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Notes and Pattern on Fretboard

2011-04-10 00:33

I did the following analyze on the guitar fretboard and did an keynote presentation. Then I did an export t PNG. Enjoy.


More to come.


Music Theory

2011-04-09 22:20

I working on this book, super good and pretty simple to understand. 

Some things you might have read more than once. 

I can recommend this book.  Perfect to use while playing guitar.

This book are in Swedish.

The Book includes the following:

Harmonization, Scales, Chords and Improvisation.

Have nice reading.


I love Guitar

2011-04-08 23:36
I have started playing guitar at age 30, So much fun. Has bought on some courses on the internet. Recently ordered some interesting music books.

Waiting on these books. It's music school in the U.S MIT in LA
who is the publisher, so then it should be good.