. I just spent the whole week packing and spending time with friends and workmates for my last days in Andermatt, Switzerland.

This is to warn you that wanderlust is real. Once you get to travel and spend some time basically hopping from one place to another, there may come a time when you'll actually get addicted to it. When you get attached to the idea that there is so much to see in this beautiful chaotic world of ours, you may actually end up not wanting to stop.

Take me for example.

For now, I end up in Barcelona. Now drinking wine and talking to Angelica and listening to Abba and hey! I will be living here for the next 2 months. Check my cosy room!

Day 3 - Lucerne, Switzerland

2018-03-23 23:00
Från ImJohnMendoza


2018-03-22 23:00
Från ImJohnMendoza